Wu Siyuan’s career continued to thrive every day, and the happy occasion for the two protagonists was also approaching day by day.
Both Jiang and Shi families had started to prepare for the wedding reception.

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As a well-known die-hard CP fan of the two guys, Wu Siyuan naturally got himself an invitation.
He felt his heart was a little bit painful and broken.
The red bomb[1]sent to him had exploded his heart into pieces.
There was no joy in having his CP come true, only the pain and bitterness of spending money remained.

His task of ushering those two scumbags to the marriage hall had basically almost completed.
However, at this point, everyone around him already knew his online identity.
The biggest fan in JiangShi Super Topic, the number one die-hard CP fan, everyone knew it was him! Even if in reality he was just pretending, a CP fan with ulterior motives, but on the surface, he still was a brainless CP fan.
He did sincerely wish and bless Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai to be a pair of husbands for a lifetime, though that actually came from a malicious intention. 

That being said, Chen Xuyao actually was even more in an awkward state. He had lost his horse[2]! His vest as another CP fan blowing rainbow farts[3]in JiangShi Super Topic was known by Shi Yuanbai.

When Chen Xuyao’s online identity was uncovered, one guy was smirking and another guy was shouting MMP![4] in his heart. 

Jiang Jingtong’s expression was dark when he knew Chen Xuyao’s identity.
But after all, he was worthy of being the Protagonist Gong.
In a short time, he was able to regain his composure and handed the wedding invitation to Chen Xuyao as if he was sincerely awaiting his arrival.

As the one who received the sincere invitation, Chen Xuyao was in turn struggling with whether he should press his hatred to attend or, just simply come and look for a joke?

In the end, since Wu Siyuan was definitely going to attend the reception, Chen Xuyao gritted his teeth and bravely accompanied his good buddy to see the hateful Jiang Jingtong’s wedding.

This wedding was a great achievement due to everyone’s hard work.
The two Scumbags were finally going to announce to the world that they got together.
This marriage bond was not something that could be easily separated by just simply saying, ‘let’s break up’.

Wu Siyuan was analyzing their marriage life based on those two scumbags’ nature.
He estimated that they would definitely plant a grassland on top of each other’s heads[5]!

However, as long as they stayed together, nothing else matter.
What Wu Siyuan was more afraid of was that when they have a conflict in the future, would they still come to bother Wu Siyuan with it?

Should he be forced into the role of a confidant brother who must listen to others’ life problems?

That’s not good.
He’s just a single dog who wanted to be beautiful alone.

In this case, Wu Siyuan shifted his thought to another online identity he had.
A Wise-man blogger.

Back then when he made an account specifically used to post chicken soup for the soul, the plan using this identity ended up being discarded because Jiang Jingtong unexpectedly chose to quickly accept his advice directly.
Even so, he would still occasionally log in to that account, post some meaningful chicken soup, some kind of personality or emotional quiz[6], shared his written songs or lyrics, as well as wrote some motivational stories by the way.

Unexpectedly, this Weibo did attract some fans.

When he shared the songs, there would be dozens of retweets.

He wondered if those fans thought he was a music blogger instead.

Inexplicably gaining fans did not really impress him.
It was only when he opened this Weibo account and actually found that Jiang Jingtong’s Weibo had followed him, that he was both surprised and excited.

‘What should I post now for Jiang Jingtong to read? Should I post; Don’t be half-hearted when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband?’

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‘Or should I post; Be careful the green hat you weave might be put on yourself at any time?’

Wu Siyuan pursed his lip into a straight line.
He didn’t want to worry anymore about Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai after they got married.
That said, this critical period of their new marriage life should be maintained well.

If Wu Siyuan ended his participation too early, the stage he had painstakingly set up for the protagonists might collapse soon.
He had set them up step by step, so he had to retreat gradually as well.
Hopefully, their relationship would give him a marvelous sight after Wu Siyuan withdrew his manipulation.

In the end, Wu Siyuan decided to just casually share a new song instead in his second Weibo.


The Jiang Family had lately been besieged by several enterprises in the business field.
Apparently, Shi Yuze had also taken part in setting up the obstacles.
He did it to put pressure upon Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai and made them feel the illusion of the urgency of marriage.

Whether the marriage actually ended up as a really good thing or not, who cared about it!

The wedding date was approaching.
At this time, Shi Yuanbai suddenly invited Wu Siyuan for afternoon tea once again.
Just like before, he was forced to listen to Shi Yuanbai’s recent love life, complaining that Jiang Jingtong was not as attentive as he used to be.

Wu Siyuan wondered about Jiang Jingtong’s behavior for a while.
This time it must not be due to Wu Siyuan’s advice about restraining himself as a licking dog.
It must have been due to Jiang Jingtong’s own scumbag nature!

He pondered what he should say in this case, and finally said, “Whether it’s between lovers or spouses, you should keep the relationship fresh and make something new.
How about Shi Xuege make some surprise for Jiang Xuege?”

The corner of Shi Yuanbai’s mouth twitched visibly.

‘Why should I make some surprise for Jiang Jingtong? It’s clearly not my problem! It should be Jiang Jingtong who has changed and doesn’t love me enough!’

At first, he regarded his decreasing passion as Jiang Jingtong being tired, and unable to keep up his mood.
Lately, even when Shi Yuanbai was willing to be in harmony[7]with him, Jiang Jingtong was still not interested.
Sure enough, after getting his hand and having a taste, men would quickly lose their interest!

Shi Yuanbai felt a little bit of regret.
He shouldn’t have agreed to be with Jiang Jingtong so easily.

Wu Siyuan, however, was still trying and made another excuse, “Perhaps Jiang Xuege is too nervous about the upcoming wedding, unconsciously being negligent to you as a result?”

Regardless of Wu Siyuan’s painfully weak excuses, Shi Yuanbai kept pouring his dissatisfaction with Jiang Jingtong’s recent performances.
Namely, how Jiang Jingtong had barely communicated with him, or how he hadn’t bought the things he liked as he did before.

Surely Shi Yuanbai was still kept in the dark about Jiang Family’s current situation, the fact that they had already in a mess.
In this case, it was no wonder such luxury of buying everything Shi Yuanbai fancied couldn’t be done unscrupulously like before.
Jiang Jingtong truly concealed the matter very well, letting Shi Yuanbai be completely clueless about it.

Even if someone else were to inform Shi Yuanbai about it, he wouldn’t believe the information.
The Jiang Family would not be so easy to be disintegrated.
They had a solid foundation.
But the most important thing, the Jiang Family was a Business Goliath with huge wealth.

Wu Siyuan listened to Shi Yuanbai’s heart-to-heart complaint silently.
He still had to endure and avoid some provocative attempts[8]from time to time at that.
In front of Shi Yuanbai’s miserable story, he gave no sympathy, showed no empathy, and definitely didn’t respond to his pitiful state.

Inwardly, Shi Yuanbai was furious.

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‘Gu Siyuan! This person is really a man who has never been enlightened [9]! What’s the use of being a CP fan? Obviously, the CP Master is in front of you, shouldn’t you feel something? Shouldn’t you have any dreamy idea about him? I have already given you a precious chance, why don’t you know how to seize it?!’

Feeling weary and exhausted, Shi Yuanbai had no choice but to let Wu Siyuan go this time as well.

Therefore, the fake CP fan-Wu Siyuan could finally breathe a sigh of relief.


When Wu Siyuan returned to the dormitory after meeting with Shi Yuanbai, he was immediately surrounded by his roommates.

“What is Shi Yuanbai looking for you this time?”

Wu Siyuan slumped down with no energy left.
“I’m beat…”

Chen Xuyao encouraged him with a smile, “The revolution has not yet succeeded, Comrade Gu still needs to work hard.”

Wu Siyuan reluctantly plastered a grin on his face.
He took out his phone and, good gracious! the first thing that greeted him was a message from another Scumbag, Jiang Jingtong.

[Why does Shi Yuanbai seem to be in a bad mood when he comes back just now?]

How could the Sea King who failed to hook his targeted Fish-Siyuan be in a good mood afterward?

[Maybe Shi Xuege is feeling insecure? He feels that Jiang Xuege is inattentive to him lately.
How about Jiang Xuege spend more time with him?]

Looking at the message, Jiang Jingtong felt a sudden headache.

[You don’t understand, I’ve been fairly busy these days.]

[Xuege must be either busy with the upcoming wedding or your career, I suppose.
Or else, how could Jiang Xuege neglect his beloved Shi Xuege?]

[If only Yuanbai can think of me that way as well…]

Wu Siyuan stared at the reply and narrowed his eyes.
What happened? Something must be wrong somewhere!

[Shi Xuege loves you! He must also think about your well-being.]

Jiang Jingtong felt relieved somehow looking at this reassurance.
Lately, his family’s business had gone downhill.
All kinds of obstacles from the business rivals kept appearing one after another.

‘Damn it!’

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While investigating the mastermind behind the scene in his family’s downfall, he couldn’t help but be irritable.
Be that as it may, Shi Yuanbai was still the same as before, seemingly aloof and uncaring of others, causing Jiang Jingtong to feel disappointed somewhat.
He hoped that Shi Yuanbai would understand how he had been busy running about, but it was just a whimsical wish.
As a result, Jiang Jingtong decisively left to meet up with a boy he met recently instead.


At Shi Yuanbai’s side, after his meeting with Wu Siyuan earlier, he went to have a video call with his Foreign Fish.

“When are you going to come over here?”

Shi Yuanbai had pondered over this matter as well.
He had estimated with his recent itinerary, he should be able to go abroad around July or August.
The wedding reception had been set for June, after 1 or 2 months, it’d be fine if he went abroad.

There were enough excuses he had prepared to go, it shouldn’t be a problem to get permission.

Therefore, Shi Yuanbai confidently replied, “This summer vacation.
If there’s no accident, I will be able to come over.”

“Sounds good.
I will definitely be ready to welcome you.”

Shi Yuanbai flashed out his trademark gentle smile.
“I will look forward to it.”

‘As expected, it is his good friend who will never change and stays the same!’

Shi Yuanbai was satisfied with the response.
He continued to contact his other small fishes.
He had learned from his past failure.
Those who were similar or even had better status than the Shi Family were difficult to capture.
On the contrary, those typical Second Generation who had no real power or status were easily hooked and seduced.

Somehow Shi Yuanbai felt someone was manipulating the situation behind the scene.
Those big fishes who originally showed a good impression of him had all kept their distance nowadays.
Shi Yuanbai always felt it shouldn’t be like this.

According to his assessment, his interpersonal relationship with others shouldn’t become this bleak.

Right now, there was no one he could inquire about even from the Shi Family’s side.
The company was completely controlled by his older brother, Shi Yuze.
He was unable to get clear information, it was hard for him to make some decisions.
Fortunately, his remaining contacts, though not so reliable, they still occasionally deliver some small news to him.


Back to Wu Siyuan’s side, after he dealt with the two scumbags in a row, he was even more exhausted.
He started to believe it may be a good idea after all if Shi Yuanbai were to go abroad after he got married to Jiang Jingtong.

As long as they stopped bothering this fake CP fan identity of his, Wu Siyuan could live his life in peace!

He was also extremely busy these days, but apart from the deep tiredness when facing Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai, he felt happy about the other businesses.

The joint company between him, Chen Xuyao, and Zhang Lianze were about to pick their sweet fruits.

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Several new movies they had invested in were ready to be released in a row.
The investment and cost for the movies were not considered too much, but looking at the comments on the internet, Wu Siyuan felt the harvest should be good.

It was just a start, nevertheless it also greatly boosted Wu Siyuan’s morale.
He was confident if Jiang Jingtong were to follow the plot and go against him, he could hold his ground for real this time.

Having said that, Jiang Jingtong shouldn’t even have the time to bother him when his Jiang family was already in a mess.


Their freshmen year had come to an end, and JiangShi’s marriage reception had finally arrived.

Wu Siyuan and Chen Xuyao dressed properly, took the invitation, and attended the wedding.

Thanking the God above, Jiang Jingtong and Shi Yuanbai didn’t have a failure in their brain circuit and decided to make him a Best Man or something.
Otherwise, Wu Siyuan might ascend[10] from the unbearable situation.

Wu Siyuan looked at the two Best Man invited by the two Protagonists and smiled meaningfully.
If Chen Xuyao hadn’t been gossiping about the situation of the current fish pond[11]or rotten peach blossoms[12], Wu Siyuan would never expect such a thing to actually happen.

In addition to the two Best Man, other confidantes or good buddies, either Fish or Spare tires, actually were all invited here.

Wu Siyuan gave a two-thumbs-up to the Protagonists filled with admiration.

‘666![13] Truly awesome!’

Those two guys really continued to cuckold each other while falling in love with each other.

Regardless of the unusual guests, the wedding itself progressed smoothly.

Wu Siyuan’s smile became sincere with every minute.
He could finally see the bright future of his task completion in this world.
He who had never liked to drink much before was drinking until he got drunk today.

As a result, after the reception was over, the two people, Wu Siyuan and Chen Xuyao were squatting on the roadside near their campus, constantly puking their guts off.

“God! Finally married! The scumbags are finally becoming a family! The revolution for a better society has succeeded!”

Chen Xuyao responded from the side, “I can’t wait to see them disgust each other every day.”

“Bleghh! Just stay forever! Don’t ever come to disgust others again!” Wu Siyuan said in between his puking.

“Hee…heh…hehehee, let me tell you some recent news.
Shi Yuanbai is preparing to go abroad.
Are you surprised?”

Wu Siyuan was sobered up instantly.
“Of course he is!”

‘Damn! Even right now I still have to work hard and continue to urge them to get their real and legal marriage certificate!’

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