The Last Of The Elementals

Chapter Six Serena POV

”I see you are up here early, ” A harmonious voice announced behind me.

I stilled at the voice. For some reason, it sent shivers down my spine. By its voice, I could tell it is a female. Her feminine voice had a powerful aura emitting from it.

”We don have much time, lets get this over with. Remember – first to get to the cave wins. ”

With an unbeatable pace, she strode past me and jumped into the water.

I stood dumbfounded and a bit tad off.

I watched her strode in the water her feet tapping on the water. Her pace under water was ten times the one she had displayed before diving in.

The next minute she had surfaced and lunged upward already swimming up to the cave.

A Surge of excitement rushed through me- without thinking, I take four steps backward and leaped up, flying across the big river and to the top of the cave in a moment.

Almost immediately, I saw the maiden without any masks. I didn take a look at her before now. But I just realized she wasn wearing any mask.

Her Hands were on the cliff of the cave. With a backflip, she got in and on a standstill.

She flips her long silver hair backward- her Bunda exposed and effortlessly amazing.

”Ha! I won! ” she jumps in the air repeatedly.

She jumped continuously, her bunda moving up and down at the impact.

She seems nice- maybe we can be friends.

Ive not had any since I came out of the room.

”No, you didn , ” I say with all smiles.

She turns swiftly on hearing my voice.

The first thing my gaze settled for was her transparent top exposing her pink nipples.

I felt a ting between my legs.

I force my gaze elsewhere and it settles on her face. Her heart-shaped lips were full and stunning. I wonder if my lips are shaped like hers. My eyes wandered to her small pointed nose. And my visions slowly drifted to her eyes. It was the most beautiful of all blues. It was the type you would look into and get lost in.

Just like the type I had read about. It looked like a Galaxy or a different dimension maybe the stars. It was so beautiful.

”Who are you?! - ” Her angry voice echoed bringing me out of whatever dimension I had drifted to. She was fuming her eyes- not smiling at all.

”Im not going to ask again! ” she demanded

Or not

Her aura had darkened. She takes slow steps toward me whereas, I remained in the same spot.

She finally gets to where I had stood, but I wasn looking to see her angry expression.

My eyes were bluntly fixed on her cupped Breast. I take the last step, enclosing the space between us and my hands moved over to squeeze them.

Her loud gasped did not bother me, as I continue to rub her Breast.

”Wow, it bounces! ” I muttered

I bring my face close to her erected nipples. With a finger, I flopped on it and it bounce back.

”Wow! ” I squealed and jump excitedly.

My veil unknowingly slid down a little.

”Serena. Its everything okay, we heard you scream from the shore, and we- ”

I stop jumping and turn my gaze to where I had heard the new voice. The one that had spoken, has red hair that glowed like the sun. And her eyes were rare Amber. Plus, they were fixed on mine. Her posture changes as she sniffs the air. She shifts her gaze to that of The silver-haired girl (Serena I guess). And I do the same.

Her cheeks were red and I wonder why.

Did she sustain an injury? She seemed pretty lost in her thoughts

I turn my gaze back to the red-haired maiden.

And I noticed she wasn the only one there. Another maiden has come to join her. She has Black curly hair and they were both staring daggers at me. They were both putting on a transparent white gown.

White gown? And my eyes widen at the possibility- could they- can they be..?

”Serene. How come you had one of your maids over, I thought this place was supposed to be ours alone? ” Curly-haired question.

”Shes not my maid. I had found her at the shore and I thought it was you. Gosh! Im such a fool. Why didn I look at her yellow gown? I mean I did see her yellow gown but I had thought it was you. You always kid about dressing like a maid someday. ” She says almost in one breath.

Her red cheeks have disappeared and had gone back to normal.

”And how did she get up here? ” The red haired asked. I can still feel her burning gaze on me. But it didn trouble me. So I stayed calm.

Serena goes to stand next to the others. And I felt awkward standing there alone.

”I don know- ” Serena started.

”In as much as it hurts my pride to say this, she beat me to this place. ”

”Beat you how? ” Red haired and curly haired questioned in unison.

”She won- ”

A loud- surprise gasp Escape Red haired and curly haired and I wondered why.

”Your boobs- ” I finally spoke

and they all look in my direction.

e so nice. ” I complemented smiling sweetly.

”Why? You don have boobs? ” Serena questions.

Without thinking, I raise my gown down and my breast bubbled out my nipples pointed just like hers did.

I nibble on it just like I had done with Serenas and it bounced back.

”Its the same! ” I squealed

I look back at them to see their cheeks red.

Are they flustered?

I lower my gown down and shuffle my feet not sure of what to do.

Red-haired clears her throat before speaking.

”How did you manage to beat Serena here? ”

”I jumped. ” I stated simply

”Oh I see- shes one of the female warriors. probably homosexual. ” She mutters the last one quietly.

But I stayed mute. Why did she just assume my identity? Probably because they are fascinated with me jumping.

Thats better- I wouldn want my mother getting mad at me for revealing my identity when she had strictly asked me not to. And not to come out of my room.

”We should head back – I hear them say among themselves. Its time for the coronation. ”


Oh no! Mum would be disappointed if she doesn find me in my room.

”It was nice meeting you all. I hope to see you again someday, even when its nearly impossible. ” I say.

With that, I readied myself and jumped past the heads of the most beautiful maidens. Truly, it was sad to leave them.

I jump down the water fall.

A huge rock emerge, and I stand on it another came up and I did the same till the very last.

”Shes not using a stale! ” I heard one of the maidens mutters but I couldn tell whom. For the wind made it hard to detect sounds and voices but I have been able to comprehend the words.

”It can be! ” One of them said again

”That only explains it. ” I hear again.

I jumped on the last rock before jumping and landing on the shore.

I turned to face the maidens that were still watching from the cave. My veil falls off my face completely.

My hair falls to my face as I wave at them happily. They didn wave back but I continued nevertheless. Firm hands suddenly grab my wrist and I turned to look at the owner of those hands.

”You disobeyed me, Emerald! ”

And she found me-

”Mother! ”

She tosses the white material up mid Air and twills me around. It falls smoothly on me- turning to the same gown I had worn previously before leaving my room.

”At least I had fun while it lasts. ” I muttered

”Had fun? To whom? ” she questions a look of worry settles on her face.

I turn and point and the cave but they were no longer there-

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