Ch23 – Injection…again?

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At first, Song Zhi Xu was still working on it seriously, but his eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to those two slender tiny legs therefore, no matter what, he couldn’t concentrate. 


In the end, Song Zhi Xu still sighed, turned off the computer before he stood up and said to Lin Ran on the sofa,




“Let’s go, I’ll go down and cook for you first, I’ll work on it again later.” 



Lin Ran nodded his head and agreed to follow Song Zhi Xu, the two of them going downstairs together.


Song Zhi Xu took the ingredients from the fridge and prepared to cook.
Lin Ran, who had been following him from behind, suddenly said,



“Song Zhi Xu, there are still dishes.
Ran Ran can’t finish it.
There are still some.”



Song Zhi Xu turned his head back as he looked at Lin Ran, then looked inside the fridge again and frowned slightly. 


Because the nanny had not come back recently, Song Zhi Xu did not eat at home much.
He ordered food for Lin Ran at noon and night, so the fridge was basically empty now.
He was planning to go out to the supermarket in the afternoon, yet Lin Ran said there were still dishes in the fridge.


Before Song Zhi Xu asked him, Lin Ran already opened the other side of the freezer.
There was a pile of packed lunch boxes neatly arranged inside. 


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“Ran Ran unable to eat it anymore so I put them here for fear that the food would spoil.”


Lin Ran used to have three meals a day, in the morning Song Zhi Xu left him some food, at noon and in the evening there was a person who delivered the meals for him.
Since the food delivered was too much and he couldn’t finish it all, he thought to put it in the fridge and eat it next time, but the next meal was still being delivered again. 


Lin Ran couldn’t finish it every time, so the more he saved it, the more it became.



Furthermore, Lin Ran had a habit of eating the leftovers from the previous meal, so he didn’t even open the recent dishes that were delivered to him.
He just put it directly into the fridge if he was unable to eat it anymore. 


Song Zhi Xu looked at the two rows of neatly arranged lunch boxes, opened his mouth and he was about to get angry but also found it laughable by what Lin Ran had done.

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“Ktfrf, rlcmf ktfc lr atlr tfgf? Pa’r jii ogbhfc, la mjc’a yf fjafc jcswbgf.” Vbcu Itl We qgfqjgfv ab ajxf la bea jcv atgbk la jkjs. 


Lf tjvc’a yffc atlr ogeuji rlcmf tf kjr j mtliv, rlcmf atf lcugfvlfcar tjv jii ibra atflg wblraegf joafg ogffhlcu, rb atf obbv kjrc’a ogfrt jcswbgf.


“It’s edible.” Lin Ran somewhat nervously grabbed the lunch box that Song Zhi Xu was ready to throw away, “This is… from last night, Ran Ran didn’t even open it, it’s edible.” 


“Didn’t open it?” Song Zhi Xu had some doubts and asked, according to Lin Ran’s words, “So last night, you didn’t eat?”


“Ran Ran ate, I ate the one that I saved previously.” Lin Ran carefully guarded the cold lunchbox in his hand. 


Inside was full of delicious food that couldn’t be thrown away.


Song Zhi Xu’s brow furrowed as he suddenly thought of something.
His face sank while he quickly took out all the remaining lunch boxes in the fridge and opened them. 

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The food inside was frozen, but he could tell by one glance that it hadn’t been eaten.
He counted carefully and estimated it for two days’s worth.



That meant Lin Ran had just eaten the food supposedly to be eaten two days ago, thus the ones that had been delivered yesterday and the day before had been left behind in the freezer where he had frozen them. 


“So you’ve been eating the leftovers from before for the past few days?” Song Zhi Xu was silent for a moment before he asked him again, “How do you eat it? It’s all frozen in the fridge.”


Song Zhi Xu had already noticed it before, although Lin Ran could do all kinds of household chores, yet he didn’t know anything about electrical appliances or anything in the kitchen. 


For example, he could wash dishes by hand, but he couldn’t use the dishwasher.
He also couldn’t cook.
He couldn’t use the washing machine to wash his clothes but he washed it by hand.
When he first arrived here, Lin Ran couldn’t even turn on the television.


Song Zhi Xu didn’t even dare to think about how those people had treated Lin Ran harshly before. 


“Ran Ran… Ran Ran takes it out in the morning so I can eat it at noon and if I take it out at noon, I can also eat it at night.” Lin Ran was sensitive and quick in realizing Song Zhi Xu’s gloomy face.
He felt that Song Zhi Xu seemed to be angry.


Lin Ran didn’t understand why Song Zhi Xu was suddenly angry, but he didn’t shrink back, still took a step forward, pulling Song Zhi Xu’s sleeve, shaking it gently and calling out in a small voice, “Song Zhi Xu.” 


Song Zhi Xu looked at Lin Ran and did not say anything, but used some strength to take the lunch box from Lin Ran’s hand and throw it into the garbage bin, then took out all the frozen ones from the fridge and threw them away.
He then found some things from the fridge that could be made and started to cook.


Lin Ran did not dare to say anything, however he also did not want to leave, so he blindly followed Song Zhi Xu from behind.
The time Song Zhi Xu wanted to take something, he eagerly and immediately handed it over to him diligently. 


The two of them finished their lunch in silence.
It was only after Song Zhi Xu had cleared the garbage from the kitchen away that he finally took the initiative and started talking to Lin Ran.


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“Go and change your clothes, we’ll go to the hospital.” 


The moment Lin Ran heard the word ‘hospital’, he subconsciously thought of the image of himself getting stabbed with a needle last time, his body trembling for a moment, biting his lip, yet he still obediently agreed.


He went to the dressing room to change his clothes and when he was done, Song Zhi Xu had also changed his clothes.
He was waiting for him while holding the garbage bag and carrying his car’s key. 


Lin Ran ran to Song Zhi Xu’s side and followed him out of the door.


On the way to the hospital, Lin Ran squeezed and twisted both of his hands tightly.
Every now and then, he stole a glance at Song Zhi Xu who was driving beside him. 


Only when he reached the hospital’s car park did he ask in a pitiful voice, “Do I need…to get the injection again?”


He was really scared. 


Song Zhi Xu gave him a sideways glance before pulling his wrist up to the stairs and entered into the lift, he then said to him in a heavy voice: “Do a checkup.
There should be no need to do the injection.”


Last time he came to the hospital Mu Qingting said that Lin Ran had severe malnutrition, although Song Zhi Xu did not go home these days but he had his assistant to order meals for Lin Ran according to the nutritional diet list or menu. 


What dishes he ate every day were all according to the diet menu above, however as the result of his absence, Lin Ran had actually eaten frozen dishes for so long.



Song Zhi Xu was indeed a little angry right now, but not at Lin Ran, more at himself. 


How could he have neglected Lin Ran to such an extent? Lin Ran naturally and basically didn’t understand anything at all.

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Lin Ran heard that there would be no need for him to take the injection so he immediately relaxed and leaned on Song Zhi Xu’s side to follow him upstairs. 


Song Zhi Xu pushed open the door of Mu Qingting’s office straight away.
The person inside had just returned from the ward just a short while ago, since he was a little annoyed and tired, pestered by the patients, so he didn’t even raise his head when he heard the sound of the door being pushed and said,


“Get out, don’t you know how to knock?” 


The other party did not say anything, but walked straight in front of him.


Only when Mu Qingting looked up, did he realize that it was the gloomy-faced Song Zhi Xu, holding Lin Ran’s hand and pulling him over. 


He thought of that phone call in the morning and assumed that Song Zhi Xu had come to get the medicine.


“Are you in such a hurry? I was thinking of taking the medicine for you after I get off of work today and sending it over to your place in the evening, yet here you are coming over by yourself.” 


Mu Qingting opened the computer, prepared to fill the form, yet he heard Song Zhi Xu say.



“This time, I’ve brought Lin Ran here for a medical check-up.
By the way, prescribe some tonic medicine for him but you check his body first.” 


He was already severely malnourished with hypoglycemia and after staying up all night waiting for him, plus eating cold food these days, Song Zhi Xu had some worries about Lin Ran’s health.


Whether it was because of Lin Mu or because of himself, Song Zhi Xu put Lin Ran’s health in the first place. 


He didn’t want to see Lin Ran lying on a hospital bed with a pale face any more.

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