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We semi- immortals, eat as we sleep.

Because it is one of lifes great pleasures among others.

Watching everyone eat and laugh, made my heart churn. It made me happy and I don know why.

Though the coronation has been suspended, it was still in full swing. Everyone had done exactly what the Queen had ordered. But not because it was an order from the queen, but because food is very essential or us even as semi-immortals… And also because the Queen ordered.

They tug on my arms as we pass by people… Who made way for us to go through as they set their eyes on us. Our aura demanded respect and it was given.

I continue walking with the maidens, not knowing where we are going to, but I followed anyway. We strode past the middle of the room walking past some maidens, drolling over some male warriors when my eyes landed on Marian.

She was seating alone on a small chair as she rubs powder on her face. I wonder how many powders she needs before her face changes. She looks around, ensuring on one is watching.

Well I am

Before tossing pastries on her skirts.

She lowers her head, Her short curls covers her face at the impact.And started to fiddle with her fingers.

Is she ashamed to eat out in the open?

My mind flash back to Rory. There was no sight of rory, but I still owe him a dance.

Well, not like he knew it was me.

We settled under a tree, not far from the coronation ground. Silence followed afterward.

”So what do you think that was. For a minute I couldn see a thing even when I couldn feel the presence anymore. It was so intimidating. ”

The red haired fuss.

And my mind went back to what had taken place.

Truly, it was intimidating.

What I find more disturbing was that I felt its burning gaze on me.

Why was it looking at me? They were thousands of different species gathered around, but why did I feel like he came for me.

I wonder if theres more to this?

Freya stands up from where she sat and look at us her face was wearing a weird expression not even the weakest of the weak dared put on.

Is that fear?

I look at the rest to see if they were having the same thought as I was. But none had seemed bothered about it.

They must be really close. It is forbidden but ones fear is always taken for weakness. Regardless, she had shown that she is afraid in our presence. She must trust her friends.

Freya steps close in a bit to convey a message only we could hear.

”What if. What if the spell used to bound no one from going out and coming in was altered? ”

”Don utter nonsense! ” Serena scold. ”If that be the case, the queens would find a solution to this. All we need to do now is to be calm and await their judgment. ”

After Serena spoke, silence followed. There seems to be a sense in what she had said.

But what use are we if we
e not involved in such matters?

”I think we need to be present when such matters are discussed, ” I say after contemplating on it for a while.

”Or we could have our personal discrete meeting. ” Freya chipped in.

”No. ” I started. ”Its best we listen and commune with them. They are wiser and have more experience. ”

”Finally! ” The one with curly hair that extended to her waist finally spoke.

”Finally what? Aurora? ”Freya asks her hands now on her waist.

She does it so well, her impatient feet taps on the ground and her waist curved to the side.

I wonder if I can do that.

”Finally, we have a smart one in our midst. ” Aurora indicates.

And I snapped out from my mental state of me, picturing how I would look in that position.

Did she call me smart? Was it me she referred to as the smart one?

No one said anything- and another silence befalls us.


”So, ” I stressed in a bit to start another conversation.

”Yall like boobs? ”

Boobs, Ive read.

Is a very interesting subject in the female upper chest. That seems to pick both mortals and immortals interests.

All except, male homosexuals or asexuals.

And it is as well, soft and delicate. It is warm to hold, squeeze, and suck.

In almost every paranormal romance books I have read about mortals and immortals, they are always into it. Like, likes it.

I thought it would be a good topic to speak on. And a good change for the one one, since the previous topic wasn going well.

”Thats a very odd question to ask, don you think? ”

Freya asks me. Her orbs have gone slightly slim and I wondered why. She removes her hands that sat on her waist comfortably to under her breast. As she throws another question at me.

”You have never had your boobs held, or smooched before? ” It was her turn to be amused.

Blood rushed to my cheeks as I shake my head
o .

”Thats weird ” She added.

”Whats weird, is that we are talking about boobs! ” Aurora snaps.

I had assumed shes the princess and soon to be keeper from the air region.

I take a quick gaze at all three.

They have everything I don have and it made me worry.

Start with something small; they have each other backs. And they unexpectedly had mine today.

”Question. ”

They all look at me expectantly.

”How did you know I needed help back there? ”

”You desired it, ” Serena spoke.

Oh I mouthed

Serena of course is the princess of the water region.

”In case I didn say it enough, thank you. ”

She smiled sweetly at me.

My eyes divert to her cupped boobs and erected nipples.

The urge to go and plung on them again was so great.

”Again? ” Her voice made me snap my gaze from my boobs and I gaped at her in confusion.

”What? ” I questioned

”You seem to not have heard me, when I said you desired it ”

I furrowed my eyebrows at her confused.

And when it finally clicked my cheeks burned in embarrassment and I quickly diverted my gaze.

She heard what I desired so greatly and she granted it.

Does this mean I desire to touch her boobs? And does she grant all desires? I couldn help up ask myself.

”And you
e doing it again- ” her voice booms I turn to look at her to see a sexy smirk playing on her face.

The other girls watched on- they don seem to understand what was going on and I internally sighed in relief.

”So do you all have relatives? ” I ask.

In a bit to change the conversation for a third time- since all my questions appear to heat things up.

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