Chapter 17 Incredible Genius


The next day, inside Leo’s laboratory.


Leo groggily woke up from the experiment table.
After he wiped the mysterious liquid on the corner of his mouth, he stretched his body and rubbed his face a bit. 


Soon, he felt his right arm sore and his neck stiff a little!


After a simple massaging on his arm and neck.
He glanced at the watch on his wrist, noticing it was just six in the morning.
During December in Boston, the sun probably had just risen.
Since he stayed at the second basement level, it did not matter to him whether the sun rose or not.


Yesterday night, Leo had designed a brand new Lightweight Power Arm blueprint.
He had constantly used the skill “Mechanical Force – Inspiration”.
Maybe the time, place, and people were right, the ideas kept popping out one after another.
Once it began, he was unable to stop as he kept modifying and adjusting his blueprint until late in the night.


Finally, when his mental strength and Mechanical Force were squeezed empty, he was unable to hold out and prepared to have a wink on the experiment table.
But he slept through the whole night until now.


Thanks to Leo’s body constitution became tougher, or else he might get sick.
At this thought, Leo smiled and shook his head.
He thought it would be better to sleep on the bed.
Since staying in a deluxe suite was much more comfortable, there was no need to reject comfort.


But pulling an all-nighter, arm soreness, and neck stiffness, all of these was a small price to be paid.
Leo felt it was worth it because he received n times of inspiration and designed two incredible things throughout the whole night.


The brand new Lightweight Power Arm, not only was its performance considerably enhanced compared to the first version, but Leo also added two special designs to it.


Thinking of this, Leo wanted to admire the two blueprints he made yesterday night.
He remembered he placed the blueprints on the experiment table before he went to sleep.


“Huh, where’re my blueprints?!”


Leo searched the messy table several times but he did not find it.
Thus he checked on the seats, under the table but still could not find them.


It was strange.
The blueprints he painstakingly designed had vanished from sight!


The whole second basement level had its access controlled.
Only Leo, a living human and a metal Dr.
Zola had access!


Could it be Dr.
Zola woke up early?


Just as he thought of this, Leo’s laboratory door was suddenly pushed open.
His shouting voice could be heard, “Genius! Brilliant idea! Clever design! Leo, did you design these two blueprints?”


Zola with two blueprints in his hand waved at Leo with clear excitement.


“That’s right, teacher.
I designed it.
I got inspiration from the Winter Soldier’s mechanical arm.”, Leo looked at Dr.
Zola discovered his secret and could only admit to it.
To move Dr.
Zola’s attention, he hurriedly asked, “Teacher, how come you woke up this early? Was the sleeping device comfortable?”


“Very comfortable, the improvements you provided were effective.
Not only does it charge me quickly, but it also accelerates the tedious data flow generated within my body.
Now I only require seven hours of sleep for me to fully recover.
Later, after we perfected the device, I expected I would only need four to five hours of sleep.
Leo, I didn’t see you wrong, you are truly a genius!”


Zola expressed a strong affirmation of Leo’s contributions.
Then he exclaimed in admiration of Leo’s mechanical arm design.
“These two mechanical arms designing choices really took a unique approach! Although I understood it, it’s not a big deal.
But for you to have this kind of innovation and courage to try was something I have lost.” 


He continued, “Ever since Dr.
Erskine created the Super Soldier serum, many researchers have tried to recreate the formula hoping to make more Super Soldier.
However, your mechanical arms took an alternate approach.
By using the power of external mechanical armor, it gave ordinary people a strength not weaker than Super Soldier.
From the looks of it, our older generation has entered a blind alley! There are various ways to reach the goal, but sometimes just changing our perspective can solve it.”


“Thank you teacher for your compliments.
This was because of your teachings.
I can design this part due to your hard work.”, Leo humbly smiled while feeling a little guilty.
He completely plagiarized… No! He only learned from the future Iron Man.


Zola was gratified as he felt Leo was much more pleasing to his eyes.
Having such an amazing result yet not being complacent and respecting the teacher.
There were not many students who acted like this!


“Leo, I’ve understood most of the blueprint.
However, there was a point I had some doubt about.”


The old man on the screen fixed his glasses and continued, “On the hand of the mechanical arm, you draw a snowflake, what does it mean? Besides, why is the left mechanical arm called “Frost of Sorrow”? What does this name mean?”


“Oh, teacher, it’s like this! The snowflake means freezing.
I have prepared a jet tube for it to shoot low-temperature gas or rays.
This way, the enemy will be frozen looking sorrowfully.
Thus the name “Frost of Sorrow”!”


“Is that so?! What about the right hand? Does it have the same design? But why is it called “Flame of Euphoria”?”


Leo held back not laughing and seriously explained to Dr.
Zola, “The design was not the same.
A fire is drawn on the right jet tube.
I have prepared to make the right hand shoot out high-temperature flame or ray.
This way the enemy will be burned.
Those who got burned usually leap and jump around as if they were in euphoria.”


“I see.
If you put it this way, everything makes sense!”


Zola seriously thought for a bit as he continued, “But your design has some fatal flaws.
On the small mechanical arm, it is impossible to attach a strong power source.
It can’t support both of your rays.
Moreover, have you found any materials that can release low or high-temperature rays?”


Seeing Dr.
Zola suddenly being academic, Leo unknowingly became solemn and said, “Teacher, these two flaws you speak of are the bottleneck I am facing right now.
Currently, I have not thought of a perfect solution to it, it was only an idea.
Let’s talk about it after I prepare everything!”


“Decades ago, when John still had the Tesseract, I was the chief researcher for the team.
At that time, with help of Tesseract, I created two types of crystal.
Both of them can release extreme cold and extreme hot rays.
However, without the support of Tesseract, the crystals synthesized with the current conditions can only release mild cold and mild hot rays.
It does not have too much lethality!”


When Leo heard this, he was shocked.
As expected of the man who contacted Tesseract.
He had many secret stashes in his possession.
Leo hurriedly asked, “How cold is the cold and how hot is the hot?”


“Under the urge of high voltage, the coldness can reach negative thirty degrees Celcius and hotness can reach eighty degrees Celcius.
The range exceeded three meters but the effects dropped shapely.
So it does not have any military value.”


“This temperature, it’s enough!”


“What’s enough?”


“Cold till the point it can be frozen in sorrow, hot till the point it can be burned in euphoria! Teacher, please give me the formula to synthesize these two crystals!”

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