Chapter 7 Seduction from Black Widow

Creak, creak…

In the empty makeshift prison, only the sound of the chairs creaking continuously could be heard.

Leo sat on the laboratory’s old chair with his legs crossed and touched his chin while thinking about something.

He was thinking about how to save Natasha and protect his life when S.H.I.E.L.D.

Due to Dr.
Zola’s habits, every laboratory did not have any surveillance camera installed.
So Leo could talk or do anything he wanted to Natasha.
He did not have to worry about being discovered by the others.

But Leo did not have any improper thoughts, he was only planning how to maximize his benefits.

Firstly, he needed to gain Natasha’s trust.
Then he would secretly release her and let her find a chance to escape.

But if he freed Natasha directly, she could not even force her way out! Leo needed to find a way to increase Natasha’s strength.
Leo focused on his thoughts, and carefully made countermeasures step by step.

“Uh… Ah…”

All of a sudden Leo heard a weird sound coming out of the makeshift prison.
After listening to it properly, he found that the soft groaning was made by Natasha.

What happened, is Natasha going to die?!, Leo thought as he approached Natasha.
He carefully sized her up.

Super Soldier’s physical capability is amazing.
Only two hours had passed but Natasha’s swollen pig face had recovered.
Her face was still covered with blood and it did not look as beautiful.

Not only were her leather tights almost torn apart, but there was also a charred smell from them.
The bruises on the exposed skin were gradually turning white again.

Natasha’s eyes were closed and she softly bit her lips.
She wriggled uncomfortably as if in pain.

If an outsider was to see this, they would have thought Natasha was fooling around.

“Are you alright?”, Leo asked as he circled around Natasha.
He did not find any fatal injuries even though her breaths became more rapid.

Suddenly, Natasha opened her eyes and stared at Leo.
There was a red light in her eyes, making her very charming.

【System Warning! Natasha Romanoff used Mental Seduction (Basic) on you.

The last thing Leo saw was a pair of charming red eyes.
Then he began to feel dizzy as if he peered through a kaleidoscope.

When he recovered his vision, Leo saw Natasha in front of him was still tied to the steel chair.

But her face had returned back to her beautiful face and she wore hollow clothing while being covered by a layer of tulle.
Her important body parts were half-exposed making her extremely alluring and sexy.

The sexy Natasha puffed out her huge chest and licked her bright red lips.

The desire in Leo’s eyes became stronger and stronger.
He was on the verge of losing his mind.

A cold sensation suddenly flowed into Leo’s mind.
This coldness brought Leo’s senses back.
The sexy Natasha in front of his eyes became translucent as if an illusion overlapping with reality.

At the same time, a system notification appeared in Leo’s vision.

【Judgement complete.
You have resisted Natasha Romanoff’s Mental Seduction (Basic).】

Leo was secretly afraid, he was almost caught by Black Widow.
He sensed the Mechanical Force within his body, more than half of it had been emptied.
If it were not for his special energy, he would be Black Widow’s puppet by now.

In the Marvel movie Leo watched in his previous life, Natasha did not have skills like Mental Seduction.

It seemed like not every character setting in the movie was the same as this world.
This was the real world and every Super Soldier could not be underestimated.
Each of them had their trump cards.

Natasha seduced Leo meant she treated Leo as an enemy.
Natasha was not completely helpless as she was thinking about how to save herself.

With a single thought, Leo pretended to be successfully seduced by Natasha.

Thanks to the original Leo always being obsessed with Sinthea.
The current Leo could disguise himself properly without any flaws.

In the real world, Natasha frowned a bit and took a deep breath as she suppressed the dizziness that came from her brain.

She was beaten all over by the Winter Soldier and her mind was ruthlessly ravaged by Sinthea.
Adding to the damage caused by Dr.
Zola’s electric current, Natasha was injured severely.

She had finally recovered a bit of strength yet she forced herself to use Mental Seduction on Leo.
She paid a huge price trying to control Leo.

But in Natasha’s opinion, the price was worth it.
The young Asian man in front of her was successfully controlled.

Natasha heard his conversation with Dr.
Zola and Sinthea.
So she knew this young Asian man had a high position in the base.

She took some deep breaths barely recovering some strength.
She raised her spirits to interrogate the young Asian man in front of her.

“What is your name?”

Like a bird singing, Natasha’s voice was still very sweet but a little hoarse.

From Leo’s vision, Natasha in reality and illusion both talked at the same time.
But Natasha, in reality, had a painful expression while Natasha in the illusion was acting coquettishly.

“My name is Zhao, Zhao Ri Tian”, Leo simply made up a name.

Natasha did not doubt it but felt Leo’s name was a bit Chinese and thought he might be Chinese.

“Where is this place?”

“On the surface, this place is a cotton production land in New York state.
But in actuality, it was a H.Y.D.R.A.
secret base.”

“From what I know, After Captain America had perished with the Red Skull and Dr.
Zola had been captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., shouldn’t the H.Y.D.R.A.
be eliminated? Why does it still exist?”

“Cut one head, and another two will grow, the H.Y.D.R.A.
is immortal.
It was the leader Sinthea Schmidt and Dr.
Zola who built the new H.Y.D.R.A.

Just as Natasha guessed, she could not help but sigh at her unluckiness.

After she betrayed the Soviet Union and escaped, she was captured by the S.H.I.E.L.D.
On her first mission she encountered the infamous H.Y.D.R.A..

“What is your position in this base?”

“An ordinary agent, Dr.
Zola’s assistant.”

Zhao, I need your help.
Can you help me unlock the shackles on my body?”

After Natasha spoke, the illusion in Leo’s eyes vanished leaving only Natasha wrapped by the special metal wire.

Leo pretended to circle around Natasha and said, “This special metal wire is designed by Dr.
If it met with any external forces, it would release a strong electric current.
You can’t break free.”

“I know I cannot break free.”, Natasha replied unhappily.
She thought to herself whether she did not express herself properly or if there was something wrong with the young Asian man in front of her.

“I can’t break free, but don’t poor Natasha still had the gentlemanly Mr.
Zhao? Can you unlock this device?”

“I don’t know how.”

“Aren’t you Dr.
Zola’s assistant?”

“This was designed by Dr.
Zola on the spot.
It’s complicated, I don’t know how to unlock it.”

“How about you find a plier and directly cut off the power?”


Leo knew he could not continue acting anymore.
The device that trapped Natasha was very simple, all Leo needed to do was to unplug the power source behind the door.

But Leo would not release Natasha that easily.
Because once Natasha was freed, the first thing she would do was to kill the H.Y.D.R.A.
agent, Mr.

Even if Natasha spared him out of kindness, Sinthea would definitely find out about Leo’s betrayal.
Regardless of whether he was mind controlled by Natasha, Leo’s only ending in Sinthea’s grasp was death.

With this thought, Leo felt that he could not pretend anymore.
He put off his lustful look and said sternly, “Miss Romanoff, I can help you get out but I won’t release you that easily.
If you are interested, let’s make a mutually beneficial deal.”

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