cted to other paths.

By the way, aside from the Company’s Official announcement, Wu Siyuan also helped promote the newly issued Talent Show on his own Weibo, encouraging the young man out there to actively sign up.

His fans could only wail in the comments:

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[Sobs-sobs, I want to join, but he just wants boys…]

[I also want to apply, but why does my gender restrict me so.]

[My friend asked me, if someone with an imaginary Pillar can be considered a boy?]

After seeing this comment, Wu Siyuan rarely gave a reply:

[Don’t be anxious, this is just the first part of the show.]

Due to this comment of his, a lot of people began to look forward to the second half of the year for the Girl Talent Show.

Even so, there were also some who were not optimistic about it:

[There are plenty of Talent Shows being held, many of which couldn’t produce a satisfying enough rating.]

[I don’t know how good would the finalists’ quality come out to be, but will they flop after being debuted just like others were?]

[Every year, there are always some groups who failed to reach their expected success.
I wonder if the boyband produced by Qin Yingdi’s Talent Show will face the same fate?]

Actually, Wu Siyuan had his own concerns regarding this project.

It’s not about whether the competition achieved a good outcome or not, but he was worried about one thing.

In case some contestants were Sea Kings[5]who got exposed during the competition, or some other contestant overturned their character set, even worse, when contestants with black history were selected—then, cleaning the matters up would be a pain in the butt.

Without further delay, Wu Siyuan immediately asked his subordinate to investigate the background of those who had been selected in the preliminary.

No need for an in-depth investigation, just checking any past news on the internet, their Weibo, etc.
Anyway, the Show had yet started, and most of them had not deleted particular posts.
If they could find a problem by doing a simple screening, then the participant was really no good.

Unexpectedly, they did find some.

Wu Siyuan was honestly…flabbergasted—that he immediately packed these guys and sent them back overnight!


Qin Siyuan was originally a popular Actor, coupled with the recent explosive scandal of him being schemed by He Gaoyi and his lover not long ago, therefore, the Talent Show hosted by him attracted quite a great deal of attention.

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In the past, Actor Qin Siyuan had never been so active and high-profile.
Everyone assumed his change of style was due to the previous trauma, overcoming grief and anger and turning them into strength and motivation.

However, quite a lot of them also thought that Qin Siyuan might have really liked He Gaoyi.
It’s just that, after sensing something was fishy at that time, he decided to reject the confession.

This rumor actually stemmed from He Gaoyi’s efforts.
He was still working hard to brainwash the few fans or some ignorant passersby, hinting that Qin Siyuan actually liked him.

After he knew of this rumor, Wu Siyuan hurriedly responded:

[It’s not even RMB[6], how confident are you to think everyone must want you? I merely wish to focus on my own things.
May the two of you grow old together and shall never be apart.]

After seeing his Weibo post, a wave of people went to He Gaoyi or Yue Tianhua to leave a comment in unison:

[We wish He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua to stay together, ’til death do you part.
Please get married asap, wherever you are.]

He Gaoyi was halfway furious when he saw Wu Siyuan’s posting, and was still thinking of another way to ride on his popularity, yet at the next moment, due to the said posting, a lot of his acquaintances specifically went to find him to have a good laugh.
That’s right, he was still a contracted artist in his Company.
Since he had a good relationship with the Boss, instead of directly firing him, he was just ordered to lay low in the meantime.

After getting rid of the annoying flies, Wu Siyuan began to concentrate on his future cash cows.

He didn’t want them to put on a fake persona and simply wish they could come out as natural.
There were some hidden gems among the selected participants, but whether they could withstand the polish in the Entertainment Industry or not, was still unknown.

The men’s team Talent Show that started with huge traffic had finally begun recording.

Wu Siyuan spent a lot of money in preparation, honestly, he was a bit nervous himself, afraid of the Show might not end up as they expected.
Fortunately, his own filming had been completed.

Speaking of the Movie crew, the Actor who ended up replacing He Gaoyi’s role was a somewhat unlucky guy.

Every time he played a role, he always ended up being a transparent guy.
Everyone else was popular due to their roles, yet this Actor remained unknown for a long time.
Even if his resources were not bad, his acting skills were also praiseworthy, and he didn’t even have any scandals or faulty character, yet his luck was just that bad.

In the original plot, this Actor actually was one of Yue Tianhua’s suitors.
During the filming before, Wu Siyuan had to be careful, guarding the possible revenge against him for the sake of Yue Tianhua.

Yet, nothing happened.

The said guy was honestly filming and did nothing else.

He wondered, ‘Is it because he doesn’t have a chance to be familiar with Yue Tianhua?’

In the end, the Movie was smoothly recorded, hence, Wu Siyuan was able to devote himself to this Talent Show.

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The Talent Show was the first step in adding some refreshment to his Company.

Apart from producing this show, Wu Siyuan had also ordered his subordinates to do some research on the current online novels.  After buying some of the IP[7], they immediately formed a team, and began the production of the adaptation.

So far everything was going under control, nothing seemed to stray from Wu Siyuan’s plan.

As long as this Talent Show was wrapped in a successful end, the next Variety Show would also follow suit.

Wu Siyuan planned to make a Variety Show about married life, focusing on displaying the sweetness of some couple’s love life.

The targeted participants were the popular newly married artists, or those old couples who had been married for a long time.

Though it may take time to arrange, but Wu Siyuan was not in a hurry either.

He had to do this in order to pave for his future plans.
He just hoped He Gaoyi and Yue Tianhua could live up to his expectation and stay a little longer until that time.

Wu Siyuan had directly dealt with them the moment he arrived in this world, they shouldn’t possess any threat, for the time being.

Speaking about the two protagonists, Wu Siyuan thought those two were absolutely true love.

After going through a massive scandal in the failed conspiracy, Yue Tianhua’s path to enter the Entertainment Industry was cut off.
Right now, He Gaoyi was also in a semi-retired state.
However, the two lovebirds were still together!

‘If this was not true love, then what should it be?!’

Thinking about this matter, Wu Siyuan had a sudden idea, and directly instructed the Talent Show participants to perform under the theme of “Love” in the next performance.

Anyway, when you have money and status, you could do as you pleased~




T/N: I honestly translated this chapter in a daze, distracted by the huge temptation to continue watching Jujutsu Kaisen (that I finally have the time to watch these days).

The huge narration and lack of conversation in this chapter didn’t help either, lol~~~

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