I tap my fingers on my thigh impatiently.

Today is that day!


The day I finally get to meet the other princess.

I am princess Emerald.

Seventh princess and soon-to-be queen of my timeline as a terra(earth) and the next keeper of the Gem.

The terra gem.

And I possess the ability to host life- and move things… and more.

youll see wink*

Honestly, Im less interested in doing that (taking over as queen)

The only thing that beats my interest right now- is meeting civilization.

I read books. Enough books that has managed to satisfy my curiousity for the past eighteen years!

And Ive always wanted to experience one of this stuff that happens in books.

Not pushing my luck- but maybe love.

id get to stand in front of someone and take a bullet for or

Run away with or

Kiss me in my sleeping death state and wake me up- though Ive never read about that happening to a princess in her castle. They are always wandering far-

Maybe go out on dates with someone – and then… then soul mates

Ugh! so many I wanna do!

And just maybe go to earth.-Where we were originally meant to be.

Make friends- and help others.

I can wait!.

I know it has secretly been the dream of every person dwelling in this planet including the other elements gem keepers.

But nobody would hear of it.

Not after what happened to our first queen.

Usually- for the next keeper of the gem.

e not allowed to step out of the castle and no one can see your face till its time.

Ive been trained excessively- and by far the most skilled. well, not as skilled as the previous Gem keepers.

But skilled and powerful nevertheless.

Ive been guarded all my life- in books it looks fun (being a Princess.) Everyone is constantly wishing to be in their shoes not knowing that,the shoe hurts a lot sometimes. At least in books.

Right now Im seated covered in my long veil. as Mother keeps lecturing me about the history and standards guiding us.

For the 1000000000th time!

”Oh… mom!

If the gems were so sacred why does it have to be in our hands, I mean why can someone invisible hold them for safe keeping? ” I question my mother.

Don get me wrong, though.

When I was little, I don mind hearing about the history and norms. In fact, I never wanted to listen to anything else except that.

I had to take in and digest every piece of information.

I love every detail and I did not consider it terrifying at all. Unlike the previous keepers. Well, according to mom and the maidens that had come to clean my room.

They said; It usually frightens them and made them not able to sleep for days.

But the first time I was told, I had disturbed mom to feed me with details.

I mean, whats there to be scared or worked up about?

Instead, I find it adventurous and fantastic!

Considering it now, I think I should have acted scared back then.

Because now, its given the impression Im not serious- which is not true by the way.

”You need to take this serious, Emy! ”

mom scolds.

I stare at her.

Oh mom! I mentally lamented

She sat on the small couch her knees bent forward.

The loose strands resting by her forehead blew back into its original position.

Her stilled face were staring back at me through the veils.

She scares me at times.

We kept gazing at each other as the wind blew past- and I decided to break the silence

”If I wasn , I wouldn be asking you why it is as it is, Mom. ” I retort.

I made to stand up my long veil rising slightly

”Sit! emerald! ”Mom whispers.

And I sat down immediately- No, not because I was scared of her( Im scared of my mother) but she used her powers on me.

”I can believe you used your power on me, Mom! ”

”Would you have sat down if I requested calmly? ”

”Yesssssssssss ” I stressed

”The truth ” She whispers

And she did it again.

”No ” I answered instantly

”Mom— ” I scold

”Ah! yes… where was I? ”

I rolled my eyes under the veil.

”Here we go again ” I mumble.

”Lilith the first queen of our kingdom possessed the elements of all creation.

She was the second fallen angel that left heaven and she was a lover of Lucifer. But when she had rebelled against God to seek refuge with Lucifer, Lucifer had left her for another of the fallen angels.

He did not love her but himself alone.

When Lilith had realized this, She went back to plead with God but he didn take her back. He turned his back on her.

She took off to another planet. This planet; Mars, stayed here. But she eventually got bored of existing alone and decided to go to Earth where she met with a mortal and fell in love With a human.


Adam wanted her to be submissive, but Lilith was never heard of being under anyone or doing their biddings.

For with her help was all creation made.

God had declared it and she had made it happen.

Lilith loved Adam so she agreed on having equal rights. They came to terms and made a Promise with Adam for them to have equal rights sealing the promise with a sexual intercourse. ”

”Again, Mom. Whats that like? ”

I asked her.

But of course, she wouldn answer.

Each time she repeated the story, I would ask

her and she would dodge the question.

Once when I was young, I had asked mother what mortals look like.

She simply said.

They are shape like us

That had bothered me for nights.

”She birthed a lot of children.

Seven in total. ” She continued dismissing my previous questions

”But Lilith and Adam started having issues again. For Lilith children had powers and Adam didn . They would stress over it and call Adam a weakling and disrespect him. Adam couldn take it anymore- he was still in charge of the garden. He divorced Lilith and sent her and her children packing.

Lilith was not happy about this development especially when she found out that she has

been replaced.

She went back to her planet.

Her children were deadly and carried all sins.

She knew she could get back at Adam with them, but she choose peace.

She believed if she looked past it, God would take her back- ”

I yawn loudly cutting mom short.

But of course, she continued.

I wonder if all mothers are like my mom.

”They were the three most rebellious of her children, that did not want peace. in fact, they had gone down to meet Lucifer and made a deal with him to do something to make Adam suffer and Eve thrown out.

This pushed Lilith further away from God. she pulled out her life string and power from herself dividing it into four, and she gave it to her four children- ”

”Yes mom, youve told me the story the hundredth time. Her four children; are Fire, Water, Air, and Terra. And they all lived happily ever after, reproducing and creating life. ”

I rolled her eyes.

e not getting the point, Emerald. ”

My mom says calmly.

But I know shes pissed at me.

Just then, the bell rang and I jump up in delight.

”Its time! Mother! ”

She gives me a weak smile.

”Yes baby, Its your turn to be a keeper ”

”No. not that mom! ” I wanted to say to her but I changed my mind.

I don want her to postpone the days event.

I wonder what the outside world holds-

”Sit still- theyll come pick you up in an hour time. ”

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