Lying on the hospital bed, Wu Siyuan earnestly listened to the wonderful sound of the Electrocardiograph, ushering the arrival of one of the most important moments in human life. 

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‘Hey~ Finally I can leave this world with peace of mind.
What a great thing to celebrate!’

The Electrocardiograph in the ICU started beeping rapidly, alarming the nurse in guard to shout urgently, “Hurry, call the Doctor! The patient is in a critical condition.”

When the Doctor and Nurse rushed to his ward, Wu Siyuan cracked his eyelid slightly, revealing his dulled eyes.

The nurse tried to call Wu Siyuan’s family, only to be met with the Operator’s voice.
Seeing that the phone number of his family could not be connected, in the end, she tried to reach out to Wu Siyuan’s friend in the contact list instead.

“Hello? Hello? Mr.
Wu doesn’t seem to be able to hold on anymore.”

Soon Wu Siyuan felt the scene in front of him begin to blur.
His eyelids lowered accompanied by the decrease of fluctuation in the electrocardiograph.
Eventually, the wavy line stagnated into a straight line. 


Hello, dear Host.
Let me introduce myself, I am a System you are bound to, it’s called Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System.”]

Wu Siyuan vaguely responded, “You…” 

‘I have never made any contract to any System, where did this guy come out from?’

[“Dear Host, you can rest assured.
As long as you fervently complete the task this System has arranged for you, you may get a chance to resurrect and even recovered from your illness.
I believe that you must be very excited right now, after all, this is a precious opportunity.
What you need to do is to listen to this System’s guidance.
That being the case, if you fail to complete the task, it’ll be immediate obliteration.”]

There was no need to think, Wu Siyuan directly refused, “No, I don’t want to.
You can go and obliterate me right now.”

[“But of course, you must be very happy…eh, what? You don’t want to? This is impossible!”]

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“Please don’t hinder me to die peacefully, thank you.” Wu Siyuan said sullenly.

Originally thinking that as long as it told the Host it chose that he would be given a chance to go back to life, he would definitely be moved to tears and ready to become a diligent and honest subordinate for the System, in addition, the threat of being obliterated would also push the Host to finish the task conscientiously, but the actual reality, ‘Wait a minute, what the hell did this person say just now?’

It quickly persuaded in a sincere manner it could utter, [“You’re still so young, why do you have such a negative view of life? Look at the people outside, they are all trying to save you.
Look at your friends, and see how sad they are.
Even your family, though they haven’t arrived here yet, I believe they must love you very much.
Are you willing to let them grieve over you?”]

“I am more than willing.
Don’t you want to kill me? Hurry up and do it.” Wu Siyuan indifferently replied.

The System once again fell into a speechless state hearing Wu Siyuan’s response.

[“We are already bound, no matter what, you have to complete the task.
You have no other choice.”]

Wu Siyuan chuckled.
“Didn’t you say that if you refuse to do the task, I’ll be obliterated? Then, what are you waiting for?”

The so-called Cannon Fodder Supporting Actor System was silent for a moment.
However, the next second it immediately advocated the value of life toward Wu Siyuan, how to cherish life, the joy of being alive, and so on.

[“Host, considering your overly world-weary feelings, this System has made a new plan for you.
I’ll make sure to let the Host see the beauty of life and the joy of a living being! Therefore, if the host deliberately fails to complete the task, or didn’t actively contribute to the task, I will return you to your sick body and even let you live there for a long time!”]

Wu Siyuan was fearless and continued to reply indifferently, “That’s fine by me.
You can put me back into my sick body.
I’m already used to lying in bed and enduring pain anyway.”

[‘What a troublesome Host!  Unmoved to enticement, fearless to coercion!’] – The System complained silently.

Despite its inner grievance, it was still trying to put another condition, [“How about if you finish the tasks in several worlds, we will prepare you a new healthy body and have a new identity of your own choice? If you’re unwilling to have any contact with your current friends and family, it’s possible to give you a new life.”]

The System actually was not aware of the relationship state between Wu Siyuan and his family.
Nevertheless, it was those words that finally attracted Wu Siyuan’s interest successfully. 

“Fine, fine.
You just want to make me do the task no matter what, right?”

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There’s a brief silence before the System replied reluctantly, [“…Yes.”]

Right now the initiative was not in its hands at all.
It couldn’t even unscrupulously obliterate Wu Siyuan, since they were bound together.
Contrary to the menacing threat, actually, if Wu Siyuan died during the tasks, the System would also die as well. 

“Alright, let’s go right away.
I don’t want to stay in this world any longer.”


Wu Siyuan was finally assigned to a new world by the System.

The task it talked about earlier was to do a good job as a Supporting Male character.
Contributing to the love journey between the protagonists, help them to avoid any Love Obstacle, and pushed them to usher the peak of their romance! 

When Wu Siyuan had just gotten himself used to the body he was currently possessing, he saw a man looking at him affectionately.
He had just arrived, the System hadn’t given him the plot of this world yet, consequently, who the hell this man was, he had no slightest idea.

“Hi? May I ask who you are?”

At this time, the System had already passed him the original body’s memory from childhood to the current point in time.
However, the man in front of him didn’t exist in any part of his memory.
The original body, and of course Wu Siyuan, really had never seen him before.

The man who pretended to look at him with an affectionate gaze, immediately introduced himself, “Hello, Gu Xuedi[1]Xuedi: Junior Brother in academic levels, I’m your Xuege[2]Xuege: Senior Brother in academic levels, Jiang Jingtong from the Department of Business Administration, and I’m currently in my fourth year.
We are both members of the Student Council, so I want to get to know you in advance.”

Listening to the man’s introduction, Wu Siyuan knew that the plot had officially begun.
During this short period, the System had passed the plot to him one after another.
Even if the information given hadn’t been sorted carefully yet, the name he mentioned was easy to find.
That’s right, this man was the Protagonist of this world’s plot. 

‘Young Man, finding the cannon fodder Shou[3]Shou: Uke/Bottom/Receiver so early, what are you in a hurry for? Your Official Shou has not even left the country yet!’ Wu Siyuan was disgusted by this kind of person.

Regardless of his inner drama, Wu Siyuan quickly put an expression full of admiration for Jiang Jingtong on the surface.
“It turned out to be Jiang Xuege! To be able to directly meet Jiang Xuege right after I entered the Student Council, it’

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