Chapter 15

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Blackie continued.

[Although to master, all water looks the same, but to me, it all feels different.
Just as the water master drinks and the rain that falls from the sky is different.
I can sense all of them.]

“So you’re like a water expert?”

[You can say that.
But I can turn the water that master drinks into rainwater from the sky.]

“Then, is it possible to purify polluted water?”


If this had been in my previous life, that would’ve been incredible.

Since water pollution was a huge problem in that world.

In this world, the water from the rain outside is clean enough to drink.

Even so, I think I can tell that Blackie is a powerful divine beast.

[But, purification requires a lot of power, so I can’t do it now.]

Blackie became sullen.

[I’m telling you, I am originally a great divine beast.
I can protect master from any threats, and…]

“I know.
You’re really a powerful divine beast.
My little Blackie is a great divine beast.”

When I stroke him in hopes of comforting him, Blackie rubs his face in my hand.

He had a cold impression when he was in his human form, but in his animal form, he acted very cute.

“There’s nothing we can do about the seal.
I’ll work hard to earn money and raise you.
Aren’t you the strongest divine beast in the world?”

Of course, this was great.

Even if his powers were sealed, he’s still helpful.

Raise Luc, raise the family and raise Blackie.

There are so many things to raise.

For now, we decided to keep it a secret that Blackie was a divine beast.

A contract with a divine beast itself was news that would bring an uproar to the whole continent.

Any family would not hesitate to spend a lot of money to attract a divine beast’s contractor.

But Blackie was still weak and the Valruga was not a family that was strong enough to protect me.

Someone might go mad and try to achieve a divine beast by killing me, trample the family or kidnap me.

So for now, Blackie is only a lizard I picked up from somewhere.

As soon as I found Bella who had came to the office looking for me, I raised my eyes.

“I want to raise a lizard.”

Blackie’s large wings became small like a tiny limb that was attached to his back.

The ice white body was mysterious, but I thought I could simply claim it as a well-fed lizard.

“Lizard? Where did you get it?”

“I found it in the castle.”

“In the castle? A lizard in such a cold place.
It’s my first time seeing one.
Are these wings? So lizards have wings too.”

Bella pointed to the small wings attached to Blackie’s back.

It could be a mutation caused by the cold climate.
Anyway, I want to raise him.
I already named him.
It’s Blackie.”

In contrast to its name, Bella stared at his white body and blue eyes, and gave a slightly puzzled expression, but nodded her head as if she was convinced by my words.

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“Well, it is said that if you name something contrary to what it looks like, it will live for a long time.”

When I think about it again, it’s really a foolish name.

I once again apologise to Blackie.

“So how do you raise a lizard? Do they eat bugs?”

Blackie in my hand shook his head desperately.

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Yes, but does the madam have to take care of it?”

“Don’t worry.”

“The lizard is so lucky.
To be the madam’s pet.”

Bella smiled and looked at Blackie.

“Oh, right.
I came to tell you something, madam.
Mr.Treon is back.”

“Who is Treon?”

“Oh, well he’s the person who went to the orphanage to pick you up!”

“Ah, that guy…!”

Does that guy like me, though?

*  *  *

Upon hearing the news of Treon’s return, Luc and his servants gathered in the castle’s huge hall.

The huge family crest behind Luc made it look as if the contract between Blackie and me was all a lie.

Luc and I sat next to each other on the highest platform to greet Treon.

Normally, I wouldn’t be so concerned about the return of a subordinate, but this time, I needed to consider the specificity of Treon’s mission.

“I, Treon, have received the letter of appointment from His Majesty the Emperor under your command, my lord.”

Treon politely presented the letter of appointment to Luc.

In the letter of appointment, it was written that Luc was recognised as the Duke of Valruga.

As soon as the marriage certificate was stamped, Treon rushed to the Emperor in the capital and made Luc the official Duke of Valruga.

My first meeting with him wasn’t very good, but his loyalty towards Luc was real.

“Good work.”

Luc spoke to Treon in a firm tone.

He then took the letter of appointment from Treon’s hand and handed it to me.

“Felia, this is yours, you should keep it.”

When I placed the letter of appointment back in Luc’s hand, Luc tilted his head.

“What’s mine is all yours, right?”

As usual, I wanted to repeat ‘Our Luc is great, cute and lovely.’ but Treon’s gaze stung me.

As if he was saying, ‘How dare this stray cat aim for the Duke?’.

It was a brief meeting, but I was certain.

That guy, he hates me.

*  *  *

Fan translation by Dropped Inks.

“So, you’re saying the Treon was originally the butler of this castle?”

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“Yes, ma’am.”

Bircher said as he brushed my hair.

I thought it was a joke when he asked if he was able to serve me for a day as a reward if he did his job of eavesdropping well.

But Bircher really asked for his one-day serving as a reward.

‘Why is it a reward for you to serve me?’ I asked, but the Bircher, Bella and even other maids’ reactions were intense.

‘Being by madam’s side is the greatest reward!’

When they insisted, I had nothing to say.

After arguing with Bella for a few days, it seemed that they had finally agreed on today as the date.

Thanks to that, I was receiving a luxurious treatment that I would never experience in my life again.

Normally, Bella was the only person who served me, but today, when she’s not in charge, the maids along with Bircher gathered around me.

Suddenly, I was being served by seven people.

As I drank the tea that Bircher had brewed, admiration burst from those around me.

“How can our madam be so elegant when drinking tea?”

“It’s because she’s full of grace at her age.
She is going to become the mistress of the family, after all.”

“I don’t think the previous duke’s wives would have been this elegant at their age, right?”

I think everyone has a loose screw…

As I listened to the maids chatter, my mind was filled with thoughts about the man I saw today.

Treon Ivaropa.

He was a handsome man with a refined impression who appeared in the original story, and is one of the vital vassals of the male lead.

In the original story, as the male lead’s butler and retainer, he was a quick witted man despite working on household affairs and continental situations.

If it weren’t for me, wouldn’t he be leading and taking care of the male lead?

Although he doesn’t seem to like me, he understood the situation.

He brought me here in the first place because he wanted a scarecrow to buy time for the male lead to safely become an adult and take control of the Valruga family.

In the original story, when the male lead fell in love with the female lead, he took the responsibility in removing me.

The worst case scenario I could think of was if the male lead and I fell in love.

It was a passing thought, but the thought of Luc’s pure lovely face made my conscious ache.

Being in love with Luc.

It was absurd.

“Our madam is so kind that she even takes care of a stray lizard.”

The lizard isn’t eating anything.
Is it okay?”

One of the maids shook the grass in front of Blackie.

Blackie, with a pink ribbon around his neck, stared at me ruefully.

[I don’t like grass…I can see the insect bite marks there…I don’t like this ribbon either.]

‘I’ll take it off for you later.
Just bear with it…’

I replied to Blackie in my mind.

He only eats what I feed him.”

“It’s a lizard that recognised its owner! So you’re a smart one too!”

“Isn’t it necessary to have this level of loyalty to become the madam’s pet?”

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“As expected of the madam.
The pet you raise is not ordinary either.”

As they chattered for a while, a knock on the door was heard.

“Come in.”

It was Treon who had opened the door to my answer.

He frowned in displeasure at the sight of us gathered in the room.

“What are the maids doing? Bircher, what are you doing here?”

Ack, this sight was completely misleading.

A duchess with seven attendants in a poor castle.

“Serving the madam?”

At Bircher’s carefree reply, Treon’s face darkened with an unpleasant look.

“Who is going to handle your work……”

“What are you doing in front of the madam? Hurry up and greet her.
It’s not the time to be talking to me, is it?”

At Bircher’s words, Treon glanced at me with a pair of frightening eyes.

And although he didn’t like me, he greeted me with perfect etiquette, showing consideration of my status as the duchess of the family.

“Pardon me, madam.”


Ah, this is difficult.

It would be more convenient to deal with Treon if I could kick him out.

However, Treon’s help was needed in order to raise Luc and the family well.

Treon glanced at the maids in the room and spoke.

Considering the housekeeping of the castle, having so many attendants here is…”

“Hey, butler! I’m the madam’s only attendant!”

Before Treon could even finish his words, Bella shouted.

“That’s right! We just came to see the madam!”

“Today is not even a working day anyway! There is no need to report to the butler what you are doing on your days off!”

The maids spoke up all at once, completely shutting Treon’s mouth.

When I glanced at Treon again, I couldn’t find any trace of his graceful smile.

At this rate, Treon would not be able to keep his mouth shut.

I looked into Treon’s eyes and opened my mouth.

“So why did the butler come all of a sudden?”

“I heard that madam had found out that Frug was embezzling money and kicked him out.
May I ask how you found out about it?”

His words were polite, but his eyes and tone were challenging me.

Treon was suspicious of me.

He wondered if another family was giving me information or if I was joining hands with another family to devour the duchy.

I pretended not to know of Treon’s suspicions.

“I just figured it out by looking at the records.
After that, it was dealt with according to the procedures.”

“But madam, you can’t just kick him out like that.”

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“Luc, no, the duke allowed it.”

“……I see.”

Treon nodded, confirming something in his suspicion.

Then, he bid farewell and left the room.


I can’t believe I have to work together with someone who hates me.

My head already hurts.

*  *  *

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What the hell happened to this castle?

It was only a month.

During Treon’s brief absence, the castle changed drastically.

In the castle, where it was normally freezing cold, warmth circulated and repairs were made here and there.

The number of servants and maids he had never seen before has increased, and Frug, who was originally entrusted with the management of the castle, was said to have long been banished.

In addition, the agreement with Marquis Reholas gained money for the family.

The most distinct change was the meals.

The usual meal in the Valruga castle was small amounts of plain soup and hard bread.

But now, people were able to eat warm soup made full of ingredients and soft breads.

The most surprising news was the orphan girl he brought as the marriage partner.

‘Did you say Felia……’

Bright pink hair and clear blue eyes.

He chose her because he thought it would not be bad to flaunt a clean and pretty appearance.

He thought that nothing would happen if he sent her to the castle alone, but now the whole castle was under her control.

No matter who he asked, the only words that were returned were ‘Madam is the best!’ and ‘Thanks to her, our castle has improved!’.

There was not a single negative word.

Of course, what Felia has done was incredible, but the more surprising it was, the more suspicious it became.

Was this something a 15 year-old orphan girl could do?

Most orphans he had met had no proper education, so even writing their names was difficult.

It was important to break the servants’ illusions, but there was something that had to be done first.

‘The most important thing was to get the Duke back.’

How surprised he was when the Duke naturally handed the Emperor’s appointment letter to Felia and said it was all hers.

‘He’s still young, so he’s just confused for a moment.’

If the master goes astray, it is a servant’s duty to correct it.


The sound of the door opening was heard.

Treon, who had been sitting alone in the study, rose from his seat and gave his courtesy.

The owner of the Valruga duchy and Treon’s lord.

“Thank you for giving me the honour to educate you, duke.”

Luc’s gaze turned towards Treon.

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