Chapter 6 Bucky’s Cry for Help


In the small laboratory, Bucky and Leo, one sitting while another standing.


“I beg you, help me!”


After Bucky had woken up, this was the first sentence he said to Leo.
When Leo heard this, he was stunned.


He thought he originally needed to spend some effort to persuade Bucky.


“Why do you suddenly want to work with me? I am a H.Y.D.R.A.
agent and you were suspecting me the last time.
Why choose to believe me now?”


“Because choosing to believe you, I had a glimmer of hope to survive.
If I don’t work with you, I’m afraid I will be squeezed dry by that b*tch Sinthea.
I will follow your order unconditionally but after that, you have to help me get rid of the H.Y.D.R.A.’s control.”


As soon as Bucky spoke, a new mission appeared in front of Leo’s vision.


【System Notice: You have triggered a mission——


Save the American G.I., Bucky Barnes


Mission summary: Bucky Barnes had been modified by H.Y.D.R.A.
and his consciousness was forcefully controlled by a chip.
You accidentally woke his main personality up and expressed the wish to save him.
After some consideration and he could not endure being squeezed by Sinthea Schmidt, Bucky Barnes had decided to work with you.


Mission task: Rescue Bucky Barnes.
Help him escape the H.Y.D.R.A.
base and solve the chip problem in his brain to release him from H.Y.D.R.A.’s control.


Mission reward: Unknown


Accept / Reject】


Leo thought for a while and nodded with a weird look.


“Alright, I promise you.
Let me first wish us happy cooperation.
But now is not the time to leave yet, I have not made the necessary preparations.
You need to patiently wait for a while.”


With that, Leo turned off the interfering program.
Winter Soldier’s sub-personality took over the body again and he sat on the chair obediently.


Leo returned to the mechanic table and used an instrument to test the mechanical arm’s parameters.
Then he printed out a copy of the parameter data and left the laboratory.


He went to look for Dr.
Zola, letting Dr.
Zola decide how to fix the mechanical arm.



In a laboratory that had been modified into a makeshift prison.
Natasha’s arms and legs had been locked by steel hoops and were tied onto a steel chair.
She also had been wrapped all over by a special metal wire.


Sinthea and Dr.
Zola had no idea how to restrain Natasha as both of them had never imprisoned a Super Soldier before.


In the end, it was Dr.
Zola who gave the idea.


He used a special metal wire to wrap Natasha’s whole body.
In this way, if Natasha ever tried to struggle even a bit, a strong current will be released from the metal wire.
Even Sinthea could not withstand the current’s strength.


Just like that, the cage to imprison Natasha had been made.
Even though it looked simple, it was effective.


Currently, Sinthea was sitting on a chair in the laboratory, and in front of her was a table.
Zola was standing behind the table.
Both of them looked at Natasha who was trapped in the center of the laboratory.


Zola did not have any experience in interrogating.
He looked at Sinthea who did not have any intention to interrogate.
He coughed twice and said, “This beautiful lady, your name, age, and purpose to come here.
Please be honest or else you may suffer.”


Natasha closed her eyes and did not even bother to lift her eyelids as if she was sleeping.
She turned a deaf ear against Dr.
Zola’s words.


“Natasha Romanoff, born in 1928, former Soviet agent, a serum-modified soldier, traitor of the country, now being hunted and pursued.
Miss Black Widow, I understand you and hope you can cooperate with us by telling your purpose to snuck in here.
Or else not only will you suffer, but I will also send you back to your country.
I’m you will receive an extremely enthusiastic welcome.”


Zola emphasized the word “extremely enthusiastic”.
This was the best threat he could come up with.


Perhaps the threat had worked, Natasha gently opened her eyes.
She carefully sized up Dr.
Zola and opened her lips. 


A sweet voice came out of her mouth, “Arnim Zola, Nazi’s scientist, later being loyal towards H.Y.D.R.A.’s John Schmidt.
Then captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.
but disappeared afterward.
Your dream was to research how to move consciousness into another vessel.
From the looks of it, you have succeeded.
Sin Schmidt, daughter of John Schmidt, the current leader of H.Y.D.R.A.
Just as you understand me, I know exactly who both of you are.
I know where this is, so stop wasting your energy.
I won’t say a word.”.

Zola choked a bit, he felt extremely angry.
The screen on Dr.
Zola’s chest showed a raging fire and he said, “Since that’s the case, I’ll let you experience some pain first.”.


Zola turned an instrument’s button that was on the table.
The special metal wire on Natasha began crackling.


The next moment, Natasha could not help groaning.
But she gritted her teeth and remained silent.


Zola continued increasing the power.
Natasha’s whole body was trembling uncontrollably and her broken leather shirt was beginning to char.
The air was filled with the smell of burned protein.


“That’s enough, Dr.
You won’t get any answers like this.
Forget it, how about you try to brainwash her?”


Sinthea looked at Natasha who was about to die and stopped the mad Dr.


“But there’s a high risk that brainwashing will make her lose her memories, just like Bucky.”


In fact, after being brainwashed the main personality will often hide in the depths of the mind for self-protection, thus giving birth to a sub-personality with incomplete memory to control the body.


But Dr.
Zola’s research on consciousness was not deep enough, so he did not know about this.


“It doesn’t matter if we can’t get the purpose of her coming here.
Having another Super Soldier among our ranks is good enough.
Remember to increase the intensity of brainwashing by several times.
This woman had a strong mental resistance, even my ability could not control her.”


“If you want to increase the intensity, today may not be possible.
At least wait until tomorrow for the equipment to be adjusted.”


“Then let’s put it at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.
It’s good if it succeeds, but if it fails just kill this Soviet agent.
Also, this base is at risk of being exposed.
I will arrange for the top officials to start moving tomorrow and must be completed within three days.
You, me, and the Winter Soldier will leave tomorrow night.
Other ordinary personnel will be transferred one after another within two weeks.
What do you think?”


Zola thought for a few seconds and said seriously, “Your worry is reasonable, let’s do as you said.”




Dok, dok, dok…


Suddenly, the door of the makeshift prison was knocked.

A young man was holding a thick stack of papers and standing while knocking on the door.


The young man was Leo who was holding the data of the Winter Soldier’s mechanical arm.
He searched every interrogation room, only to find out Dr.
Zola’s location from the bald Olsen.


Zola opened the door for Leo while Sinthea stood behind Dr.
Zola while attentively looking at Leo.


“Aren’t you checking the Winter Soldier’s mechanical arm? How’s the result? Is there any problem?”


“It’s like this, teacher.
The damage on the mechanical arm had exceeded 50% including the energy transmitter being destroyed as well.
Most of them I cannot repair, so I came for your help.
These are the relevant parameters of the test result, please take a look.”


Zola took the report and browsed through it.
The old man on the screen frowned.


“Is it tricky?”, Sinthea who stood behind Dr.
Zola asked.


“Winter Soldier’s mechanical arm was almost destroyed.
It will take at least two hours to completely fix it.”


“Then do it quickly.
Winter Soldier is one of our strongest forces.
We need to make sure he is constantly in peak condition.”


“Alright, Miss Sinthea.
I will make repairs right away.”


“En, go do your work.
I’ll look for someone else to do something.”


Sinthea walked through the door but suddenly remembered something.
She turned her head and smiled at Leo.
She said, “Kid, I’ll give you a cushy job.
The base currently does not have enough manpower.
You stay here and guard the Soviet agent.
Although she is not that young, she still looks tender!”


With that, Sinthea alluringly walked away while Dr.
Zola hurriedly went to fix Winter Soldier’s mechanical arm.


All of a sudden, only Leo and Natasha were left in the makeshift prison.

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