Im in the room now with no maids and no mom.

Everyone has gone to get dressed for the big occasion.

For its a day where all keepers and ex keepers, plus their subjects come together to celebrate.

They had all gone out after dressing me up for the big occasion.

But sometimes, when you hear or say stuff alone it doesn help kill your curiosity. It just keeps fueling your inquisitiveness.

Mom told me to stay seated and wait for the male troops to come and get me.

But how can I?

I sprang up my long veil adjusting at the effect.

This is the only day when Im given some privacy. The only time Ive been left alone without maids or guards.

This is my chance!

I know- Id soon been unveiled and probably get to see many persons as I ought to.

Its more than that.

Ive seen mother work herself out as a keeper.

She never gets the chance to do what she cares for.

Shes always up and giving orders.

One day I had asked her about it-

”Mom- as a keeper and ruler shouldn you be able to do whatever you please? Have fun and fulfill your inner desires? ”

She chuckled and smiled at me.

”Fun? Fun kinds of stuff are for humans. And for fulfilling my inner desires- Im doing just that. It makes me happy that Im bringing order and justice. Youd understand when its your turn, Emerald. ”Was her response to my question

But I strongly believe rulers should be acquitted to their own will and not always put others opinions and matters before theirs.

After now, Ill be busy and I won be able to have all the fun I want.

I won be able to live my dreams.

I need to see if theres anything more than these four corners of my room.

I need to see people that aren my maids.

And one hour is enough to do all that!

Don misunderstand me- Taking over as queen and one of the keepers is something Ive always wanted.

However, I don want to sit on a throne and give orders.

I want to jump from a mountain top and fight my way through to get what I want.

Just like Im about to do now.

I pulled my veil down and my green Emerald eyes sparkled with delight and magnitude.

I take one leg out from where they had previously laid and stepped on the mat.

I wiggle my legs at the impact.

I move my other leg to come to stand with the other.

Oh! my feet are so small and smooth

I squealed.

I don get the chance to appreciate my body parts sometimes- just my hair.

For my hair was very silky and smooth. I often play with it under my veil.

Its the only thing I can do and get away with.

I look at the white gown they had given me to wear- too bright for my liking.

I don even get to choose what I want to wear.


I made it towards the door, and place my ear by the door to listen for any sound.

Footsteps were heard going back and forth.

I can go through this door.

I withdraw my ear, my hand clutches my big flair gown.

Neither can I go with this- whatever!

There was no mirror for me to look at my reflection.

I walk to the other room, where my stuff is.

Ive seen the maids come in and out with clothes and attire.

I open one of the drawers- everything here is white and shiny.

Neither do I have any simple stuff to wear.

I shut it back and looked around other closets of mine- nothing.

I need to look like one of those maidens.

I looked around the room for something or any of the maids clothes.

In case they had left their stuff here.

But who was I kidding- thats not possible.

I sighed and crouched down.

”Now I can go anywhere- ” I muttered but stopped halfway when my eyes caught hold of the material.

A yellow material.

It was lying plainly on the couch.

Ugh! yellow!

One of the maids must have dropped it there.

Everyone except the Soon-to-be keepers is expected to wear yellow.

Thats the theme of the party.

I pick up the material and stare at it- I throw it up and stand at the center.

It falls back down- and covers me.


Turns into a one long sleeve gown with a slit.

”Now I like the color. ” I squeaked

Now, how to get me out.

I pace around the room- thinking of the best way to go out without being seen.

Oh, how I wish I had a window. I would have undoubtedly climbed down like the princess in my books did.

I sat on the couch and stare at my gown.

when an idea hit me.

Thats it!

No one has seen me before- so no one would be able to recognize me, thats for sure.

I can step right out of the door and no one would notice anything.

I jumped down from the couch- and made for the door.

My hand grasps the door handle and I halt-

But mother would notice.

She would instantly recognize me. She knows me too well and how clumsy I can get. What if I run into her? and I can just go about it, basically showing my face.

During the coronation- my veil would be discarded, For the population to see and know their next keeper.

I let go of the knob and take a step back- I need to do something about my face.

My mind draws back to the maids.

I have seen them several times- covering their nose and mouth with a veil.

Its expected of the maids.

They are bound to serve till old age so their face is not allowed to be seen.

Now I know what to do- I need to cover my nose and mouth, just as Ive seen the maids do.

I went back to my closet room- with the mindset of looking for a veil.

I stopped at the first drawer and glimpse through it- but its only filled in with clothes.

I move to another still the same.

I go over to the drawers opposite and opened them.

veils I squealed. ”I need to find something black ”

I skim through the different colors of veils to the very end of it and saw no glimpse of black.

I squat to the next one- and skimmed through it.

I find a short veil.

”This will do ” I mumbled

I take the veil and move over to my bedroom and sit on the couch.

I encircled it around my neck.

For some reason, I still feel like and look like royalty.

”I need to look like a maid, ” I mumbled.

I look around and my eyes settled on a tray of tea not far from my bedside.

I saunter over to it and picked it up.

I pick up the tray with a bowl on it and place it by my waistline as I had watched them do. And I use my other spare hand to hold the veil to my nose.

Satisfied with how I looked I made for the door.

”Theres no time to regret this now. ” I jerk the door open and the light beamed onto my eyes making me shut them back quickly.

”You can do this, ” I muttered before tearing my eyes wide open.

My eyes landed on the wall opposite me.

The carvings in it were elegant, incredible, and divine.

I had come out of my room for training but I was always blindfolded and taken to a dark room.

I let my eyes wander off to something else, and they landed on the long stairs five feet away from where I stood-

”Wow ” I breathed

I can believe Im amazed at my own Home.

Well- Im not to blame.

It wasn like this before.

Hiding the future keepers-

Three generations ago, some of the troops enlisted, had gone to earth and became devil servants.

They convey knowledge and information to him.

When the keepers found that out, they thought it would be safe to hide the keepers in case, they plan on stealing the gems.

When Lucifer got to hear about Liliths demise and what she had done, he did everything possible in claiming the gems.

But a seal has been made to not allow anyone to go out nor come in. Those that had gone out to conk out messages to lucifer were not able to come back in – and those that worked for Lucifer that didn have the chance to go out or was told of whats about to happen were trapped inside already.

Not all keepers were Good and committed. Some that had managed the gem had thought it best to collide with Lucifer.

Holding my veil firmly and my other hand clutching the tray by my waist, I saunter forward.

I got the stairs and slowly made my way downstairs.

”Where do you think you
e going to? ”

I lost my balance at that voice- making me fall forward.

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