Chapter 10 Wall Itself is the Door


In the dark base, the sound of gunshots, heart-piercing screams, and rumbling collapse noise could be heard from time to time.


After Natasha had the pair of Lightweight Power Arms, she smashed the door of Leo’s laboratory with a single punch.
Then she began to head outside of the base.


With Leo guiding her secretly, Natasha this time did not make a detour and went straight to the entrance of every level swiftly and accurately.


At this moment, the securities in the base gradually recovered.
The staff who had night duty raised their vigilance and those who were resting left the dormitory to check the situation in the corridor.


When Natasha reached the fifth level, the originally empty corridor now was filled with H.Y.D.R.A.
agents who came to check the situation due to the alarms.


Most of the agents who stayed on the fifth level were researchers and support staff that did not have much combat ability.
Most of them did have a weapon on them.


Therefore, these agents were the first to have bad luck.
One after another, they screamed as if being slaughtered like a pig.


Natasha brandished the Lightweight Power Arm and charged like a train out of control.
The H.Y.D.R.A.
agents were on the brink of death.
They were injured so badly, that they could not even stand.


Natasha had reached the fourth level in just three minutes.


The agents on the fifth level who had luckily survived, hurriedly looked for the security director, bald Olsen, to report the emergency.


In the past decades, this base had not been discovered by anyone and had been in peace for so long.
The bald Olsen originally thought it was a simple power failure, so he was still on his bed.


But when he heard the report from his subordinates that they had met Black Widow, he immediately freaked out! He hastily used an emergency communicator powered by a backup power source to notify Sinthea.


He had called several times, but no one picked up.


A sense of fear surged from the bald Olsen’s heart and courage suddenly arose! He arranged for the security forces to let the agents block Black Widow at all costs.
He took the heavy machine gun by his side and headed outside the base.


It was impossible to stop Black Widow, he would die if he met her.
But if he did not act like trying to stop her, he would be in a worse situation.


So he took the heavy machine gun, making sure he would not keep up with Black Widow…




Without any Super Soldiers such as Sinthea or Winter Soldier as an opponent and with the pair of powerful Lightweight Power Arm, Natasha was unstoppable in the base.


With screams of H.Y.D.R.A.
agents, Natasha was getting closer and closer to the surface.


Third level!


Second level!


First level!


The entire base lit up all of a sudden.
The power had been restored.


The base’s logistics director, Begatal, who was the bald Olsen’s nemesis had arranged for specialized staff to restart the nuclear power plant the moment the power was cut off.


But following the restarting procedures, the whole process would take at least an hour.


When Begatal received the report that Black Widow had almost escaped the base from his subordinates.
He unhesitantly switched on the link between the base’s circuit and U.S.
National Grid. 


Begatal had always ridiculed the bald Olsen, which meant that he had the right to.
He dared to switch on the link without Sinthea’s order which could expose the base’s location.


This courage alone was incomparable to the bald Olsen.


When the power was restored, every surveillance camera started working and swiftly captured Natasha’s current location.


At the same time, the communicator on the bald Olsen’s waist started ringing.


“Boss, we had located Black Widow’s location.
She is now at the first level, please give an order! Oh, s*it! She’s destroying the camera, we lost her.
But when she was at first level, she was close to the surface entrance.”


Although the bald Olsen was afraid of death, he was still capable.
Even though he was surprised at how quickly the power was restored, he still gave the proper orders, “Seal the exit.
Gather all the security agents and send half of them to take the elevator to the surface and another half of them to the first level to prepare for battle.”


“Yes sir!”


The staff on duty in the central control room passed down the orders speedily.


Thus, when Natasha almost arrived at the exit, she saw the exit slowly closing from the top to bottom.
Despite her best efforts, by the time she reached the exit, it was sealed off.


After Natasha broke the surveillance camera on the exit, she stomped her feet angrily, “How hateful, everything is under that b*stard’s control!”


Facing the sealed exit, Natasha was not helpless.
The Lightweight Power Arms she had was the key to a breakthrough.


But everything was according to a certain mastermind’s plan.
This made her resentful and secretly afraid.


Natasha took a few steps back and clenched her fists.
Under the support of the auxiliary power supply, the Lightweight Power Arms began humming lightly.
At the same time, the light on the mechanical arms became brighter as if it was slowly charging.


The moment the lighting effects flashed, Natasha pressed her feet hard and rushed forward with her arms bent behind and punched!


Of course, she was not aiming at the twenty centimeters thick metal plate door but the wall next to it.


When she had enough power,  the metal plate door in front of her was not in her eyes anymore because, in her eyes, every wall was a door.




The wall shook three times and a crack appeared but it did not collapse.


The wall quality was very good, Natasha could not punch a hole in the wall with a single punch.
She charged again with Lightweight Power Arms under full power and slammed her fists brutally.




This time, she punched a meter-wide hole in the wall with the steel rod broken and the cement falling all over the floor.


She crawled through the hole and climbed a flight of stairs finally reaching the base’s surface.




In the central control room, the agent who was on duty saw Natasha through the surveillance camera and exclaimed, “Oh, my God! Boss, Black Widow had reached the surface, the sealed exit did not stop her!”


The bald Olsen just dawdled out of the first level’s elevator while dragging the heavy machine gun.
The agent on duty’s voice came out from the communicator on his waist.


“How is this possible?! Did she manage to go through the exit just before it was sealed?”


“No, the exit had already been sealed.
The surveillance camera captured her just arriving at the exit before being destroyed.
But now, the surveillance camera on the surface has captured her.
S*it, I don’t know what’s going on.
What should we do now?!”


“Notify the agents who were still underground to go to the surface level.
Those who already were on the surface intercept Black Widow.”


After he spoke, he carried the heavy machine gun and rushed to the base’s entrance.

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