Chapter 3 Lightweight Power Arm

The next day, morning, conference room.

The morning meeting had ended.
Most of the members had left and got busy with their own work.
There were only four people left in the large conference room, which made it seem a bit empty.

Sinthea sat on the main seat and behind her was a skull with six tentacles, the symbol of H.Y.D.R.A.
Against the symbol, the coquettish Sinthea added a trace of majesty.

Leo, with desire in his eyes, sat in the second row on Sinthea’s right side and would steal glances at Sinthea from time to time.

In front of Leo was Dr.
Dr, Zola stood in front of the conference table because his robotic body could not allow him to “sit”.

“Miss Sinthea, why did you keep me here? You know today I have a lot of work to do.”

Although Dr.
Zola was afraid of Red Skull, when facing Sinthea he was a lot braver.
Maybe due to his consciousness being “immortal”, he could be more wanton and unbridled.

Zola, I have no intention to waste your time.
It’s just that something is wrong with Winter Soldier, and you are the only expert on this.”

Sinthea was used to Dr.
Zola’s attitude, so she went to the main point directly.

“Winter Soldier? What’s wrong with him?”

Zola looked at Bucky who was standing beside Sinthea and said, “Could it be that his junk broke? I can’t repair that.”

Listening to Dr.
Zola’s ridiculing, Sinthea was not ashamed, instead, she licked her sexy lips and seductively said, “It’s not that problem, that is still working fine.
This morning I found some unusual messages on the Winter Soldier’s control terminal as if the control chip in his brain was interfered with by an inexplicable signal.”

Zola became serious when he heard Sinthea say Winter Soldier had a problem.
His electronically synthesized voice became deeper and the expression on the screen became solemn.

He took the control terminal from Sinthea’s hand and started watching the past records carefully.

Leo, who was sitting behind Dr.
Zola, heard about Sinthea’s discovery of the Winter Soldier abnormality last night and his heart began beating rapidly.
But Immediately, Leo controlled his heartbeat and calmly glanced at the control terminal on Dr.
Zola’s hand.

【System Notice: Mechanical Force Analysis cannot be used due to being too far.】

Leo was a little disappointed, and then he secretly shifted his gaze to Sinthea’s face.
Using a feverish look, Leo covered his disappointment.

Zola carefully checked the control terminal and even used the detector that came with the robot to check the past signals.
Then he unhappily returned the control terminal back to Sinthea.

“It’s nothing big, the Winter Soldier’s consciousness is resisting.
This was something that had long been expected but his resistance was a little earlier than expected.”

“He still had consciousness? Hasn’t he been controlled by the control chip?”

“Hmph! Technology isn’t omnipotent, nothing can control a person’s mind forever.
Similar to your ability, can you forever control a person? Humans are God’s most wonderful creation and the brain is the most special organ among the others, especially consciousness.
Does it exist within the human brain or does it originate from the human soul? Until now the academic community does not have an explanation for it.”

“Just like Doctor.
Although your physical body has long died, your consciousness was able  to remain in a machine forever?”

“At least you still had some scientific thinking.”

Being complimented by Sinthea for his greatest achievement, Dr.
Zola felt a little proud and heightened his tone, “So don’t try to keep Winter Soldier under control using a single chip.”

“Well, Doctor.
According to you, the Winter Soldier will be more difficult to control in the future.
What do you think should be done to avoid this problem?”

“Brainwash and freeze.
Only awakened him when we need Winter Soldier to carry out a mission.
Just like the plan I had made when Winter Soldier was built.
I’ve insisted that was the proper way to contain Winter Soldier.
But you are being willful on letting Winter Soldier carry out daily activities in the base.”

“Hehehahaha~”, Sinthea heard Dr.
Zola’s complaint and laughed.

“In the whole base, only the Winter Soldier’s body can satisfy my desire.
Haven’t you found any other solution?”

Schmidt doesn’t hope to see you like this.”

“But he’s not here anymore, right? Now I am in control of myself! Pleasure is the source of my ability, I love that feeling very much!”

“That is not the source of your ability.
That’s the side effect of your ability.
Sinthea, have you thought about breaking through your limit?”

Sinthea did not answer.
Zola made a shrugging action with the robotic arms and sighed on the screen, spitting out a white air mass.

“Forget it, I won’t persuade you anymore.
Should I take the Winter Soldier now? The sooner the containment is done, the better.”

“No, wait one more day.
After tomorrow’s morning meeting, Winter Soldier is yours.
But now, he’s still mine.”, Sinthea smirked while taking the Winter Soldier out of the conference room.

Leo was watching by the side this whole time.
After he heard Dr.
Zola give a reasonable reason for Bucky’s abnormality, Leo could not help but secretly gave him a praise.

The next morning, Bucky did not attend the morning meeting.

An hour after the meeting had ended, Leo and Dr.
Zola were working in the laboratory as they waited for Bucky’s arrival.

For some unknown reason, Bucky’s originally strong body today seemed weak and his eyes were blank.

But Dr.
Zola could not be bothered about it.
Following the standard procedures, Dr.
Zola brainwashed Bucky and froze him in the cold storage in the basement.

After this incident, Leo’s plan to escape with the help of Winter Soldier suddenly became a distant future.


Two months later, in a laboratory.

Blueprints were scattered across the floor and mechanical parts had been piled up on an operating table.

A hollow mechanical arm frame was laying down quietly on a mechanical table while a young man was working vigorously around the mechanical arm.

That young man was Leo and the to-be-assembled mechanical arm was a new generation model Leo made in which he used the “Pan-bionic Power Mechanical Arm” as the base.
The mechanical arm was an auxiliary mechanical arm suitable for those who had arms.

One by one, the mechanical parts disappeared as the mechanical arm gradually become

more and more complete.
As the last seven Miniature Highly-compressed Batteries were slotted in by Leo, the mechanical arm started humming lightly and flickering.

The batteries had been modified into detachable by Leo to increase the endurance of the mechanical arm.

The lighting effects were added by Leo and can be switched on and off.
The lighting had several color combinations that can be changed at will, making the mechanical arm look more attractive.

【Congratulations! You successfully develop a new blueprint, please name it.】

“Lightweight Power Arm.”

【Naming complete.
“Lightweight Power Arm”.
Attribute, show/hide】

Leo looked carefully at the Lightweight Power Arm’s attribute parameter and was satisfied with it.

If Leo equipped the Lightweight Power Arm, under full power his maximum damage was comparable to Bucky’s ordinary strike.
Reaching the level of penetrating the wall with a single punch.

However, with the energy of seven Miniature Highly-compressed Batteries, the Lightweight Power Arm could only attack seven to eight times continuously under full power.
It could not be compared with Bucky’s endurance.

After all, Bucky was transformed by the serum.
The Miniature Highly-compressed Batteries in his mechanical arm only provided auxiliary power.
The real source of power still came from Bucky himself.

Leo stroked the surface of the Lightweight Power Arm with his hand and he could not wait to test its power for himself.

Leo removed his shirt and stretched his right arm towards the hollow slot of the Lightweight Power Arm.
The Lightweight Power Arm magically floated up and wore itself on Leo’s arm.

Mechanical clicking noise could be heard.
The bottom part of the Lightweight Power Arm was tightly clamped on Leo’s shoulder.
The forearm and arm had automatically clamped by the muscle sensor.

The Lightweight Power Arm could float due to Leo controlling it using Mechanical Force.
After training for another two months, Leo’s upper limit of the Mechanical Force his body could withstand had increased.
Completing the equipping mechanical arm action was naturally not a problem for him and he still had plenty of Mechanical Force left in his body. 

At the same time, Leo’s constitution had been greatly enhanced under the effect of Mechanical Force.

Leo had tested it before.
Now he could barely lift a 100kg object using his both arms.
This was only strength, his stamina, speed, and mental strength all had increased as well.

Leo swung his arm around, the mass of the Lightweight Power Arm was just right.

Controlling the Lightweight Power Arm using his right arm, he did actions such as an elbow strike, making a fist, and punching.
Under Muscle Sensor, every action was done well, reaching Leo’s expected standard.

He had prepared a 2 centimeters thick metal plate.
Leo fully powered the Lightweight Power Arm and smashed a hole in the steel plate with a single punch.

Good! The power also met the expectation!

Leo looked at the Lightweight Power Arm on his right arm and revealed a smile on his face.
After two months of hard work, he felt happy with the result.

After he removed the Lightweight Power Arm, Leo sorted the materials he currently had and was preparing to make a left-handed Lightweight Power Arm.


A few hours later, Leo was immersed in the joy of creation unable to stop himself.

An ear-piercing alarm sounded in the laboratory all of a sudden.
Leo was woken by it, he stopped the work at hand.

According to the type of alarm, he rushed to the central control room.
Based on the alarm sound, Leo knew someone had broken into the base, and the threat was huge.

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