w they’d look like when they accept such a gift. 


Wu Siyuan didn’t care about Xiaoyou’s choices.
Everyone had their own ideas and could not be forced. 

On another note, Shi Yuze finally got in touch with him after half a month of silence.

[What do you want?]

Wu Siyuan pondered for a while, then typed his reply,

[Your dear little brother is thinking to run abroad.]

He just nonchalantly gave this Big Brother a warning in advance without any specific intention.
Unexpectedly, God knew why, Shi Yuze decided to make up a lot of assumptions about it instead.

[You don’t want him to go abroad? Did you intend to keep him in the country so that it’ll be convenient for you to get revenge? I have to remind you, he is still my family member.]

Shi Yuze contacting him meant that he had found out the truth of his dear brother’s little moves.
What he didn’t expect was, looking at this reply, Shi Yuze still had the heart to defend Shi Yuanbai apparently.

[If I wanted to get revenge on him, we wouldn’t have this conversation at all.]

The mobile phone Wu Siyuan used to contact him was specifically owned for this purpose only.
Unless Shi Yuze inquired the relevant departments to locate him, it was impossible to know his identity.

Even determining the exact location would have no result.
He had never used this phone and card number at all.
Even if Shi Yuze owned some contacts in the relevant departments, they might not be so idle to keep monitoring his location like a wanted criminal.

Wu Siyuan didn’t have many worries over being discovered anyway. 

Soon, a new reply came from the other side. 

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You can rest assured that he won’t go abroad.]

It seemed like Shi Yuze had finally acquiesced upon Wu Siyuan’s request.

[You can also rest assured, I won’t really do anything to him.
Even the matter of going abroad is not a permanent demand.
All I need is just to delay his plan for some period.]

Shi Yuze didn’t understand what this person was trying to do.

He perceived no malice from this person so far.
Initially, he guessed this person might hold a grudge over his younger brother, hence the action of informing him that he had been drugged.
But his recent demand had confused his previous conjecture.
What exactly did this person want to do?

He tried to speculate on this person’s real identity or his background.
The most suspicious of them all was the Chen Family. 

These past years the Chen Family had gradually estranged from his Shi Family.
Shi Yuze had also explored the reason for the falling-out before.
It’s just a matter of love between children.
In his opinion such a broken heart or unrequited love were no big deals, so he didn’t take the disagreement to heart.

Who knew that when he investigated Shi Yuanbai’s case recently, he also found out about the matter of the Chen Family’s Young Miss.
That year, it turned out Shi Yuanbai had put a lot of hands on the incident that happened to the young lady.

Shi Yuze couldn’t understand. 

There was nothing he should feel sorry about to this good brother of his.
How could he treat him like this? Where did so much hatred come from?

Was it for Family properties?

He felt even more incredulous.
What era was this, for someone to still have the custom of killing biological siblings just for the sake of an inheritance?

Nevertheless, this was exactly the result of his investigation reports in many aspects. 

Shi Yuze laughed angrily. ‘Want to be the heir? Want to control the Company? Fine.’

Originally, he really didn’t pay attention to these superficial matters.
Between the two brothers, there was no need to care about who hold the Leader position on the surface.
When Shi Yuanbai graduated, since he was actually a capable person after all, Shi Yuze didn’t mind giving him any position or transferring any power if he wanted to.

Of course, now it was completely different. 

The more Shi Yuanbai coveted it, the more Shi Yuze would hold it to himself.
He’d let him stay to keep watching him accomplish all kinds of achievements.

His family had also been informed about the good things Shi Yuanbai had done.
His parents were still reluctant to accept and tried to make some excuses for Shi Yuanbai.
However, their Company had long been controlled in his hands.
Even if his parents wanted to help Shi Yuanbai, there wouldn’t be much they could do. 

As for his Grandfather, he seemed like he refused to be in contact with Shi Yuanbai anymore.
Although he had not been drugged as Shi Yuze was, who could guarantee that he would not be in the future?

His parents unexpectedly still want to live in harmony with Shi Yuanbai.
The foods he once brought back in his visit were thrown away by them over the same night.

They told him to be magnanimous.
As the big brother, he should be forgiving.
Well, it couldn’t be helped.
After all, the ones who received drugged meals were not the two of them.

Shi Yuze suddenly contemplated another possibility.
If he were to truly had an accident in the future, would his parents give up on him without hesitation, or would they be willing to give him justice?

Upon this question, there seemed to be no need to choose at all.
Shi Yuze already knew the answer.
Otherwise, all these years, all kinds of deeds Shi Yuanbai had done, how could it be so smooth without anyone ever finding it out?

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Shi Yuze had no idea why this unknown person wanted Shi Yuanbai to stay in the country for a period of time.
Even so, he decided to cooperate with them.

The reply he got was,

[Cooperate? That’s not necessary.
As long as you didn’t die by his hands, it’s already a great help.]

Sure enough.
He just needed to sleep early and get up early.
He should have minded my own business!


On Wu Siyuan’s side, finding that everything was going well, he could finally breathe in satisfaction.
It’s time to continue to work his ass off and study hard. 

The freshmen in Business Administration Department were about to face a test in one of their subjects.

Really, next time he needed to have a proper conversation with the System.
If it were possible, let’s avoid any task whose identity must study hard and still had to face the exam. 

It’s really a pain in the ass!

Speaking about the task, now Shi Yuanbai should also realize that Shi Yuze had found out about what he did.
Which meant, he must have faced some pressure.

Wu Siyuan carefully calculated the time and estimated, maybe the next semester, for them to finally get a certificate from the Marriage Bureau.

After all, in order to secure his status, there’s no other choice aside from tying the knot with Jiang Jingtong and reducing the loss.

Wu Siyuan held his cheeks, thinking,

‘Let’s see, in what way should I convince Shi Yuze to push Shi Yuanbai and Jingtong to the marriage hall?’


Jiang Jingtong sent a new message.

He expressed his gratitude for the recommendation of the short trip destination. 

Wu Siyuan smiled faintly.
It was to be expected.
This scenic spot he recommended must be 100% guaranteed to help warm up their feelings.

After all, in the original plot, it was at this scenic spot that the original body and Jiang Jingtong fixed their relationship. 

Right now the cannon fodder stand-in Siyuan refused to go, but surely the Protagonist Shou would love to replace it and accompany his Gong, no?

Besides, at this moment, having their feelings heated up must be beneficial to Shi Yuanbai.

Well then, he must respond to Jiang Jingtong’s report properly.

[If I’m not mistaken, both Jiang Xuege and Shi Xuege would officially enter the legal age at your birthday at the beginning of the next year, right? That means you two should be able to get a certificate at that time!]

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