adicating a huge hidden threat.
The organization has decided to directly raise your level from Level 4 to Level 6.
If you do not wish to be used by others, perform well in your missions.
When your agent level is high enough, no one can control you anymore.”

He continued, “In addition, Hawkeye, after being reviewed by the bureau.
Your agent level has been raised by one level to Level 7.
This mission has been evaluated as a Level 6 mission.
Make sure not to leak any news to agents with insufficient levels.
That’s all for today, both of you return and have a rest.”

With that, Fury grabbed the two Lightweight Power Arms with his hand and left the office.


“Hello everyone, this is New York’s TV station, News in 30…”

Recently, an explosion occurred at a cotton production factory and caused a forest fire.
But fortunately, the fire in the forest had been controlled.
The surrounding area of the cotton production factory had been sealed off by the police.
Unrelated personnel please don’t stay too close to prevent accidents.

According to the intel released, this cotton production factory had violated fire regulations by illegally building a large-scale processing station.
It caused the circuit to overload which led to this disaster.
The surviving person-in-charge of this production factory had been arrested by the police…”


Leo, who was sitting on the leather sofa with his legs curled up, stood up and stretched his body.

“Looks like the U.S.
government is really great at suppressing the news! Such a big explosion and nuclear leakage yet the U.S.
officials even found a reason to cover it in the end.
They even lit up every forest within a five-mile radius.
Tsk, tsk, tsk…”, Leo sighed.

He picked up the remote controller to switch off the television and he sat on the sofa in a daze.

Three days had passed since Leo and the others had left the cotton production factory.
The place he was staying right now was another H.Y.D.R.A.
secret base which was in America’s famous Boston.

Leo also did not know how many bases H.Y.D.R.A.
had but he knew he could not stay here forever.
The current base was an eighteen-story building, and right now Leo was living on the tenth floor’s deluxe suite.

He had such a first-rate residence thanks to Sinthea mind controlling him last time.
Sinthea thought she had successfully controlled Leo, so she decided to nurture Leo as a future chief scientist.

Of course, this was due to Dr.
Zola’s constant nagging on Sinthea’s sides.
In the end, when Dr.
Zola did not see Leo’s intelligence level decrease, he was relieved and let Sinthea off the hook.

These past three days, Leo had used “recuperating” as an excuse to stay in his room.
Occasionally, he watched the news but most of the time he was arranging his thoughts.

Leo remembered something all of a sudden.
He jumped off the sofa and picked up the laptop next to his bed.
He hacked into a certain bank website.
After entering the verification details, Leo looked at his account number which still remained at 0.00 as he expected.

did not pay the price to buy Natasha’s life as he imagined.
But this made Leo neither disappointed, regretted nor angry because all of this was within his expectations.

One million dollars was not a cabbage if S.H.I.E.L.D.
could save the money then they would.
But S.H.I.E.L.D.
had not understood the seriousness of the situation.
How could they owe Leo money?

He left the website and deleted all of his traces.
He changed his clothes preparing to leave.
It was getting late and Leo was hungry.
He heard that the cafeteria prepared a limited amount of Boston lobsters today.
So he had to go there early.

After having dinner, he still needed to attend the meeting in the base.

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