ambiguous pictures of their travels and shared them with Chen Xuyao. 

“Would you like to send it to your other friends and let them post the pictures on JiangShi Super Topic?”

Chen Xuyao’s move was remarkably fast after getting his hands on the pictures.
It was not long for those photos to appear on the Super Topic.
It was posted under the pretense that the poster accidentally took them while traveling.

[Guess what I saw when I went on a trip this weekend? Ahhhhhhhh!!! It’s so sweet! JiangShi CP is real!]

Afterward, several Local Tyrants accounts started their usual comment drawing events again.

Xiaoyou and the several Fishes who were saved from the Sea King’s clutch before were made sure to receive these photos as well.
For fear, they still had lingering feelings.
It must be extinguished well.


Unexpectedly the JiangShi sweet travel photos campaign was going so well that even the unknown Fishes actually came to confront Shi Yuanbai once he returned to the campus. 

They were just Small Fish and Shrimp.
Nevertheless, after losing both Zhang Lianze and Wen Yongliang, Shi Yuanbai had to cherish those remnants and paid some attention to them.

When this matter blew up, Shi Yuanbai suddenly suspected it was caused by the brainless fan, Gu Siyuan.

Following his conjecture, he went to check the Super Topic.
To his surprise, Gu Siyuan’s Weibo was deserted, there was no post or comments he left on Super Topic.
He just posted some daily venting about his personal life.

Shi Yuanbai finally dispelled his doubt about Gu Siyuan as the one who spread his photos with Jiang Jingtong.
On another look, there was actually a post that attracted his attention.

[Alas, I have to accompany my father to work overtime on weekends, checking whether the employees are lazy.
Gee, so exhausting~]

What did Gu Siyuan’s family business was, again?

Shi Yuanbai started to consider whether this CP brainless fan could be turned into Shi Yuanbai’s brainless fan only.

On the other side of the city, Wu Siyuan, who was busy with the establishment of their joint company, felt a chill on his back. 

‘Who is it! Who is thinking of doing bad things to me?!’


From that day on, everything was going according to Wu Siyuan’s plan.
The only exception, something beyond his wildest dream was Shi Yuanbai’s new attitude. 

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He had no idea why an anomaly happened.
Recently, Shi Yuanbai had frequently gone to see him.

Even if Wu Siyuan kept bringing Jiang Jingtong into their talks, it could not stop Shi Yuanbai from advancing forward. 

Wu Siyuan tried to maintain his smile and greeted him, “Shi Xuege, is something the matter?” 

He had just returned to the college area from finishing his business outside, and coincidentally, met Shi Yuanbai on his arrival.

Shi Yuanbai gave him a dazzling smile, one that anyone would surely be fascinated looking upon.
“I was just passing by and saw you here, I think, why not say hello to Xuedi?” Then he casually asked, “Gu Xuedi seems to be busy these days.”

Wu Siyuan replied casually as well, “Not really, I guess?” Then he quickly grinned and asked Shi Yuanbai, “Shi Xuege, you must be on the way to meet with Jiang Xuege, right?”

The smile on Shi Yuanbai’s face stiffened.
“He has a lot of things on his plate.
I won’t disturb him.”

Wu Siyuan, “…” So you’re bothering me instead?

Shi Yuanbai continued to say, “To be honest, I don’t have many friends on campus. Xuedi, you’re one of the few friends I have.”

Nodding faintly, Wu Siyuan was actually helpless inside. ‘What’s the matter? Is it because the Fishes on his pond are cleaned up, and even the Shrimps are gone? Is this a new start of Fish farming?’

Seeing Gu Siyuan’s acknowledgment of the friend identity he gave, Shi Yuanbai’s eyes lit up.
He proceeded to invite Gu Siyuan to have afternoon tea with him.

Afterward, Wu Siyuan had to listen to Shi Yuanbai pouring over his feelings regarding Jiang Jingtong.
Yes, he didn’t deny his relationship with Jiang Jingtong anymore.
However, in this talk, he vaguely revealed a complaint that despite being together with Jiang Jingtong, he was unable to feel happy.
Or in other words, Jiang Jingtong didn’t give him much happiness.

In addition, his relationship with his family was getting worse recently.
Shi Yuanbai confided his difficulty, feeling as if he was an invisible person whenever he returned to his home.
His family seemed to dislike him somehow, and he had rarely returned home as a result.
His older brother, in particular, was becoming even more indifferent to him.

Being the one Shi Yuanbai confide in, Wu Siyuan gave neither the reaction nor any comfort. 

Shi Yuanbai could only reluctantly regard him as a Straight Man[3]who had thick skin and low EQ.

Initially, he wanted to find an opportunity in between their talk to brush Gu Siyuan’s hand, unfortunately, Gu Siyuan put his hand in his pocket the whole time, except when he was holding the cup to drink his tea.

There was no way to advance, Shi Yuanbai had no choice but to retreat for the moment.


After sending the Big Buddha[4]away, Wu Siyuan breathed a sigh of relief.

‘What the hell is this? Does Shi Yuanbai really regard him as a new Fish?’

He’s ashamed to say, but just which part of him looked like a potential Fish?

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He was about to ask Shi Yuze about the situation in the Shi Family, coincidentally he found that Shi Yuze had given him a few pieces of new information

[My dear younger brother seems to be in the same boat as Jiang Jingtong.]

[He seems to be in a hurry, otherwise, he will not accept Jiang Jingtong so early.]

As expected of Big Brother, he knew his younger brother’s nature quite well.
Wu Siyuan replied,

[It’s good that they’re together.]

Unexpectedly, Shi Yuze was waiting for his reaction, because a new message was sent back in an instant. 

[Then this matter is settled.
Let me tell you, the Jiang Family has been under suppression recently.
I can get them married as soon as possible in this case.]

Wu Siyuan hadn’t hinted to him anything yet, but this Shi Yuze was indeed an intelligent man.

He felt the people he met in this world were pretty capable.
Once they were given an opportunity and guided in the right direction, they started to work on it swiftly.
In his original plan, Wu Siyuan wanted to get stronger as soon as possible so that he could take on any scheme from the Protagonists.
As a result, Chen Xuyao and his affiliates directly suppressed the Jiang family, giving them no chance to turn over. 

This Big Brother was even more incredible.
Wu Siyuan hadn’t said his purpose in contacting him yet, but he understood everything by himself.

That’s right, what Wu Siyuan had always advocated was to make that wonderful pair of men be together as soon as possible to reduce the harm they caused to society.
On the other hand, Chen Xuyao also wanted to make sure that after being together, even if they were not satisfied, they wouldn’t be able to leave each other. 

Especially after Wu Siyuan succeeded in bringing Shi Yuze on board, Chen Xuyao had more motivation to continue forward.
After all, it was true that the Jiang Family might ask for help from the Shi Family.
However, after the Shi Family kicked Shi Yuanbai over, it’s unlikely for them to offer any attention or help thereof.

At that time, when they continued to suppress the Jiang Family, Jiang Jingtong might have recklessly tried to bring down the Shi Family along.
Shi Yuze would not keep quiet and might attack them in that case.

The more Wu Siyuan imagined the possibilities ahead, the happier he felt. 

Good things were coming! 

He could imagine his mission in this world would be completed in the near future.




(T/L Note : I forgot to remind you guys, but there are a lot of switches between Wu Siyuan and Gu Siyuan.
Gu Siyuan/the original body is used when Wu Siyuan referred to the body in the original plot.
Gu Siyuan is also used in the other character’s POV, such as Chen Xuyao, JiangShi, etc, because in reality, Wu Siyuan’s identity in the world is Gu Siyuan.)

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