Chapter 5 The Captured Black Widow

Five minutes had passed…

Ten minutes had passed…

Thirty minutes had passed…

Sinthea had yet to return, and the top officials in the central control room were beginning to worry and be fidgety.

“Who do you think won in the end? Quite some time had passed, if I were to jog continuously with this time, I would have long fainted.
Not to mention them who had been fighting fiercely for every minute.”, the bald Olsen broke the silence in the room and complained.

“Olsen, can’t you just be patient and wait for the news? Other surveillance cameras until now haven’t captured anyone yet.
This could only mean they are still fighting.
If you want to know the result, go and have a look yourself!”, the bald Olsen’s nemesis sneered and ridiculed him.

“I’ll go when I’m done with living.”, the bald Olsen stared at his nemesis.
Then he eagerly walked toward Dr.
Zola and asked, “Doctor, who do you think will win?”.

 “This is no mistake with my deduction.
Of course, Winter Soldier and Sinthea will win in the end.”

On the screen in front of Dr.
Zola’s chest was an old man with glasses that looked confident.

But Leo, who was familiar with Dr.
Zola, had seen through his worry from the robot’s multifunctional arms that were constantly moving.

Due to the battle being dragged on too long and the winner not being determined, it had far exceeded Dr.
Zola’s initial estimation.

Since the winner had not been decided yet, the H.Y.D.R.A.’s top official did not dare to send a soldier or a robot to check the situation.

If Black Widow won, then it was fine.
The soldiers and robots could just die.

But if Sinthea’s side had won, then sending soldiers meant distrust towards the Leader.
Sinthea was known to be temperamental and cruel, and she would squeeze dry the person in charge.

All of the top officials were discussing with each other, only Leo remained silent.
He was thinking, thinking possible things would happen next.

Whether Black Widow won or lost, dead or alive it was not good news for Leo.
In other words, the appearance of Black Widow today was destined to be bad news.

Leo suspected Black Widow had been taken in by that strong black man, Nick Fury.
If Black Widow truly was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., then this base had been exposed.
It was not safe anymore.

Once S.H.I.E.L.D.
found out that Black Widow had gone missing or she reported back after winning the fight, people from S.H.I.E.L.D.
would come knocking and leveling this small base flat.

Leo was still thinking about how to keep his life safe from S.H.I.E.L.D.’s grasp.
Unfortunately, he was unable to come up with anything.


After the top officials waited for another ten minutes, they finally saw a figure reappearing on another screen of the surveillance monitor on the second level.

With Sinthea in the front and Winter Soldier behind her, both of them staggered a bit.
They looked badly injured.

Winter Soldier was dragging a humanoid object while moving slowly.
Judging from the outfits, it was Natasha Romanoff.

Looked like Natasha had lost in the end, after all, one pair of arms could not win against two pairs.

In the central control room, everyone gathered at the sixth level’s elevator entrance.
They stood neatly, silently waiting for Sinthea’s triumph.

“Hail, Hydra!”

When Sinthea came out of the elevator, everyone shouted the slogan in unison.

Leo noticed Sinthea’s face had bruises and her clothes were torn apart showing her snow-white skin.
She still had hand-to-hand combat with Natasha in the end.

Winter Soldier, Bucky’s condition was much worse than Sinthea’s.
His head was bloodied and his mechanical arm was almost destroyed.

Sinthea nodded at everyone as a greeting.

Zola stays here while everyone else is dismissed.
Get back to your work.”

The top officials left in a hurry but Leo stayed.
As Dr.
Zola’s assistant, if he stayed then Leo could not leave.

Winter Soldier threw Natasha in front of Dr.
Zola, with her facing upward.
Leo looked down at once.

What a tragic sight!

Black Widow’s beautiful face had swollen like a pig’s face and her platinum blonde hair was stained with blood.
Her leather tights were about to shatter and there were bruises all over her exposed skin.

It was a tragic, tragic sight!

Hence Leo closed his eyes.

A system notification suddenly appeared in Leo’s vision but the content was too long.
Thus, he had to close his eyes to read the content in order to prevent Sinthea and the others from finding him distracted.

The content of the system notification was a mission, this made Leo surprised.
After he transmigrated over, this was the first time the system gave him a mission.

It seemed like the system still had many unknown functions, waiting for Leo to uncover.

【System Notice: You have triggered a mission——

The Life or Death of Black Widow

Mission summary: The former Soviet agent, “Black Widow”, Natasha Romanoff, under the order of an unknown organization, came to investigate this cotton production land about a missing case.
But she accidentally stumbled upon the secret of this land, discovering the H.Y.D.R.A.
secret base.
Now she had been captured by the H.Y.D.R.A.
and was in imminent peril.

Please choose a mission task: 

Rescue Natasha Romanoff.
Make sure she is alive and help her escape the H.Y.D.R.A.
secret base. Kill Natasha Romanoff personally

Mission reward: Unknown

Accept / Reject】

As expected, Natasha was part of the S.H.I.E.L.D., she had come here under the order of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The other agents in charge might have noticed and reported the abnormality of the cotton production land to the higher-ups.
Dozens of missiles might have been prepared and aimed at this small base.

Leo thought for a while before deciding to accept the mission.
In his opinion, this mission released by the system was purely to give him a reward.

How could Black Widow die?!

It might have been that Leo was the one who died!

Leo might seem to think for a long time but in fact, only a moment had passed when Sinthea spoke, “Leo, remember to fix the Winter Soldier’s mechanical arm later.
Zola, lock this Soviet agent up first.
I want to take a bath first.
After that, you and I will interrogate her.”.

Sinthea briefly explained the mission to Dr.
Zola and Leo, then she left with the Winter Soldier.
Before leaving, Sinthea charmingly smiled at Leo.

Because of this smile, Leo swallowed his saliva with a feverish look.

Looking at Sinthea and Winter Soldier’s disappearing figure, a bold idea suddenly emerged in his heart. 

Then he was stunned.
In the end, he could only sigh with emotion, “Super Soldiers really are capable.”.


An hour later, Leo waited for Bucky who had been cleaned in the laboratory.

The expressionless Bucky sat on the chair beside the mechanical table as usual.
Leo skillfully and swiftly detached the almost destroyed mechanical arm down.

This mechanical arm Leo knew how to fix, but he could not!

The damage the mechanical arm had was too serious.
This was not something the original Leo could fix with his skill.
So as a qualified actor, he needed to ask for Dr.
Zola’s help.

But Leo was not in rush to look for Dr.
Zola, instead, he used the interfering program to wake Bucky’s main personality up.

Several seconds later and with the help of Leo’s two crisp slaps on, Bucky swiftly woke up.

After he woke up, he immediately shouted at Leo, “I beg you, help me!”.

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