but the red-light district! Although he was already in his 20s in this world, he had never even touched a girl’s hand.
Now he was not embarrassed to go to the red-light district now.

When he was bored, he went to the bookshelf on the side and turned over one of the book on it.
A book called ‘Beauty’s Pictures’ caught his attention.

He pulled the book out of the shelf and sat beside to look through it.

Looking at the title of the book, Yi HanZhi originally thought it was a simple illustration of a beauty, but when he opened it; his three views were almost subverted.
How could this be a simple illustration? This dazzling illustration was the erotic picture.
Looking at the □□ * unbearable picture in the book, Yi HanZhi couldn’t help blushing.

*(T/N: The raw here is ‘那□□不堪的画面’.)

He threw the book aside angrily, lying flat on the floor, and staring at the beams in a daze.
After a long time, he stood up, went back to the room, he then changed his clothes, and went out.

He was going to marry ten or eight concubines in the future.
How could he keep on being like this? Now he was about to take the first step and go to the brothel to find a girl, and then…….

On the way, he passed by a place called Furong Pavilion, where the girls who were recruiting guests looked good.
As mentioned in the original novel, the girls in this brothel were all unique, and the heroine also met the protagonist here for the first time.

Yi HanZhi thought for a while and walked in.

There were many young and beautiful young girls who immediately came out to welcome him.
They surrounded Yi HanZhi, and the fragrance from them made Yi HanZhi feel a little suffocated.

Yi HanZhi pushed them away, and trying to grab the door right away, but he was caught by someone unexpectedly.
He turned his head and saw a woman with a sexy dress and heavy makeup was holding his hand.

The woman shook the fan in her hand, pursing her lips and chuckled.

“Young Master Yi, I haven’t seen you for a few days.
When did you become so shy?”

It seemed that the original owner was a regular customer here before, and this person was the procuress of this place.

Yi HanZhi calmed down and sat down in a place in the hall, pretending to be familiar and playing with the wine cup on the table.

“Madam, I haven’t seen you for a few days, and you really look more and more beautiful.”

*(T/N: The raw is ‘徐娘’ but I used ‘Madam’ since that’s all I can think of.)

The Madam smiled, slightly covering her face and winked at Yi HanZhi shyly.

“Young Master is joking.
This Madam is old, and now it is the world of young girls.
I don’t know which girl Young Master wants to call today? Ruhua or Siyu?”

Every time he saw this name, Yi HanZhi couldn’t help but wanting to complain about the author.
Was it that difficult to choose a name yourself? Why use such a vulgar* name?

*(T/N: The raw is ‘俗到掉渣’.)

He poured a cup of wine from the jug on the side and drank it in one go.
Then, he slowly got up and looked at the girls.
Since he wanted to eat meat, he must find a girl with enchanting body and beautiful face.

The procuress next to him watched Yi HanZhi.
She wanted to tell something but stop again.
She had prepared that bottle of wine for another person, but Yi HanZhi drank it on his own.
This was……..
She was not to blame for this.
However, this Young Master Yi had always been unruly and unrestrained, but thinking that he would find a girl for him later, so it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Yi HanZhi looked around but didn’t like any one of them.
Although they were all pretty and had very beautiful bodies, he thought there was not much different.
So, he still hadn’t made a choice yet.
It maybe because he was dazzled by so many varieties to choose from, but he felt that his body was getting hotter and hotter and his eyes was all blurred.
What’s the matter? Was his alcohol tolerance so low? It was just one cup and he was done for?

Yi HanZhi stretched out his hand to support his forehead, and put one hand on the shoulder of the procuress.

“I’m a little dizzy.
Give me a room.
I’ll rest for a while first.” 

The procuress heard the words and knew that the medicine had probably reacted.
This medicine was a new product.
It was said to be extremely powerful.
She hadn’t found anyone to try it, but seeing Young Master Yi looked like this, it should be true.

Ruhua, quickly take Young Master Yi to the room to rest, and remember to take good care of Young Master Yi!”

A young woman hurriedly came up next to him, helped him to go upstairs.

Yi HanZhi stretched out his hand to push the woman away, and went straight upstairs.
He didn’t want Ruhua! Ruhua looked very ugly!

When he came upstairs, Yi HanZhi felt his head dizzy even more.
He then leaned against the barrier beside him, and suddenly saw a woman approaching him.

“Glancing back and smiling, she revealed a hundred charms.
Making all the beauties faded into insignificance.”

*(T/N: The raw is ‘略施粉黛无颜色,回眸一笑百媚生’.
I can’t find the exact line but found this.
回眸一笑百媚生, 六宫粉黛无颜色。(白居易《长恨歌》) 

‘Glancing back and smiling, she revealed a hundred charms. 

All the powdered ladies of the six palaces suddenly seemed dull and colourless.’ (from Pleco)

The line is from Chang Hen Ge by the famous Chinese poet Bai Juyi.
But, since the lines are not exactly the same, I tried to translate the first part as best as I can.
(By combining what I found on Baidu.) If you have any suggestions or advice, please feel free to teach me since I’m still not satisfied with this translation.
And, if there is something wrong with the way I translated and the usage of the words, please let me know.)

Looking at the woman, Yi HanZhi suddenly had such a sentence in his mind.

That woman was so beautiful.
She just had her hair scattered, her dress was just an ordinary purple gauze skirt, and her phoenix eyes were charming and captivating.
But, wasn’t this woman too tall? She was actually half a head taller than him?

She opened her thin lips slightly, as if she had said something.
Yi HanZhi didn’t hear it clearly, but he didn’t care anymore.
He just picked up the beauty and went to the room by the side.
He couldn’t bear it anymore.

It was just a coincidence.
Who would have known that this casual hook-up would turn into him hooking up with the protagonist? And thus, he had fallen into the abyss of suffering since then.

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