The Talent Show went on smoothly with high popularity.
The eye-catching appearance and the way Wu Siyuan claimed to put on a relatively fair competition earlier, helped the show to gain more attention.

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Wu Siyuan couldn’t be more content with this progress.
The more people pay attention to this show, the faster he’d recover his early investment!

The high-end outfits used by the contestants on stage also added another plus point for the audience to enjoy.
Not to mention the fact that among the 100 boys in the audition, there were quite a lot of them who had Male-God Face[1].
In addition, since Wu Siyuan directly supervised the ongoing audition, there were fewer Made-up Dramas[2].

Some artists simply joined the show to increase their public exposure, with no intention to be in the finalists’ group.
Their goal was for the public to notice their potential.
Sometimes, these people chose to take the path of being Black, though Red[3].
They would then deliberately show some annoying feats, adding their camera time, and pulling the audience’s attention.

However, since Wu Siyuan directly monitor the show on the spot, all kinds of calculations fell through!

Wu Siyuan himself personally would want his boys to simply show their talent, and work hard to display their skill in the Entertainment Industry.

Just practice diligently, keep up with your progress, and move on to the next round!

‘Hoping to hype on something, or step on someone to fly? Simply dreaming!’

Wu Siyuan strictly announced that his Show did not allow any kind of these actions.


When the LIVE broadcast of the show and the recorded footage came out, it was filled with a group of younger brothers who were actively training.

Though some of them were also footage when the boys just rested or ate snacks provided by the Production Team.

There were quite a number of content about the contestants’ daily life being broadcasted.
In this way, some of the boys who felt there was no hope of winning, simply found another path, and took advantage of the quarantined audition to do a Mukbang.

In the first place, since it was the first time he was producing a Talent Show ever, Wu Siyuan had been paying attention to this project quite a lot.
He knew that young men and teenagers had a big appetite.
So, he generously ordered the Production Team to provide a lot of snacks and other confectionaries during the audition.

After all, they spent a lot of time training every day, so it’s okay to eat those high calories snacks~

Indeed, most of the participants were training vigorously every day, but that didn’t mean there is no Salted Fishes[4] mixed up in the audition.

They felt they were not as good at singing and dancing as others, so, being true to their Salted Fishes properties, they directly admitted defeat on the spot.

They still practiced when others went to practice, however, they didn’t stay longer and are unable to resist the temptation of resting and eating.
In the end, looking at the hill of snacks in the room, they decided to abandon the plan of showing their diligent side and simply filled their camera time with eating, more feasting, and continued to devour the hill-like snacks.

Those Salted Fishes, ended up cheering and watching the other contestants, like some ordinary melon seed eater audience.


Previously, Wu Siyuan instructed the Talent Show to have “Love” as the theme for the second performance.

These days, the boys were working hard to arrange and perform their chosen songs and dance perfectly.
Perhaps, there’s only Zhu Chi who put his focus on another matter instead, a.k.a foods.
There were several other Salted Fishes lurking in the Show actually, though they were more into slacking off and taking their sweet time resting, rather than diligently snacking.

The snacks provided in the Show had all been handled by the Production Team beforehand so that their brand couldn’t be seen.

Even then, it’s easy to guess what brand the food was.

Every day Zhu Chi ate a lot of snacks, tempting the audience in the LIVE broadcast room to order a takeout themselves.

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The trend of requesting orders from the takeaway Brother, “Please quickly deliver the same food and drink that Zhu Chi is eating right now, asap!”

—was something that was out of their expectation.

The unexpected trend booming due to Zhi Chi’s LIVE broadcast eventually attracted several Snack Brands to contact Wu Siyuan and discussed cooperation to advertise their products.

This lucky coincidence ended up helping Zhu Chi to enter the Entertainment Industry ahead of time.

Despite having a poor talent for being an Idol, he still gained a lot of fans nonetheless.

Zhu Chi originally was an independent applicant, a normal College Student who got selected in the preliminary.
At first, Wu Siyuan picked him up due to his good-looking face, against his inadequate talent.

To tell the truth, his singing was out of tune, there was no emotion at all.
His dancing was worse even when compared to the lead dancer in the Square Dance![5]

Wu Siyuan chose him with the plan of observing his other potential during the audition.
After all, his face was really a cheat in itself.
It’s easy to develop him as Television Persona, by joining Variety Shows, or other programs.

Furthermore, there were some IPs he had bought, some popular ones, and also those with average popularity.
The latter could be used to train Zhu Chi.

What he didn’t expect was that, Zhu Chi turned out to be saltier than any Salted Fish! He’s on another level in terms of laziness! There’s really no surprise when he strayed away from the group in the Talent Show.

Even so, Wu Siyuan smiled happily when he accepted the cooperation of those several Snack Brands.

He contacted Zhu Chi and other boys who often sneakily munching on snacks to endorse the accepted brands.


Zhu Chi was more of an outlier in the Program group.
He didn’t really have the ambition to win and debuted as a boyband member in the first place.
For him, enjoying the free and delicious foods in the Show was the first priority.

His way of doing things differed from the other young men, yet the number of votes he received in return was genuinely high.

This was kind of embarrassing.

Zhu Chi honestly never considered the possibility of him being in a boyband as a finalist.  Besides, Qin Yingdi, the founder of the Show had privately contacted him to sign with his Company.

‘There’s already a golden opportunity waiting for me ahead, there’s simply no need for me to be the finalist and join the boyband!’

That being said, ever since some of the boys received an endorsement, the atmosphere of the audition had inevitably changed.

In response to this, Wu Siyuan specifically came over and encouraged the diligent boys who received no endorsements,

“Everyone has been working hard, I’m happy to see your diligence.
There are many of you who originally have a less good foundation, but after a month of training and learning with other contestants, we have seen where everyone’s potential lies at.
That’s a good thing.”

Wu Siyuan paused for some time before proceeding to speak what he intended to tell today,

“I hope you guys will continue to maintain this state.
Some of you may envy Zhu Chi and others for getting an endorsement.
Actually, this chance is more due to their luck.
Originally, they just like eating and have never expected to hit a jackpot.
What I want to tell you is that, while luck is also a factor to stay in the Entertainment Industry, but the most important thing is always, hard work.
So, I wish you guys to keep it up!”

He shifted his gaze toward Zhi Chi and the other guys mentioned prior before adding,

“Also, why did you guys stupidly let them watch all of you practicing and sweating profusely, meanwhile these guys are spectating on the side, eating and watching you as an enjoyment? Don’t you want to drag these Salted Fishes to suffer together with you?”

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Afterward, once Qin Yingdi left the scene, everyone’s eyes when looking at Zhu Chi and others had completely changed.

In the days after, the Buddhist[6] Zhu Chi quit being a Buddhist.

His perfect facial features were combined with a distorted expression during the practice.
It was later used as a meme from the Talent Show, “Imperfect Boy”[7].


Some fans of the other contestants felt Zhu Chi was someone who other than being exquisitely good-looking, had nothing to support at all.
And yet, his popularity turned out to be so high! It’s simply unfair to the other talented and hard-working contestants.

However, they couldn’t call it suspicious either.
After all, the voting mechanism was clear.
There really was no other way aside from honestly voting.

Each account got 3 items to vote on every day.
Except for daily sign-in, other operations were rather troublesome.
It took 10 days of diligent commenting to be rewarded with items.
Another method was, to watch the video of the program group for half an hour to get one more item.

Some passersby audience mostly couldn’t bother to do anything aside from daily sign-in.
Yet, Zhu Chi caused a sensation where the passersby went all the way to vote on him one by one.

Even after the second round of performance, it’s unlikely for Zhu Chi to be eliminated no matter how bad he performed.

A lot of other fans had started discussions on various platforms for this, however, when they entered the next LIVE broadcast, ready to criticize Zhu Chi, they found that Zhu Chi and several other Salted Fishes were tortured at the same time by their teammates.

“Stretch well for me!”

“It’s impossible!!” Zhu Chi wailed tearfully.

“Want to watch us practice with Erlang’s leg[8]and drink soda gleefully? Heh. In your dream. Now, hurry and lift that butt for me!” Another player pushed Zhu Chi to continue dancing.

Wu Siyuan had been watching them from the monitor.
After witnessing those Salted Fishes being dragged to suffer together, only then did he leave with a smile on his lip.

‘As my future cash cow, it’s simply impossible for you to be lazier and more comfortable than me!’


After the theme for the Talent Show’s Second performance was officially announced, Wu Siyuan also sent a posting on his Weibo:

[“To the love stories of couples I have seen.”]

On He Gaoyi’s side, actually, he had always been paying attention to Qin Siyuan’s actions all this time.

These days, after overcoming the conspiracy against him, Qin Siyuan had become infamous more than ever.
His mindset also seemed to undergo significant changes.
From being an Actor who merely enjoyed the art of Acting, to an Investor who dabbled in every aspect.

‘If Qin Siyuan has shown this kind of ability earlier, I’d definitely not choose him as my stepping stone!’

Did he regret it? No way! He Gaoyi harbored only resentment toward Qin Siyuan’s improvement.

The Second Performance of the 100 Talent Show contestants was particularly eye-catching, in terms of styling and appearance.
The voting channel had also opened.
Supporters of each contestant could start promoting their favorite contender in the Show.

Speaking about the performance, surprisingly one of the songs performed by the contestants was actually He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua’s couple song.
This song had brought them together, the one that helped them realize, that they were meant to be, before.

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There was also another song that, incidentally, was their mobile phone ringtones.

Wu Siyuan had been passionately promoting the performance of “Imperfect Boy” lately.
Even if He Gaoyi didn’t want to see any relevant news, it was still presented by the News Platform everywhere.
It’s the consequence of reading third-rated News Platforms after all.

So when He Gaoyi saw the two songs mentioned in the news, he smashed the teacup in his hand violently.

‘Qin Siyuan! He must do it on purpose!’


Yes, Wu Siyuan really did it on purpose.

He had resumed his old business, revitalizing CP, helping the couple to find love between them once again!

There were actually quite a lot of fans who didn’t really care about celebrities’ morality and kept holding on to cheer them.
However, their hopes were repeatedly smashed over and over, to the point of barely being able to hold on to the ship.

It was at this time that Angel-Wu Siyuan descended from the sky, carrying sparkling gifts and Chicken Soup for the Soul that he himself couldn’t understand, successfully brainwashing CP fans on a large scale on the very familiar, Weibo Super Topic!

Anyway, there were many people who were easily swayed.
Blinded by Wu Siyuan’s dazzling gift showering[9], the Super Topic had successfully been brought to life from its near-death condition! In an instant, Wu Siyuan[10] became the main administrator of the Super Topic. He was even more popular than He Gaoyi’s assistant, with higher credibility than the Official fanbase’s news.

Let’s love Each Other-Big Brother posted on Super Topic:

[“He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua will make a comeback soon!”]

Let’s love Each Other-Big Brother posted on Super Topic:

[“Although they framed Qin Yingdi, they have received their punishment.
As long as they prove their love to be stronger than anything, other people will shut their mouths!”]

Let’s love Each Other-Big Brother posted on Super Topic:

[“He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua stayed strong and didn’t break up even after they faced such trouble, therefore it’s impossible for them to break up in the future!”]

Although there was some bullshit mixed in the sugar content, those poor CP fans could see the hope in it.

Their Super Topic was growing with each passing day.
The CP base was even producing Toxic fans.
They once felt devastated once He Gaoyi’s claim as a single man was overturned.
However, Wu Siyuan’s brainwashing army lead them astray afterward.

They thought, even if my Gege[11] had deceived us regarding his relationship status, he must have no other choice but to lie.
Besides, he’s also an affectionate and devoted lover of one person.
That’s not a bad thing.
He didn’t have the intention to betray Yue Tianhua, he simply wanted to cheat and deceive Qin Siyuan, anyway.

The fans contemplated the circumstance for a while, and eventually, realized He Gaoyi’s love for Yue Tianhua was really admirable! So, they resolutely joined this CP fanbase.

The number of CP fans between He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua soared higher than even He Gaoyi’s individual fans.

He Gaoyi’s Company saw that his situation had gotten better.
As long as he maintained the romantic state with Yue Tianhua, it was possible for them to get jobs together.

This was exactly what Wu Siyuan wanted.
After knowing He Gaoyi’s Company started to take the two protagonists to some small cities, doing some gigs, he smiled with satisfaction.

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‘Matchmaking Plan…Succeeded!’






T/N: I’ll be quite busy these days, so I’ll change the update to once per week, at every weekend.
Please bear with me for a while, thank you 



↑1 Male God is similar to Ikemen in Anime terms
↑2 a conflict often used in the variety show to add spice or build tension
↑3 popular due to scandal, criticized by netizens but noticed by media as attention-grabbing potential
↑4 A person who likes to be lazy/free/leisure and has no ambition to attempt any substantial goal
↑5 t’s CN public cardio exercise usually for middle-aged in the Neighborhood, held in some plaza or other field, often held weekly.
↑6 not a religious believer, but referring to someone who likes to stay calm and quietly enjoy life
↑7 This is not Produce 101 but Imperfect Boy, lol
↑8 a posture of leisure
↑9 the lottery system he once did to JiangShi CP in the 1st arc
↑10 his fake Weibo account
↑11 it’s like how K-pop fans refer to their Idol, “Oppa”

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