Ch43 – Song Zhi Xu is too aggressive, Ran Ran afraid

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Although Lin Ran would not hate Song Zhi Xu kissing him, he was still a little uncomfortable when Song Zhi Xu kissed him so forcefully on the lips for the first time. 


He struggled several times and subconsciously pushed his hands on Song Zhi Xu’s chest.




Feeling his resistance, Song Zhi Xu sucked on his lips a little harder before releasing him, somehow reluctant to part and let him go, while panting, he said, “Ran Ran doesn’t like it?” 



Inside Lin Ran’s mouth, he could still faintly taste the wine left by Song Zhi Xu.
He felt a little dizzy as he lowered his head with his eyes red before he lightly shook his head.


In the end, he said in a low voice, “Song Zhi Xu, it’s too fierce, Ran Ran is afraid.”



It was the first time that Song Zhi Xu had put so much force on him.
Moreover, the look in his eyes just now was as if he wanted to eat him, making Lin Ran afraid.



Song Zhi Xu’s lips unconsciously curled up into another smile as he moved over and gave him a light kiss on the lips. 


“Then…how about this?”


Song Zhi Xu was much more gentle than he had been just now, so Lin Ran nodded his head. 


“Like this…(Ran Ran is) not afraid anymore.”


Song Zhi Xu let out a low laugh and moved over to kiss him again, moving much more gently than he had just done, very carefully for fear of hurting him. 


Lin Ran was a little nervous and grabbed the clothes on Song Zhi Xu’s chest, passively bearing it and did not push him away.



The two of them, sticking to each other, got closer and closer.
Song Zhi Xu directly picked him up and put him on the bar counter, wrapping his arms around his waist while kissing him. 


His hands slid in through the hem of Lin Ran’s shirt and slowly wandered down his back.


After a long time, Song Zhi Xu was a little unsatisfied and took his hands out, trying to take off the t-shirt Lin Ran was wearing. 


Halfway down his shirt being taken off, Lin Ran snapped awake, remembering what his Gege had told him.

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He couldn’t let Song Zhi Xu take off his clothes, otherwise Song Zhi Xu would have another nosebleed. 


When Song Zhi Xu was unprepared, Lin Ran pushed him away with all his strength, jumped down from the bar and rushed upstairs without even stopping for a moment.


It was not until the door of his room was closed, Lin Ran was leaning against it, panting heavily.
He then realized and felt that his legs were weak and his body was tingling and numb, without any strength left. 


He leaned his back against the door and slowly sat down, breathing slightly.


“Fortunately, it’s good that it didn’t come off.” Lin Ran looked at his clothes.
He still wore it properly on him so he was relieved. 


Downstairs, Song Zhi Xu took a step backwards as Lin Ran suddenly gave him a push, thus when he came back to his senses, the little fool who had just been obediently in his embrace and letting him do whatever he wanted, had disappeared in a flash.



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Song Zhi Xu looked down at his body and it was a little hard to bear as he let out a breath. 


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He still had to deal with it himself, it had been lifted up and now it was hard for him to hold it in. 


After dealing with it in the bathroom and taking a cold shower, the fire in Song Zhi Xu’s body finally went down.


He put on his pajamas, rubbed his hair casually and did not blow dry it.
He stood at the window, looking outside on the already dark courtyard. 


It was true that he had been drinking tonight, but he was still sober so he knew exactly what he had done and he didn’t regret it.


Lin Ran tasted good, although it was only a light taste. 


Song Zhi Xu frowned with some distress again after a while, he had some confusion as to why Lin Ran had suddenly pushed him away, when it was clear that Lin Ran had always been obedient.



While he was thinking about it, the sound of the door lock being opened came from the next room’s door.
Song Zhi Xu turned his head slightly and waited until the light footsteps outside the door went out before he moved towards the door without having any hesitation at all. 


Lin Ran sat in his room for a long time and suddenly remembered that the turtle he had just bought today was still downstairs.
He was afraid that the turtle would be scared outside by itself at night, so he quietly opened the door and tried to sneak out to get the turtle.

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Taking the fish bowl from the coffee table to his arms, Lin Ran quietly returned upstairs. 


But just as he reached the stairway, he saw the man standing upstairs, looking at him from above.


Song Zhi Xu had just finished his shower, wearing pajamas, his hair still wet, and looking at him, his expression could not be considered as in a good mood. 


Lin Ran pursed his lips and shrank back in fear, for a moment, he was a little afraid to go up.


The two of them stalled for a while, but Song Zhi Xu spoke first and said indifferently, “Come up.” 


Lin Ran bit his lips nervously and slowly walked up, whispering before Song Zhi Xu spoke again, “I’m sorry.”


With the light reflected in the room, Song Zhi Xu looked at Lin Ran in front of him, his head bowed, his hands clutching the fish bowl in his arms, his feet without shoes, his ten rounded toes, tightly clutching the floor, looking like he had done something wrong and admitting his mistake. 


“Sorry for what?” Song Zhi Xu actually wasn’t angry at all.
He just deliberately sounded cold and wanted to tease him.



“I’m sorry… I’m sorry that Ran Ran pushed Song Zhi Xu, Ran Ran…ran away, also just now Song Zhi Xu knocked on the door yet Ran Ran sat inside the room and ignored it.” Lin Ran said in a small voice. 


“Hm, then? How are you going to make it up for me?” Song Zhi Xu asked him again.


Lin Ran looked up at Song Zhi Xu, then quickly lowered his head again, and after thinking for a while, he still shook his head. 


“Ran Ran doesn’t know.”


Song Zhi Xu finally said something as he glanced down at the fish bowl he was holding in his arms, 


“Take it inside and you’ll sleep in the same room with me tonight.”


Lin Ran was relieved to hear that it was so simple and immediately nodded, trotting into his room and carefully placing the fish bowl on the bedside table before turning his head again to look at Song Zhi Xu who was following him. 


“Is Song Zhi Xu still going to sleep on the floor tonight?”


Song Zhi Xu’s face sank and without saying anything, he walked straight to him, picked him up, telling him by his actions where to sleep. 


He turned off the light in the room and closed the door, leaving the turtle alone in the room, then took Lin Ran straight back to his own room and threw him on the bed.


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“Sleep on the bed.” 


Lin Ran shrank back, remembering the whole matter about him not being able to sleep with Song Zhi Xu, yet with Song Zhi Xu standing right next to the bed he didn’t dare say anything.


After a while, Lin Ran tentatively whispered, “Ran Ran… can…sleep on the floor.” 


Song Zhi Xu didn’t give him a chance to talk more as he said directly, “Go to take a shower.”


Lin Ran could only stand up, pitifully as he walked towards the bathroom, because he was carried over by Song Zhi Xu, so no slippers.
He was wearing Song Zhi Xu’s slippers which were several sizes too big for him, wearing it, kicking and stomping as he walked into the bathroom. 


Two people sleep in the same bed.
It was rare that Song Zhi Xu lay down first, but this time he still put two quilts on the bed.


Although Lin Ran was restless when he fell asleep and liked to squeeze into his embrace, Lin Ran rejected him just now, so this time, he definitely wouldn’t want to sleep with him.
Song Zhi Xu then spread two quilts on the bed, so they could sleep separately. 


Lin Ran dawdled in the bathroom as he took a shower, until he was blow-drying his hair, still using his not-so-bright brain to think of ways so he would not sleep in the same bed with Song Zhi Xu.


He had promised his Gage before. 


But Lin Ran thought about it for a while, but he didn’t seem to find any way out.
In the end, he turned to reassure himself that he didn’t have any problem sleeping with Song Zhi Xu previously, so it should be fine.



When Lin Ran came out of the bathroom, Song Zhi Xu was already waiting for him on the bed.
It was good that they had their own quilts, so he shouldn’t have to worry about being undressed, right? 


“Ran Ran come here to sleep.” Song Zhi Xu reminded him.


The two of them dilly dally at home until now, it was already ten o’clock, it was Lin Ran’s usual bedtime, so he should be sleepy. 


Lin Ran nodded, climbed into bed and lay down under one of the empty quilts, wrapped himself up tightly, said in a small voice, “Good night, Song Zhi Xu,” and immediately closed his eyes.


Song Zhi Xu looked at him with some amusement for a while and lay down too, turning off the light, but never closing his eyes. 


He waited until Lin Ran fell asleep, then gently pulled the blanket off Lin Ran’s body, then pulled his own blanket a little loose before lying quietly.


Sure enough, not long afterwards, Lin Ran rubbed unfaithfully under his quilt and went under Song Zhi Xu’s quilt. 


It was only when Lin Ran who had pressed himself against him, was in his embrace, only then did he finally, contentedly, fall asleep with his arms around him.


The next day, just after dawn, Song Zhi Xu was woken up by a kick from the sleeping Lin Ran. 

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When he woke up, he stayed on the bed but didn’t go back to sleep again.
He picked up his mobile phone from his bedside table and flipped through it a few times.
There were a few messages from his assistant on it.



Song Zhi Xu looked at it carefully, his brow furrowed deeply, got up from the bed and dressed.
He then went directly to the office. 


So by the time Lin Ran woke up from his sleep, there was no one around him.
Lin Ran froze, got up from the bed and started looking for Song Zhi Xu.


He remembered that Song Zhi Xu had said that he would be home every weekend which was every saturday and sunday but now he was gone.
Moreover, Song Zhi Xu would leave him breakfast even if he went to work, but now there was nothing here. 


Lin Ran’s eyes were red with anxiety, thinking it was because Song Zhi Xu was still angry about what happened last night.


He stood downstairs for a long time and then suddenly remembered to run upstairs to find his mobile phone and call Song Zhi Xu. 


After a few rings, the phone was answered and Song Zhi Xu’s voice came out in a smooth and steady voice.


“Ran Ran, you’re awake.” 


“Song Zhi Xu, I’m sorry.
Are you still angry with Ran Ran? That’s why you go.” Last time Song Zhi Xu suddenly left for so many days and it still left some shadow on Lin Ran.


Song Zhi Xu was dumbfounded and suddenly understood what happened. 


He couldn’t manage to leave a note for Lin Ran in the morning because he left in such a hurry.
He then sent him a message saying that for the time being he had arrived at the office to work overtime, but Lin Ran never brought his phone with him and he also never remembered to look at it, so he probably didn’t notice it.



“Ran Ran, I’m not angry, the company had some temporary matters to take care of, so I came to the company to work overtime.
I didn’t tell you this morning because I saw you still sleeping.” Song Zhi Xu hurriedly explained to him. 


Lin Ran heard that Song Zhi Xu was only working overtime, only then he was at ease.
He was still full of grievance as he breathed in.
This morning, he was really frightened when he woke up.


After a moment of silence, Song Zhi Xu added: “Ran Ran, I left in a hurry this morning and didn’t leave you breakfast.
I’ll have my assistant bring you breakfast later, or… have him pick you up and bring you to the office?” 


Hearing that Lin Ran seemed to be crying, Song Zhi Xu inexplicably wanted to look at him.


Lin Ran stupefied and asked carefully again, “Can Ran Ran go?” 


“You can.” Song Zhi Xu was silent for a moment, before then he said, “But I’m a bit busy, I can’t go over to pick you up.
Is it okay to have my assistant pick you up?”


Lin Ran bit his lip and hesitated for a moment, but he still wanted to see where Song Zhi Xu worked every day, so he agreed to him and answered “Hn.” 

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