The horses landed smoothly on the ground.

And we stepped out of the chariots.

Ive been so amazed- seeing horses fly.

For a princess that would soon take over the throne and as a keeper of terra gem, I act like a tot.

Marian had gotten tired of pulling me back to the seat.

Yes- Marian.

The chubby Maiden that had stopped me.

I had come to learn of her name before the ride. She kept singing praises about how the male troops would drool over her when they set eyes on her and I couldn help but listen.

She pulled me several times and lectured me on how bad it was for a maid to act callously.

For I had leaned over to the side of the chariot, watching in wonder as we pass through clouds: the affluent waterfall.

But it was short-lived when the chariots pulled over. I pulled on the veil and was helped down by one of the guards. Marian came out afterward leading the way. The guards had started getting the pastries out from the rear that were in baskets. I stand nearby watching them carry this act.

”Can I help? ” i asked one of the guards up close.

His jet hair twils as he turns to face me. He was dark in complexion. His black pupils narrowed as he takes a glance at me.

”How sweet! Well, no Darling. We were assigned here to take them inside. But thank you for the offer. ” he says Before packing the last basket. He suddenly stops and turned to face me.

”But Ill take you up on this offer later- you can help me with a dance after the coronation. ”

With that, he saunters away, passing by a fuming Marian.

”If you
e done flirting, then lets go. You
e forgetting we have work to do. ”

”Right behind you! ” I say to her but she had a standstill, refusing to move.

I sigh and turn to the chariot.

The horse stood magnificent in all its glory- its wing flap a little preparing to depart.

I rushed over to its side and ruffled the horses hairy body.

And it neighs in surprise

”Oh. You
e so beautiful! ” I squealed.

He brings his face close to my ear and nibbles on it.

Marian tugged on my arms harshly, pulling me away from the horse. I quickly waved at the rider who just smiled before taking off.

e acting as if youve never been on a horse before. ” She commented but I stayed mute.

”And don you know it is improper and not fit of a lady to play with a horse?! ” she demanded but I still kept mute

She led the way and I walked right by her side. We got to the center of the procession. I walked over to where the pastries are laid and I gulped hungrily at them.

When we packed them, I did not see the content. They were all wrapped and place in the baskets.

Looking at it now, my stomach rumbles loudly.

”You can have some if you want. ” I turn around at the muscular voice.

It was the guard I had spoken with earlier.

”Really?! ” I question, my gaze returning to the pastries.

”Sure! As many as you- ” I didn wait for him to finish as I made my way to where it was laid and picked one. I let my veil slide down a little then before taking a bite on it. I chewed on it slowly- and slowly a huge grin settles on my face as I continued chewing.

”Ohh ” I moaned as I devoured everything.

I was given pastries to eat when I was little- but as I advanced, mom let me eat less and trained more.

I pick another and looked back at The guard to see him smiling sweetly at me and Marian by his side.

I failed to ask for his name. I fix my gaze on Marian still munching on the pastry.

Her eyes were fixed on the pastries too and she drolls over them.

She looked cute and friendly in the form.

”Come join me! ” I say to her with a smiley face

She snaps out of it and regards me for a second. Her countenance back to her steamy gaze.

”Don you know it is improper to eat like that! Now, stop lazying around and help me pick the wines from that compartment.

I quickly finished up with the new pastry I have began chewing.

I could swear I had seen her drooling over the food. Now shes acting like a princess- And I, the pauper.

How ironic!

”Marian… whats that on your face? ”He questions and I turn to gaze at Marians face.

”Whats on my face?! ” she demanded

”Your mascara seems a bit – I dunno- awful! ”

Huh? Whats he talking about? Theres nothing wrong with her makeup.

I turn to look at the guard.

”Theres- ”

Mirians squeaky voice surpassed mine. She covers her face with her veil, her other hand clutching her grown as she runs away.

”Why did you lie to her?! ”

My gaze was still focused on Marians running figure.

”There, There- Marian would have sabotaged your chance of having leisure today. Shes always looking for someone to do her bidding. ”

”She seems nice, ” I commented

”Marian use to be very nice. Not till The queen announced that five maidens get to be picked out for marriage in the castle. Im not entirely sure what happened but she stopped being herself- she turned to heavy make up and tight fitted clothes. ”

I turn to glance at the guard that was already stationed beside me.

”And you are? ”

”Rory. ”

”You have a nice name, Rory. I have something to take care of- Ill see you later. ”

I proceeded forward taking the opposite direction Marian had run before, and bypassing Rory, not waiting for him to react or respond.

”Im still holding you on that offer- ”

He calls after me but I kept moving.

I have no idea where Im headed, but Im pretty sure I can find my way back. I walk past different species and I was amazed at how beautiful they all looked in yellow.

They were all hovering on air, as they go about their business.

Since most of them had their veils on. But I could tell the Air and water regions were here already.

I don know if it was a great idea to come out here. I have tried to make friends with a few, but they shunned me.

I wonder why they are all mean to me

I left their middle and followed another path.

Suddenly I wanted to be away from them.

I continued on foot.

For some reason, mom had warned me never to use my powers.

It all started when I went for my first training.

Usually, your powers are not developed till a certain age.

But at ten, when I went to take my arrow lessons.

My eyes had glowed while I floated on the air, causing an earthquake.

Only a skilled ancient warrior can perform that with a stale.

But I had done that with one shot of my arrow.

Even when it missed the intended spot.

I was so angry and sad- I didn know what happened next.

Everyone was so scared and I was scared too.

Since then, mom had conducted the training herself.

I was not given proper training like the previous keepers- I simply learned how to fight and throw arrows.

And mom teach me how to do all that herself.

She would stand at the other end with an apple resting on her head and ask me to shoot.

I shake my head off that memory.

I stop walking and look ahead.

Ive made my way to a river bank

The river sparkled with life. Just somewhere between the water far ahead was a waterfall… It was pouring from a cave or mountain? I couldn tell. But it fell majestically.

I let down my veil and sat down at the shore as I watch the waves go back and forth.

”This is truly beautiful, ” I muttered under my breath.

”I see you are up here early, ” A harmonious voice announced behind me.

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