The Journey Of The Peasant Mother-in-law Chapter 70: Not Easy Being A Woman

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After lunch, Li shi left again to watch the follow-up development.


Zhulan patted her little granddaughter Yulu lying on the kang.
This child was basically brought up by Zhao shi.
She teased the child’s little hand, “Your mother is heartless.”


The little baby’s black eyes widened.
Yes, no one guided her to speak, and she couldn’t speak yet, so she yelled.

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Zhu Lan squinted her eyes, “I’m naǐ nai, say, naǐ nai.” (1)


Zhao shi got along with her mother-in-law a lot now and knew that her mother-in-law was good to her granddaughters, so she couldn’t help rubbing her belly.
Before she was afraid that if she had a second daughter her mother-in-law would not like it, but now she felt at ease.
However, she still hoped to have a son.
Only when there are sons and daughters in the family can she not be bullied.


Zhulan noticed Zhao shi’s actions, and because pregnant women tend to think too much, she couldn’t help but comfort her, “I like your daughter too, don’t think about it.
I have a bad temper but I’m not a cruel person, you can relax yourself.”


Zhao is indeed a person with many thoughts.
Having too many thoughts can be challenging, and it can make one’s life more exhausting.
In comparison, Li seems to be more fortunate and blessed.


Zhao shi smiled brightly.
Her mother-in-law was a person who kept her word.
So she was completely relieved, and said, “Mother, I hope this child is a son.
Only when there is a son in the family, will it not affect Yushuang’s reputation.
If there is no son, the daughter’s reputation is not good, and few are willing to marry.”

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Zhulan was slightly taken aback by Zhao’s smile, and it made her realize that Zhao was actually quite beautiful.
In the memories of her original self, Zhao always had her head down, wiping away tears, and the glimpses of her eyes revealed a sorrowful and unpleasant expression.
No one liked a gloomy face, and her original self had never paid much attention to Zhao’s appearance.


Since she was here, Zhao shi still continues to cry and dare not look up.
This was the first time she saw Zhao shi smiling.
No wonder the eldest granddaughter was like a fairy girl.
She had been thinking about the genetic mutation more than once in her heart, and now she knew it was thanks to Zhao shi’s genes.


The original self had a decent appearance, while Zhou Shuren was just an average-looking person.
Neither of them stood out in terms of looks.
Their eldest and second child didn’t inherit exceptional features either.
It was better for them to be average-looking, as their physique took after the Yang family.


On the other hand, the third and fourth sons were quite the opposite.
They had faces that resembled their uncle and Zhu Lan more, which was considered good-looking in the village.
Their physique took after the Zhou family, being lean and slender.


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The two daughters, however, took after the best qualities of Zhu Lan and her husband.
Among the beautiful ones, they could barely be considered beauties.


Yet, Zhu Lan couldn’t bring herself to speak insincerely.
The best-looking person in the family, Xuehan, still couldn’t compare to Zhao shi.
Zhao shi was truly a beauty.
Zhou’s second son had a sharp gaze, and thinking too much had made Zhu Lan’s eyes appear more profound.


Seeing her mother-in-law staring at her, Zhao shi didn’t dare to cry anymore, and lowered her head even lower, “Mother, am I right?”


Zhulan felt sorry for Zhao shi, and took Mrs.
Zhao’s hand, “What you said is quite right, this world is not easy for women.”


In these sad ancient times, it was really difficult for women.
If you don’t get married, you are afraid of affecting your reputation every day.
If you get married, you will be ruled by your mother-in-law.
There was hardly a day you lived for yourself.

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Zhao shi’s heart exploded.
She always felt that her mother-in-law had discovered her, so she didn’t dare to stay in her mother-in-law’s room, so she hurriedly picked up Yulu, “Mother, I’m taking the child to bed.”


Zhulan’s voice softened, “Go.”


Zhao shi paused, panicked a bit, and quickly carried the child away!



Paternal grandmother


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