Chapter 1 Transmigrator of the H.Y.D.R.A.


“Hail, Hydra!”


There was a slogan that sounded in unison within the room.
Across the door, the voice sounded oppressive.


Leo Erwin, who was waiting outside the room, heard the slogan and knew that the meeting was going to end.


In this secret base of Hydra, there would be a regular meeting every morning and every night.
Of course with Leo’s position, he could attend the meeting, but every night he had a much more critical task.
So he was only required to participate in the morning meeting.


Leo waited patiently by the side of the door, deliberately standing straight.
After a while, the door creaked open, and a tall and coquettish woman came out of the room.
Her blood-red lips seemed to be releasing a fatal temptation.


A strong desire appeared in Leo’s eyes.
At the same time, he skillfully raised his hand and shouted, “Hail, Hydra!”.


But the coquettish woman ignored him and went straight down along the corridor.
A strong white man came out of the room as well.
His hair was hanging down to his neck and had an arm that reflected metallic luster under the light.


Leo timely revealed an envious look in his eyes.
The strong man ignored Leo as he followed the coquettish woman and disappeared at the corner of the corridor.


Leo put down his arm and looked at the disappearing figure of the coquettish woman.
He curbed his lip up.


Every time doing this silly pose, Leo had countless complaints in his heart.
But rationality drove him to finish the whole pose and shout the slogan, “Hail, Hydra!”.


If Leo showed the slightest disrespect towards the H.Y.D.R.A., Winter Soldier’s iron fist would ruthlessly smash Leo’s head.


The strong man who walked past just now was Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s closest friend during World War II.
Later, he was transformed by the H.Y.D.R.A.
into Winter Soldier by implanting a chip into his brain to control his mind.
Now, he was H.Y.D.R.A.’s golden hitman.


Being smashed to death by Bucky’s iron fist was not the worst result.
If one was to fall into the grasp of the coquettish woman, Sinthea “Sin” Schmidt, it would be worse than death. 


Sin, Sinthea Schmidt, daughter of “Red Skull”, now was the leader of the H.Y.D.R.A.
She treated everyone mercilessly whether they were enemies or allies.


So after transmigrating to this world, Leo had been thinking of ways to escape this tiger’s den to avoid losing his life in vain.
Unfortunately, he had yet to find such an opportunity.


“Stop looking, they are gone.”, an electronically synthesized voice came from Leo’s behind.


Leo turned his head and saw a headless robot around 1.5 meters in height with four limbs.
The robot had a screen on its chest and the screen was an old man with glasses.
The old man was Dr.
Zola who had uploaded his consciousness.


“She’s someone you can’t afford to deal with.
She can squeeze you dry in just one night, only the Winter Soldier can withstand it! Stop having these kinds of illusions, kid.
Have the instruments been adjusted?”


“All adjustments had been completed, teacher.”


Zola nodded and waddled down along the corridor.
Leo hurriedly followed behind Dr.


Typical transmigrators from the Earth.


World transversed, Marvel Universe.


Identity, Leo Erwin, an Asian young man.
Both of his parents were H.Y.D.R.A.
agents but died on a mission.
The original Leo Erwin position in the base was Dr.
Zola’s student-cum-assistant.


For some unknown reason, Leo on Earth woke up as the Leo in Marvel Universe after a sleep.
He went through all of the memories of the original Leo Erwin.
Therefore, he could act well in the H.Y.D.R.A.
base and survive.


When he first arrived, Leo was hesitant and afraid.
He missed his home dearly because back at his home, he had a beautiful and caring wife and a fraternal twin who just turned one month old.


But after half a year had passed, Leo could only suppress these feelings deep in his heart.
Instead, he started to think about how to survive in this world properly.


He could not stay too long in the H.Y.D.R.A.
Not just because he could not stand the organization’s silly pose but because the people here were familiar with the original Leo Erwin.
A little mistake could expose him.


Just like the original Leo Erwin’s mad obsession with the coquettish Sinthea.
Hence every time Leo met Sinthea, he had to implicitly express his desire to avoid suspicions.




After a while, Leo followed Dr.
Zola to the laboratory.


After briefly checking the instruments, Dr.
Zola said, “As usual, if there’s anything important, wake me up using the emergency wake-up function.”


Zola explained to Leo, then proceeded to lie down on a special mechanical frame.


Zola uploaded his consciousness onto the computer and paired it with the entire base’s network system, his computation speed could surpass the latest Intel Processor.


But the amount of computation he did every day was too large for h

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