Chapter 13 The Ruined H.Y.D.R.A.

This time what Leo felt was different from Natasha’s Mental Seduction.
The scene in his eyes was constantly switching between an endless allurement and a horrifying hell.
Leo felt a sharp pain in his brain that made him unable to concentrate.

Leo could sense that the Sinthea in front of him sometimes seemed like a dignified queen while sometimes seemed like a demon king from hell that made people tremble in fear and wish to surrender.

Fortunately, the “Advanced Mental Resistance” Leo had received not a while ago displayed its power.
Just as Leo nearly surrendered himself to Sinthea, it protected his consciousness.

【Judgement complete.
You have resisted Sinthea Schmidt’s Forceful Mind Control.】

As the system notification popped up, Leo instantly regained his clarity.
At that point, he felt frightened in his heart.

Even if Leo’s consciousness had awakened, Sinthea’s mental strength was still pounding his brain.
This made Leo’s heart sink.

Nevertheless, he did not resist it with his mental strength, rather he used his mental strength and Mechanical Force to control the mind barrier wrapped around his consciousness.
He slowly hid it deep within his mind, disconnecting it from the outer world.

As Leo gradually released control of his body, a submissive expression towards Sinthea appeared on his face.

Sinthea smugly smiled and felt proud in her heart as she arrogantly assumed she had controlled Leo.

The mental confrontation happened as quickly as a flash, ending instantly.
After Leo had been under “control”, only Dr.
Zola reacted and understands what has happened.

The next moment, Dr.
Zola burst into a rage.
“Miss Sinthea, this could make Leo retarded.
What you are doing right now is disrespecting the researcher, an outstanding scientist! Why did you do this to my student?!”

“At the critical moment of imprisoning Black Widow, the base power went off due to your sleeping device malfunctioning.
Don’t you think all of this is too coincidental? Leo is the only agent responsible for the sleeping device, I suspect he tampered with it.”

“Nonsense! Both of his parents were organization agents and he grew up in the organization.
What reasons does he have to betray the organization? Furthermore, my sleeping device was not the first time it malfunctioned and caused a power failure.
How can’t all of this be a coincidence? If you want a coincidence! What were you doing when Black Widow escaped? Why were you still indulged in your desire but not noticing the abnormality of the base instantly?”

“That was a coincidence!”

Zola was outraged, the screen showed a raging fire.
He pointed at Sinthea with his robotic arm and bellowed, “Your indulgence delayed everything is a coincidence, so why can’t the power failure be a coincidence?”

Zola, please don’t be angry.
Whether or not it is caused by your student, let’s ask him now.”

Sinthea was not angry when she listen to Dr.
Zola’s foul language.
Instead, she looked at Leo and said, “Leo, did you cause the sleeping device to malfunction intentionally? Are you related to Black Widow’s escape?”

Leo used an obedient and perverted expression, stared at Sinthea, and replied, “I did not cause it, the sleeping device malfunctioned itself.
Black Widow’s escape is not related to me.
I am forever loyal to H.Y.D.R.A.
Hail, Hydra!”

“Did you hear that? Did you see that? You are suspecting the loyalty of an outstanding member of the organization.
The H.Y.D.R.A.
had been a mess these past few years because of you.
To be honest, Miss Sinthea, I am very disappointed in you.”

“That’s enough.
Since there’s no problem with Leo, we will bring him with us and prepare to evacuate.”

Sinthea clearly did not want to argue with Dr.
Zola whose emotional logic program was in chaos.
She took the Winter Soldier and left for the lowest level.
Leo who now was under the “control” of Sinthea obediently followed behind Sinthea.

Zola realized he was left alone standing there.
After he calmed down, he followed them with a long face on the screen.


On the lowest level of the base, there was a secret passage that directly reached three kilometers north of the base.

If observed from the surface, there was nothing but barren land three kilometers north of the cotton production factory.

At this moment, the barren land shook as if an earthquake happened and split apart.
A huge black hole was split open.

When the hole fully opened, a metal runway gradually rose and there was a black plane ready at the starting point preparing to take off.

Inside the plane, Sinthea sat in the pilot seat while Dr.
Zola, the Winter Soldier, and Leo sat in the passenger seat behind.

The ejection device gave the plane an extremely fast initial speed.
With the help of the runway, the black plane quickly took off and climbed higher and higher.

Meanwhile, Sinthea, who was sitting in the pilot seat skillfully controlled the panel in front, and with an evil smile, she pressed a blood-red button.


At H.Y.D.R.A.
base three kilometers on the south, a violent explosion occurred.
The fire flared up and a mushroom cloud rose into the sky.

The H.Y.D.R.A.
agents that were still in the base, without any exception, were buried in the sea of fire.
At the same time, all of the research data was destroyed.

The small nuclear power plant below the base had a leakage due to the massive explosion shockwave.

did not care about any of the international agreements or else H.Y.D.R.A.
would not be this infamous.

But the current leader of H.Y.D.R.A., Sinthea was heartless.
To prevent any secrets from leaking, she unhesitantly destroyed the base and killed all the agents.


Two kilometers west of the cotton production factory.
After experiencing an intense battle, S.H.I.E.L.D.
who had lost a few agents were rearranging themselves.

Hawkeye was using the tools in the first aid kits to remove the bullets that dug deep from Natasha.
Afterward, he proficiently cleaned the wound and applied gauze to it.

In the direction of the cotton production factory suddenly had an eye-blinding flash.
Then the earth began shaking, followed by a huge explosion noise and a mushroom cloud rising to the sky.

Hawkeye’s expression changed, and he swiftly climbed onto the top of the tree.
He used his eagle-like vision and swept across the ruined H.Y.D.R.A.
Unfortunately, he gained nothing. 

“Barton, come down quickly.
The base had nuclear fuels and the leakage must have happened.
We have to retreat immediately.”, Natasha, who was at the bottom of the tree shouted at Barton.

Barton came down instantly.
He ordered the S.H.I.E.L.D.
agent to retreat as he contacted Senior Officer Nick Fury.

“Senior Officer Fury, this is Level 6 Agent Clint Barton, codename “Hawkeye”.
I have successfully rescued Agent Romanoff but an explosion happened on the H.Y.D.R.A.
secret base.
We suspect the nuclear fuels in the base have leaked out.
Over, please give your order.”

The next moment, a deep voice came out of the communicator, “All agents are to evacuate five miles from the target location immediately.
You and Agent Romanoff come to the headquarters directly and look for me.”

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