Chapter 8: Stop the hatred


“Mother, mother.”

Zhulan wiped her hands quickly when she heard the little girl, “Well, why are you still crying, tell your mother who bullied you.”

Xuehan’s face was darkened, “Aunt Wu and the others said, that father is going to die, hiccup.”

Zhulan hurriedly patted her daughter’s back, and the little girl hiccupped from crying, “Don’t listen to the nonsense, your father is fine!”


Zhulan smiled, “Really, see mother is making medicine for your father!”

“Then I’ll go and see my father.”

Zhulan hurriedly followed, then paused, it only took a day, she accepted it so naturally, she really regarded herself as her mother.
Entering the room, Xuehan carefully touched her father’s head, sniffed and said, “Father, get well soon.”


Zhu Lan touched her daughter’s hair and felt warm in her heart.
She really liked this feeling.
The child had a good heart and was still filial, “Don’t bother your father, come on, mother has left you meat buns.””

Xuehan swallowed her saliva and stopped crying.
She stared at the meat buns, then looked at her father who was lying on the kang without waking up, and shook her head, “My father is sick, and I will keep it for my father.””

Zhulan’s heart was soft and messed up, and she stuffed it to her daughter, “Your father is sick, he can’t eat too oily, you can eat this!”

Xuehan just picked it up, bending her eyes, “Thank you mother, have you eaten yet?”

Zhulan hurriedly stopped her, “Don’t give the buns to Sanya, you can eat them yourself.”

Xuehan blinked her eyes, “Mother, Sanya wasn’t able to get up after being beaten, if I had not sent the cornbread, she could be worse.
The Wang family didn’t even give her any food.”

Zhulan felt uncomfortable when she heard that, so Xuehan also saved Sanya.

“You have a good heart, but you have to be careful, isn’t it? You won’t attract attention if you send corncakes, but you can’t send buns because Sanya won’t be able to eat them.
If she doesn’t speak well, she will be beaten again.
Do you think Sanya can live then? “

Xuehan thought for a while, “She ate cornbread secretly in the morning and was asked by Granny Wang when I was leaving.
Mother, I will listen to you, I won’t go.”

“Good boy, now go out!”


Zhulan was happy that her daughter didn’t seek hatred and didn’t waste food on the white-eyed wolf, so she couldn’t help humming.

Afterwards, she was taken aback.
The original’s husband didn’t know when he had opened his eyes and was staring straight at her, his eyes were a little flustered.
Zhu Lan faltered, “Ok, you have woken up.
I’ll go and make medicine for you.”


As she spoke, she ran out quickly and called to the eldest daughter-in-law, “Your father is awake, hurry up and boil some rice porridge.”

Li shi was startled, she stuffed her face and bit her tongue, a little bit big, “Okay, okay Mother.”

Zhulan, “…”

After repeating it silently three times, it was poor and troublesome, so it was smooth, she really didn’t like Li Shi’s appearance of stealing food.

Zhulan sat on a small bench and looked at the clay pot, thinking of her husband’s weirdness, and the memories of her original body.
The two young couple had experienced wind and rain together again, their relationship was forged by iron.
The way her husband looked at her this time was too wrong.
It’s not like looking at his wife, but like a stranger.


This thought made Zhulan jump, and her heart became more and more uneasy.
Could it be that he found out that she was not his original wife?


Then she thought it was wrong, she hadn’t had contact with her husband since daytime, and the only time she had contact with her husband, he had fainted.
When she recalled carefully, she remembered that her husband has been weird since the morning, and the doctor said that he was thinking a lot.
So she couldn’t help but make some guesses, and she couldn’t hold back the thought together.


Li shi yelled, “Mother, the rice porridge is ready.”


And you control your mouth for me.
If I see you stealing, see how I deal with you, do you remember?”

“Remember Yes, mother.”


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