equently received bad news from He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua’s current situation.
Apparently, the couple was unwilling to be bound together.
The two of them kept quarreling in private.

Wu Siyuan pondered about how to fix the situation for some time.
Eventually, he decided to place a new assistant to help deliver some enlightenment to the couple.

It’s really a pity that the Company upon which He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua signed with, had little to no relationship with Wu Siyuan’s own Company.
Therefore, he was also unable to command the said Company and solve the protagonists’ situation with just a single word.

In the end, the new assistant was successfully hired a week later.
He was one of Wu Siyuan’s subordinates in his Company and was sent away to carry out an important task.
Even if this new job was different from what the little assistant imagined, it was still something his Boss had entrusted to him.
Wu Siyuan had clearly told him the dangers he might face, and the little assistant also bravely accepted the task to go to the front line.

He was a bit bewildered by Wu Siyuan’s intention at the beginning until Wu Siyuan explained,

“To avoid Scumbags harming our society, we have to help them get married to each other as soon as possible!”

The little assistant contemplated the explanation over and was immediately enlightened.
Once He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua were legally married, they would no longer have the chance to deceive others, such as Qin Yingdi, ever again.

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Once you got married, you must avoid any licentious scandal.
That way, the two scumbags wouldn’t be able to use Qin Yingdi‘s reputation to hype their presence anymore.

Truly, Qin Yingdi really had nothing but good intentions!


After entering his new workplace, the assistant regularly reported He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua’s development to Wu Siyuan.
Each quarrel they had and every single disagreement that happened were reported without fail.

In addition, they still found no project up to this day.
It’s hard to get one offer from a Shooting crew.
Even if there were, all of them required He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua to work as a couple.

There was even an offer to take the role of a villainous couple.
The Director said that the roles were particularly suitable for He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua to act as.

After He Gaoyi saw the script, his face immediately turned livid.

It’s alright to act as a couple on screen, but he definitely wouldn’t take the role of an obviously vicious cannon fodder couple!

Anyway, both of them still had some money to spend.
They still had the liberty to drag on, picking and choosing, for a more suitable role in their heart.

When Wu Siyuan heard about their procrastination, he realized what the two protagonists were thinking.
After pondering for a while, he asked a Director affiliated with their Company to offer a new job for He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua under the Director’s name.

The role given was that of a silly sweet innocent couple.
It was an irrelevant supporting role, so just let them play it.

During all of these events, Wu Siyuan revealed not a single trace of his involvement in the process.

He hoped this web drama would be able to deepen and solidify netizens’ impression of them.
To be exact, the impression of them being inseparable true love!

But of course, under the little assistant’s earnest words and sincere persuasion, He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua were finally willing to take on this silly sweet couple role.

Despite the two protagonists being somewhat reluctant, both online reviews and the job offers showed nothing aside from requiring the two of them to appear as a couple.
Besides, they were indeed in need right now.

Even if they were unwilling, they could only keep smiling and stand together as if they loved each other deeply.


Wu Siyuan posted with his fake CP account:

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Love each other-big brother posted:

[“They’re so sweet!” (Image.jpg)]

On the other side, Yue Tianhua saw this exact picture on Weibo with a melancholy expression.
It was not easy for him to shoot “The Blue Sky” before, but in the end, he was only making a path for Qin Siyuan instead.

Liu Tianhe felt that Yue Tianhua was younger than Qin Siyuan, coupled with his performance in his college[2], the Director believed that he had better talent than Qin Siyuan.

Yue Tianhua thought so as well.
He had never thought that it was his look that was similar to Qin Siyuan’s, but it was Qin Siyuan whose look resembled his instead, and had been stealing the-should be-his-luck with this.

He thought that the Movie he shot would become an instant hit and wash his dark history prior.
Unexpectedly, the lack of funds for the crew impacted their production quality.

Forget about getting that instant hit, right now he couldn’t even get a job unless he worked together with He Gaoyi!

Liu Tianhe who “believed in him” before, had cut off their contact due to the scandal about “Speedy Guy“.

He Gaoyi didn’t get any good script in his hands either.
He had no choice but to follow the arrangement and even endorse some low-end goods.
It was completely different from the time when he was still working as his stunt man under Qin Siyuan before.

Meanwhile, after Wu Siyuan confirmed the information from the crew he had arranged for the protagonist Gong and Shou, he finally felt at ease.

He really couldn’t stand any irrelevant scandal popping out about them anymore!





Tianhua was like: “It’s Qin Siyuan who resembles me!”

Yes, that Qin Siyuan, the 3-times winner, of The Best Lead Actor in prestigious Movie Awards, enough to get branded as Movie Emperor (Yingdi).

Even some popular Actor in reality hardly won 1 or 2 awards, though it’s fictional but I just realized that the Original Qin Siyuan must have been a particularly talented actor.

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