Chapter 15 The New H.Y.D.R.A.


After eating two lobsters and having a big glass of Coca-Cola[1].


The filled Leo picked his teeth as he climbed the fire stairs to the top level without taking an elevator.
After he swiped his identification card and verified his fingerprints, he entered the building’s top level.


It was going to dusk soon, through the windows, Leo looked at the densely packed various-sized buildings and the vehicles on the street.
He could not help but admire how terrifying H.Y.D.R.A.


Even Boston, the oldest city in America, had a H.Y.D.R.A.
Moreover, based on Leo’s knowledge of the Marvel Universe, he knew this organization had penetrated deep within S.H.I.E.L.D.


How terrifying!


Leo thought as he walked, unknowingly reaching the conference room.


As he entered, he saw the conference room only had Dr.
Zola alone.
Zola did not require eating, thus he had been waiting here early on.


“Leo, you’ve arrived! Come, derive these quantum mechanics formulas for me.”


Not again! Leo twitched his mouth and sighed helplessly as he walked over obediently.


These past three days, every time Dr.
Zola met Leo, he would think of a way to test Leo’s intelligence.
He was afraid Sinthea have made Leo retarded.


Leo picked up the pen and swiftly derived the formulas on the paper and said, “Teacher, you have seen it.
My intelligence has no problem.
The leader’s ability did cause any side effects on me.
I’m very healthy and have a hearty appetite.
I even ate two lobsters just now.”


Leo flexed his increasingly obvious biceps and patted his stomach.


“Leo, did you know? You never addressed Sinthea as the leader in front of me before.
You always addressed her name directly and even called her an annoying vixen! But now… Did you not notice your unusualness?”


“The leader is a bright light that illuminates the organization’s future.
In the past, I was young, ignorant, and frivolous, and did not understand the greatness of the leader.
But now, I’ve changed!”


Zola was stunned by Leo’s exaggerated words and he made a sighing.gif.
Leo looked at Dr.
Zola who stopped asking and was secretly relieved. 


Even Leo felt ashamed of his brainless bragging of Sinthea.
But he wanted to make an impression to everyone on base that he was someone totally obsessed with Sinthea.
As an actor with accomplishments, he must always mind his words and actions.


Afterward, Dr.
Zola began chatting with Leo about academic matters.


After around ten minutes had passed, the door of the conference was pushed open.
Two people, one in front and one behind had entered.


The one walking in front naturally was the coquettish Sinthea, while the one behind was an extremely respectful tall white man.
He was this building’s general manager, Katr Zaytsev, a Russian.


This building on the surface was a pharmaceutical company and most of the workers were ordinary people.
Katr was the C.E.O.
of this company in name but secretly controlled the whole company.


In the whole building, the one counted as H.Y.D.R.A.
top official was Katr alone.
Since the Winter Soldier had been frozen, when the two of them arrived, the meeting began.


“Katr, how is the preparation for my simplified sleeping device?”


Zola, we are a pharmaceutical company after all and lack the mechanical components you require.
These past few days, I had finally gathered all of them secretly.
They just arrived this afternoon.”


As the sleeping device lacked the necessary components.
The amount of time Dr.
Zola needed for his sleep had increased by one-fold, from six hours to twelve hours.
Furthermore, the computation speed of Dr.
Zola’s robotic body was greatly affected.


With the simplified sleeping device, in theory, he could reduce the amount of rest he needed to nine hours and maintain himself working at high speed every day.
Thus, Dr.
Zola was very concerned about the progress of this matter.


Zola, although the materials have been prepared, we still need you to personally work and assemble them.
My men here are not experts on this work.”


After Katr finished this matter, he turned and looked at Sinthea while mentioning another much more important matter.
“Leader, I had contacted our spies within the S.H.I.EL.D.
After verifying it, they have confirmed they did not know S.H.I.E.L.D.
had recruited Black Widow.
Based on their investigation, Black Widow was recruited by a high-ranking agent named Nick Fury.
Nick Fury was a colonel in the U.S.
Army before becoming a S.H.I.E.L.D.
He has considerable power and our people can’t find much on him.”


“Nick Fury? I know this man and he is quite capable! Contact the spies, let them think of a way to get close, and monitor Nick Fury.
Maybe we will get an unexpected result in the future!”


“Understood, leader.
But this needs time, I will try my best to arrange it.”


“Notify them as soon as possible.
They’ve messed up once, I don’t want a second time.”, Sinthea gave some pressure on Katr as she continued, “Besides that, did the spies report back any other valuables intel?”


“One more thing and it seems important.
Three months ago, didn’t the spies report back that Howard Stark was suspected of recreating the Super Soldier serum?”


Sinthea recalled back a bit and remembered there was such a matter.
At that time, back in the base of the cotton production factory, she had proposed a countermeasure to deal with Howard Stark.
She nodded to hint Katr continued.


“The spies yesterday had reported back after verifying it, Howard Stark had successfully recreated the Super Soldier serum.
He had contacted S.H.I.E.L.D.
and is preparing for a human trial.”


“I knew it! As I predicted! Back in Operation Paperclip[2], I designed Project Insight and predicted that Howard Stark will be a threat to H.Y.D.R.A., which we should have gotten rid of.”, when Dr.
Zola heard Katr’s words and he was overjoyed and started dancing around looking very excited.


Zola, please calm down.
You have deduced too many people to be H.Y.D.R.A.’s threat including a neurosurgeon.
This made it unbelievable for the others.
If we killed all of these people, the organization would have to pay a huge price.
Our new H.Y.D.R.A.
is still sprouting, there’s no need to take such a huge risk.”


Sinthea raised her hand and grabbed Dr.
Zola, calming him down.
She continued, “Dr.
Zola, how’s your progress with the Super Soldier serum? Can we proceed with human trials?”


“Now is impossible.
Every research material has been destroyed in the explosion a few days ago.
I did make a backup of the research data and can continue researching.
It won’t hinder too much progress but it is still far from a human trial.”


Zola broke free from Sinthea’s grasp and answered Sinthea as he shrugged.


Zola felt he was being compared with Howard.
He furiously said, “How detestable! If we still have the Tesseract, I would have long recreated the Super Soldier serum.
Then H.Y.D.R.A.
could change the whole world with this! How hateful!”


“That’s enough, don’t say anymore! Tesseract has become a part of history along with my father and Captain America.
What we need to do now is focus on the present.”


Sinthea stopped Dr.
Zola from complaining and thought for a while, “Regarding the Super Soldier serum, I have a plan.
Everyone please listen carefully and analyze the possibility!”


Translator’s Notes

The original literal translation for this term is Fatty Joyful Water (肥仔快乐水) which is slang for Coca-Cola in Chinese. ↵

According to Wikipedia, ↵

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