Chapter 21 Death of Howard Stark


 Outside of New York City, Howard drove his car and sped down the highway.


In the car, Howard and his wife, Maria were chatting with each other, looking forward to a happy future.
All of a sudden, Maria looked in the right side mirror and saw a motorcycle rapidly approaching from the rear of the car.


The motorcycle was full of energy as it quickly chased after her and Howard.
Maria worriedly reminded Howard, “Howard! Watch out for the motorcycle behind us.
He doesn’t look like having any good intentions.”


Even without his wife’s reminder, Howard had long noticed the motorcycle that was following them.
The bright light from the motorcycle reflected through the rear-view mirror and had flashed Howard’s eyes many times.


Howard’s current mission was confidential, thus only executives of S.H.I.E.L.D.
know about it.
It should not have aroused any prying eyes.
However, the motorcycle behind him came at him menacingly, it made Howard let his imagination run wild.


As the motorcycle was getting closer, Howard felt more and more uneasy.


“Maria, sit still.
I’ll try to get rid of this motorcycle!”


Howard stepped on the gas pedal as the car started accelerating.
One car and one motorcycle, one in front and one behind, started chasing each other on the highway.


Due to the car being too fast, Maria was frightened as she clutched the grab handles tightly and kept consoling herself within her heart.
When both of the vehicles arrived in an ordinary small town, the road became narrower and Howard dared not to speed up.


However, the motorcycle had no qualms with this as it started accelerating again chasing after the car.


The Winter Soldier who was riding the motorcycle twisted the throttle and caught up with Howard’s car.


Following Maria’s scream, Bucky raised his mechanical left arm and punched at the door.


The car which was moving at high speed could not be controlled due to the external force.
Howard tried his best to control the steering wheel direction, but the road was too narrow and he could not step on the brake on time.


Followed by a huge crashing sound, the car directly rammed into a wall.
The front of the car was destroyed.


As Bucky took his left hand back, he used his powerful strength to steady the motorcycle’s handlebar and gradually stopped at the front.


Although Howard, who was driving the car, had fastened the seatbelt, his head was still injured badly.
Fortunately, the car had other safety measures.
Howard did not pass out and he was still conscious.


The motorcycle turned around and drove back.
After passing through Howard’s eyes, it made another corner and parked right beside the car.


Howard’s heart tightened as he was suddenly filled with regret and despair.
He looked at his wife beside him and found out she was still alive.
This made him feel a bit relieved.
Howard endured the pain and weakly said to his wife, “Maria, that man turned around! But don’t worry, they are here for me, you will be safe.
It’s alright, everything will go well.”


After saying that, Howard struggled to open the door and climbed out of the car.
The Winter Soldier came down from the motorcycle and expressionlessly approached Howard.


“Please save my wife, please.
She doesn’t know anything.”, but the Winter Soldier did not react to Howard’s word.
He grabbed Howard’s hair, which was laying on the ground, causing Howard to raise his head.


Howard suppressed the panic in his heart as he saw the coming person’s left arm reflecting metallic luster.
The next moment, he could clearly see the person’s face and was shocked.


“Sergeant Barnes?!”


Then, Howard suddenly understood something as his eyes were full of pleas, asking Barnes to let his wife go.


At this moment, Maria in the car seemed to have sensed something and anxiously called out for her husband.


But the Winter Soldier remained unmoved as he lifted his mechanical arm and ruthlessly hammered down on Howard’s face! One punch after another!


Following Maria’s anxious screams and cries, Howard softly collapsed to the ground and died.
Maria looked at her husband’s corpse that was near her, with all kinds of emotions such as grief, sadness, fear, anger, etc pouring out instantly.
Her mind went blank and could not even breathe.


The Winter Soldier was still with an expressionless face.
He walked to the passenger seat and used his right hand to grab Maria’s neck and choked her to death!


Afterward, the Winter Soldier approached the camera which had been scouted beforehand and destroyed it with one shot.
After shooting it, he provocatively made an international hand sign.


Bucky put the gun back on his waist as he carefully searched the car.
Finally, Bucky took out a sealed back from the backseat.
He rode on his motorcycle and sped along the road disappearing immediately.




16th December, 11:45 p.m.


Fury, who was pacing around in the office of the secret base, felt a little anxious and worried.


At this moment, the security director hastily entered the office and said, “Sir, we contacted the communicator in Mr.
Stark’s car multiple times, but no one answered.
I’m afraid they are…”


“Don’t blindly guess, there’s no point to it.
Send out half of the agents in the base to drive along every possible road towards the direction of New York City and find Mr.
Stark.”, Fury interrupted the security director’s words and directly gave a search order.
The security director hurriedly left the office as he heard that and immediately made arrangements.


Fury, who was in the office, anxiously waited while feeling restless.


An hour later, the security director rushed into the office and shouted, “Senior Officer Fury, not good, something happened.
The Starks got into an accident while on their way here.
Both of them had passed away…”


The next moment, Fury’s face was full of shock.


He picked up his coat and immediately ran out of his office.
Afterward, both he and the security director drove a car and hastily left for the scene of the accident.


At the location of Starks’ “accident”.


Fury, who arrived late, watched Mr.
and Mrs.
Stark’s body being put into the body bags and had a grieving expression on his face.


Since Fury had been transferred to S.H.I.E.L.D., Howard Stark had been taking care of him.
In addition to Howard being one of the founders, it made him extremely respect Howard


Fury took a deep breath as he calmed down his heart.
He scanned the surroundings and said to the security director who was behind him, “Have the agents who arrived in advance found out the reasons? Why did the accident happen on Starks?”


“According to the information compiled by the forensic team and investigative agents, there are a few concerning points.
The right side of Mr.
Stark’s car has signs of being hit by a heavy object.
The cause of Mr.
Stark’s death was a blunt force to his head.
There were signs of Mr.
Stark exiting the car before he was dead.
As for Mrs.
Stark, above her neck was bluish purple.
This proves that she was choked by some and died of suffocation.
Moreover, there were signs of a motorcycle on the scene, and we found a third set of footprints.
It was determined to be a male, weighing above a hundred kilograms.
The agents also found no sample of Super Soldier serums.”


The security director told Fury the details of the scene one by one and finally concluded, “Based on the following points, we concluded that Starks was murdered.
Furthermore, the suspect did not try to hide it at all.
His aim was the serums.”


Fury pondered for a bit and asked, “Since the suspect did not try to hide, then why did the scene not have any indication of his identity?”


“It is strange, based on criminal psychology, that such unscrupulous people usually leave items at the scene to identify themselves.
However, our agents did not find such items.” 


“It shows that you are an idiot, still requires more training!”, Fury coldly scolded the security director.
The security director lowered his head, not daring to reply.
Fury continued, “Don’t think I wronged you, look at what that is?”


The security director looked in the direction Fury pointed at and saw a destroyed camera.
He lowered his head in shame.


The agents he led had been staying too long in the research base.
Their daily work was like a security guard and never carried out any mission before.


Many skills that had been learned and trained were becoming rusty.


Fury did not reprimand him anymore and indifferently said, “You bring some people and follow me to look for the camera’s owner.”

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