I walk gently down the stairs.

Now that I think of it; how does mom get me downstairs for training?

Or Am I following the wrong route?

”Where do you think you
e going to? ”

I lost my balance at that voice- making me fall forward.

I made to use my magic but I quickly decided against it. Whoever it is would know Im the Princess and I would be in a lot of trouble.

Thats if they don already recognize me as the Princess –

”Lousy maid! ”

Was the last thing I heard before my but hit the ground.

The pain was overwhelming.

”Come! ” It commanded

But of course, with his power.

I soon came to realize it was one of the male troops. But not just any- the one of royalty.

I got lifted from the ground and I flew towards him still holding my veil tightly.

So he had the power to stop me from falling and he didn help me? The thought of it made me furious.

He dropped me right above his feet but it wasn a smooth landing.

I fell right on my face- breaking my nose.

”Owww! ” I screamed.

”Ive been calling out to the maids to fetch me wine, but none had answered. They must all be dressing for the Coronation ” He says the last part menacingly. ”Since you happen to be here… ” he continued ”Fetch me a bottle of wine and some Apples - ”

With that, he turns around and started heading in another direction.

I looked up in my embarrassing state as I watch him go.

Oh once Im queen, Ill be sure to put him in his place. How dare he?!

I sat up my veil still covering my nose- and clenched my gown tightly.

”Lord Federick there you are- ” A male voice called.

Lord Frederick.

Lord Frederick is a decadent of the immortalized angel and god Ares.

Ares had come to deliver a message from his father Zeus to Liliths remaining descendants when he came across terra and fell in love with her.

For she was glamorous and strong with unmatched strength.

He went ahead to woo her forgetting the message he had for them.

Terra got pregnant with children.

They grew quickly.

for immortals- Infancy was the work of hours

Toddlerhood- Was slightly behind hours

And as a teenager – They grew monthly and a few moments beyond that, continue changing.

But once Eighteen, they stay in the same structure till they fade.

Terra had made him invite more of his friends for her siblings, they had multiple relationships with them.

She birthed a lot of children and the rest of the descendants of Lilith did likewise.

Ares and his friends went back on a short visit back to their father and to their home. But Zeus had refused them back in for defying him.

On his absence Terra learnt he had thousands of wives and children in his home

She disregards him and never lets him in again.

Leaving him to wander of to the only place that would harbor them without question but with a price!


But- the male offspring of Ares are very rude and demand power.

They are the warriors guarding the keepers but not as powerful in terms of magic but strength. And they wanted to be treated just as important and the same treatment the keepers get.

I snapped out of my internal monologue when I hear the other voice up close.

I move back a little…clutching my veil tightly.

”Oh there will be no need for that- the coronation is starting soon, in 20 minutes, we get to drink and have fun with the maidens. Surely you can wait till then. ”

”You think so little of me Son. ” Lord Federick laughs.


My eyes widened under the veil.

”But nevertheless lets have a few wines. A few wouldn hurt. ”

”Oh- not you son. You need not drink till the coronation is over. You need to be the one one of the new keepers chooses as her husband. But lets Go- I have something to discuss privately with you. ”

”After you, Your Grace. ” With that, they made their way in another direction.

I release a breath I didn realize I was holding.

One of the main reason I wanted to socialize so bad- mom had told me about this procedure.

I don want to be acquainted to one of these rude fellows.

I want something worth dying for.

And I think of it rather too prompt.

I got up on my feet.

At least I wasn found out, and Ive still got time even if it is just a little.

Ill be seen quickly if I take the stairs.

I look about for another path to follow when my gaze sight an entrance not far from I had stood.

And there was a light beaming at the other end.

”This is it… ”

My hands still holding my veil, I made for the entrance.

”You! ” I halt in my step.

Not again!

I turn back slowly and my eyes settled on the maiden before me. She is chubby with hazel eyes. She had a black veil on which she held loosely with one of her hands.

”Where do you think you are going,leaving the tray and bowl on the floor like that? ” she rudly questions me.

”Uhm- ” I made to say.

”And why are you taking that route! Weren you informed thats where the princess would Go forth when its time for her Coronation? ”

”I- ”

”Talking about the coronation- we should get the pastries outside, Its almost time. Or youve not finished with your dressing? It seem you
e not done sewing your gown- its torn! ” She says her finger pointing at my gown.

Lack of fashion sense! I badly wanted to spit at her. But I refrained myself pretty sure she hadn read or come across any books.

”This is my chance! ” I think to myself

”She would take me outside and I would sneak out on her. ”

”Oh! Then lets get moving. ” I say

”I call the orders here. ” She says maliciously. She turns around and says.

”Lets get moving! ” she calls out turning swiftly with one finger hanging midair.

I chuckled at that. How cute! I thought.

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