The Last Of The Elementals

Chapter Seven Emerald\'s Pov

I have never felt that way as I did, before or for anyone I had come in contact with sexually.

My wet clothes stuck to my body like a second skin. Making my gown now a see-through material.

But that wasn what bothered me.

It was the lady jumping on rocks without any stress.

We continue to watch till she jumps on the shore.

”You know, weve never come across the female warriors before. Maybe this is how they are all like. ” Freya says.

”She is most definitely, a warrior from the Terra region, ” I added

”It can be a warrior, they are not supposed to have powers. ” Aurora counters

And Freya and I nodded in agreement.

”For a second I had mistaken her for a Princess. As the keeper of the Terra Gem. Weve never got to meet her in person before. This maiden ability made me think it was her for a moment. ”

I muttered

”Even the Princess, can pull that stunt without a stale. We all use a stale. if its not lifting, or sense, or flying…then only then can a stale be used. We all know this. ” Aurora says again.

And we were all lost in our thoughts as we tried to think.

”Uhm- shes waving at us. Should we wave back? ” Aurora questions.

We all turn to stare at her.

I wasn able to grasp her face but I clearly could see her jumping and her strands falling from all sides at the effect.

How cute

”No time. For now, lets leave it that shes a warrior. Well share this information with the queens. ”

Freya turns to the other side and we divert our gaze from the waving maiden. She whistles without actually whistling. Its a trick weve learned at a young age to call upon our horses.

Aurora and Freya has been my best buddies for a long time.

We became best of friends when we clocked ten. My mother was getting married again for the 6th time. And she keeps on marrying with no motive to stop any time soon.

I stopped counting when I turned 14.

On each of the occasions, her best friends being the present Gem keepers would attend and make her day.

When I clocked ten, it was decided among themselves that they would bring their children to my mothers -sixth marriage ceremony.

We were all so excited- myself in particular.

I had pictured the whole moment already and it was a dream come true for me.

But on the day of the ceremony, it was only my mom, Auroras, and Freyas mother that came with a child. Emily current keeper of the terra gem who had endorsed the meeting only came herself, after speaking with her friends she left.

I wasn positively bothered since Aurora and Freya were present.

Weve been best friends, comrades, and playmates.

Aurora- next keeper of the air Gem, and princes have been trying for decades to beat me on a race to the cave.

It was either we both got there at the same moment or I win.

She was not okay with that. She wanted to win on her own fair and square.

By that, I mean she doesn want to win because I pity her.

It was rare, but only the keepers of Air gem were able to perceive when you
e telling an untruth.

So most times, I would wilfully let her win- she knew it. She puts on more effort to win.

And she still hasn – but that maiden.

She didn even strive to or seem worked up..

Our rides arrived a minute after Freya whistled them, it ( horses) came flapping their

Wings and they stopped mid-air.

We all jumped on our rides, though We came second later after Aurora had jumped in.

On Air, shes the swiftest.

Im Serena. Keeper of the water Gem- and princess.

”Are you ready to be the next keepers? ” it wasn rhetorical but no one responded.

With one titillation my horse flaps its wings and we charged up soaring across the globe to the coronation base.

There was a different kind of rush that day on the whole of our planet, Mars.

From up the clouds, we could see the maidens running around with their floppy gowns. Some were still decorating. The whole kingdom was decorated like a divine place.

The fact that they were doing all this cheerfully made my heart churn.

The trumpet sounded, drums drummed and the saxophone plays musically.

”See you there in a minute! ” Aurora says before disappearing in a gush of wind.

We were not swift like her but we were fast and relentless.

We ride the Air, as we made our way down to the center of the coronation. Aurora was already there, a serious expression now playing on her face.

”Your dress! ” Freya exclaims ”its still wet. ”

”Is it tho? ” I smirk

Freya portrays my smirk before diving down to where the coronation ceremony holds.

I let go of the shackle holding my horse, with a brisk jump I stand on my horse before leaping up into the air. Magic course through my veins- as a new white short Gown with a slit at the back, emerge and replace the latter.

My horse was still in position, I jumped right down and sat back on the horse. Clutching the shackles I gently hit on its side sending it down.

I got off the horse, and tap on it gently and it flaps its wing and sets to depart.

I turn to look at my best friends.

”You know, there was no need to change that other dress, since this one only has a slight difference from the one you had previously worn. ” Aurora Snickers.

Its true.

The silky material barely covered my boobs. And it was a little transparent.

”I can help but carry the burden of being the only sexy one among us, Dear Freya . ”

They both laughed. ”Well lets wait to see if you have a match- We didn expect a warrior to show up to defeat you in your own game. Who knows, the Princess of Terra Region might as well defeat you on this one too. Freya mumbled but it was loud for me to hear.

I huffed and turn to face the crowd.

”No one can beat me in being sexy. Yall know it. ” I mumbled audibly for Freya and aurora to hear.

”You sure? Did you see the warriors big cupped boobs? And how her cute nipples pointed? Im sure her face would do wonders ” Freya taunts

”Pfft! Its sore to the eyes. ” I snapped

”You seem to forget- I can detect when someone lies. ” Aurora chuckles.

I crossed my hand under my breast short of words.

”Ill be sure to check that Female warrior later or better still check out all-female warriors. ” Freya cooled and Aurora snorts in disgust.

My mind drifted to how she had not seemed bothered or threatened by my aura.

And then when she flopped my nipples.

My vagina tingles as I recall the moment.

”Is that arousal I smell? ” Freya sniffles the air and suddenly turns to face me. ”From you my dear friend. ”

I felt blood rush to my cheeks.

Aurora can detect lies, Freya on the other hand can sense a burning desire- which includes Arousal.

Its one of their many abilities.

I look away from my friends and direct my gaze to the crowd as I question Freya and Aurora.

”Whats taking- the princess of the Terra region so long?! Is she trying to make an entrance? ”

”Shouldn there be a penalty for anyone that fails to arrive at the expected time? Surely, it is unjust for one keeper to keep the whole of a kingdom waiting. ” Aurora added.

”Who is keeping who waiting? ” A voice chirms behind us as we all do well to turn and stare at who dared to stand in the place of coronation where only the Soon to be keepers are ordained to set foot on.

”Surely, it isn me. Ive been waiting for yall. ”

My eyes fall on Green emerald orbs staring right back at me. Ive never wanted to be lost in a color before now. To say it was the prettiest was an understatement. It was more than pretty. It was more than beautiful. It was worth more than any accolades.

Her white transparent gown clutched her curves down to her feet. It was a total neckline. Beautiful sleeves embodied her arms. Her black hair was packed in a ponytail- some strands had fallen to her face.

The urge to place them behind her ears was intense.

”She is fully covered and shes still looking elegant and beautiful. ” Freya compliments

”Should we go up to meet her? Or wait for her to come down here- so we can step up together? ”

We all turn to look at Freya in disbelief giving her the *really?* face.

”Its only right we go up there to meet her. ”

We agreed and proceed forward.

We haven taken our fourth step forward- when the stairs we stood on started moving upwards and we progressed to the top in a blink of an eye.

The gems were situated on a protector and on a small cushion, situated in the middle.

We take our seats right after we exchanged pleasantries in our reserved Cushion.

We watched as Emeralds struggles to seat on her cushion. She picks the cushion from the ground and slowly went down with it.

How cute!

A trumpet sounded- to indicate the beginning of the coronation.

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