The Last Of The Elementals

Chapter Ten (Queen Emily\'s Point of view)

”Talking about relatives, here comes one of your dad. ” Aurora cools.

Dads? I wonder whats that like.

I turn my head in curiosity, and my eyes landed on him. He was one of the warrior leaders that I had a glimpse through while taking a walk upstairs. I had noticed him at first for his long beards. They were dark, shiny and ruddy. Its length was quivering. For it reached his protruding stomach.

His red hair fell to his shoulders. He looks old.

We, semi- immortals years aren measured as the same as Mortals. But if I were to guess his age- he would be in his latest fifties. Even at that he still has a young babyish face.

For one it suited him, but I wasn sure if the smirk he has played on his face… Fits.

He finally gets to where we are and stopped.

He doesn acknowledge our presence. He snatches Serenas hand and places a kiss on it.

My eyes brightened in pleasure.

Surely, Id like to have my hand kissed someday.

Not certain I want an old man to be the one doing it.

”You look well, princess ” he compliments

Serena snatches back her hand not returning his commendation.

”Im afraid I can say the same for you, Lord Phineas. ”

He chuckles loudly before retreating his hand to his side.

Lord Phineas.

The name sounds familiar…

”Ive come to tell you- My son.. ”

”For the last time, Lord Phineas. I won be choosing your son as a husband. ” she interrupts him.

Lord Phineas stumbles forward his protruding stomach bounces as he does so,as he tries to stimulate her into accepting.

”We need a strong queen and a powerful warrior, My son is the best warrior in the water region. He is the one for you- ”

”I rather choose one of the guards than settle for a spineless man that poses and parades himself as the strongest of all in our region. You should thank your star there hasn been any war in our planet, if not your son heads will be the first to be cut out for his senseless brain and incapacity. Ill say it again, for the very last time. I can not do that which youve asked of me. ” Serena spat at him.

His eyes flashed with resentment and Aurora and Freya comes to stand next to Serena while I stood still and watched in awe.

Surely, Ive been told about the marriage that follows after a coronation. Its the only question I had managed to ask mum that she answered in-depth for better understanding.

I wonder why Serena is upset, isn it something to be joyous about?

Shes finally going to get married and love.

Isn that something all maidens dream of? Or is it just me?

Lost in my thoughts, I hadn noticed when Lord Phineas walked out. I only got to realize that when I saw Freya and the others, tucking a shiny object like a stick, from wherever they brought it out from.

Ive seen my mother with it, whenever she comes to visit or whenever shes with me. Ive come to realize its stale. They all had one except me.

”You know, ” Serena lets out and we all turn to her expectantly.

”I wish I was the only child. I wish I didn have a lot of siblings or relatives, I wonder what thats like sometimes. ”

I go over to her and pat her on her shoulders, she doesn seem pleased at that but she made no effort to withdraw so I continued.

Freya stands up from where she sat beside Serena and beckons to me to come to take her place. I smiled in gratitude before taking the now-given space.

I exhaled as I take my seat before her, and fiddle with my finger.

”Trust me, it isn fun to not have any relatives. I don have any relatives and it sucks. ” I began.

They all stared at me in surprise.

”Yes you do! ” Serena declares

”Stop playing, Emerald ” Aurora added.

”You come from a long decendant, you have a hundredth relatives, Emerald. I understand you
e trying to make me feel better but I would appreciate if you don lie for my sake. ”Serena says and I can feel anger lace in her voice as she spoke.

Quite taking aback and not pleased with the way she spoke to me, I stood up angrily.

”Even if I do have relatives, I don know what they
e like. ” I snapped

”Are you telling me, I know your relatives more than you do? ” Aurora questions.

I turn to look at her and got caught up staring at her glowing eyes.

She was using magic on me.

”Yes ” I answered unwillingly.

Her eyes returned back to normal and she had this look of disbelief in her face.

”Shes not lying. ”

”No wonder you did not acknowledge or regarded anyone while we strolled down here. But at least you know your siblings, yeah? ”

I shake my head saying no and a shocked.

I have siblings?

”The only thing I know is that; my father was one of those that rebelled against Lilith. By going out to seek refuge in Lucifers Den. ”

I told them with mixed emotions.

This was one of the few things my mother had told me. The few she deemed important to let me know.

”But at least, you know and recognize your siblings? A younger sister to be specific ” Freya questions.

I felt my heart thumped faster than before at the mention of having siblings.

A younger sister? Something Ive never felt before burned through me and I exhaled trying to catch my breath.

Freyas eyes widen as she already knew the answer to her question.

She points towards a direction and my eyes followed and it lands on a sitting Marian. She has her back facing us but I knew it was Marian.

I exhaled heavily- feeling a powerful fluid tighten around my chest, like its about to explode.

I close my eyes and I try to repeat my mothers soothing words she had told me when I feel pressure in my chest.

I crouched low and exhaled deeply.

”Breathe, smile and be calm- ” I chant calmly and repeatedly.

I fixed my gaze back on my sister- her eyes were fixed on the other maidens happily chatting with their friends. She had a sour expression on. She sighs before going back and fidgeting with her nails.

”Ive never encountered one, not even had the chance to meet and be with my sister.Because of this ridiculous restriction for princess and soon to be Keepers, to stay in their room till their coronation. ”

I could feel tension behind me as I kept staring at my sisters sad figure. The fact they all had their eyes on me made me realize theres something more. I veered around my gaze fixed on them.

”What is it? ”

”I think your mother is hiding something from you. ”

I tilt my head in confusion. ”Why would you say that? ”

”Because there is no such rule. We all had our freedom after clocking ten. That was how we met each other and why our friendship is strong as ever. You were supposed to come on that day but your mother failed to bring you. I don know what your mother is hiding this from you or why she is hiding you, but one thing is certain. Ninety percent of your childhood and what you were told are all lies. ” Freya answered.

For a moment it felt like time stopped. everyone stopped moving. The loud chattering from the audience had seized and the only sound I could hear was my heart thumping loudly. The fluid tighten around my chest felt like a bomb that was about to blow off.

I shut my eyes and stilled.

Control it!

I recalled what mom had said on the first day of my training. I had just clocked ten and was ready for my training.

I remember feeling the same way I had felt now, how angry I was just like now.

The memory of me missing the target flashed through my head. I couldn hit it properly.

”Its your first time, its okay to fail. ”

She had said. But I wasn okay with that. I was so not okay.

A day before I turned ten, my mother had told me how the princess of the other region did excellent on their first training.

That burning rage of failing!

I opened my eyes and all the sounds came back into my ear everyone were now looking at our direction.

I could see freya and the others bringing their stale out as they started at me.

They all had fear in her eyes- thats because the aura emitting from me was giving a dominating and pressuring aura.

”Breathe. Smile and be calm… ” A voice cooled .

This time I wasn chanting it in my head. I heard if loud and clear.

That could only mean one thing; Mother was here and had uttered that out.

I turn to the direction I heard it from which was from behind.

I didn miss the loud gasp that had left her lips.

”Not this time, Mother. ”

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