Second Zhou looked at his mother’s eyes which seemed to be smiling but not smiling, and he didn’t dare to hide it.
The old lady had just lost her temper and so he said flatteringly: “Mother, these are all Qiu Niang’s (1) saving from selling her embroidered purse and handkerchiefs.
She has saved all these little by little.”


The couple knew that they were not favored, and they were afraid of being wronged (2) when they separated in the future, So they started saving money slowly as soon as they got married.


Zhulan had some memories.
Zhao Shi spent most of her time indoors, while Second Zhou would occasionally go to the county town.
Looking at the silver coins on the table, they had many unusual items at home.
Zhao Shi kept all the money on her, and Zhou Lao Er knew about it and agreed!


Zhulan motioned to Zhao shi, “Put away the money and eat.”


Zhao shi stared at her mother-in-law’s face without blinking.
Seeing that she was not angry, her tears fell again, “Mother, you are so kind.”


“I shouldn’t have been so guarded against you before!”


Zhulan doesn’t plan to talk to Zhao shi anymore, she was afraid that her tears could flood the Zhou family!


Li shi stared straight at the money of the second family and felt that the scrambled eggs were not delicious.
The big house was not as rich as the second family, and she felt sad.
She glanced at her mother-in-law.
Feeling that the second child’s family was more capable, she moved her buttocks and always felt that the position of the eldest daughter-in-law was not guaranteed, so she glared at Zhao shi, this was a traitor, no, she wanted to make progress!


In Fourth Wang’s family, Fourth Wang took two sips of water angrily.
Holding the silver coins in his hand, he felt a sense of pride.
He remembered being looked down upon and treated as if he were begging for work at Zhou’s house, which infuriated him.
From then on, he decided to stay far away from Zhou’s family.


Wang Ru stood in the yard and didn’t go in.
She instigated her father, hoping that the Zhou family would also have a big scene, but she didn’t expect her father to be beaten back.
What a waste.


When Fourth Wang saw the little girl, his complexion was not good, “What are you doing in the yard, go to work.”


Wang Ru was sullen.
The last time she went to the county town to sell recipes for thirty taels of silver, she couldn’t secretly hide any of it.
She gave all of it to her cheap father.
She got a slap when she tried to ask for her share.
Fortunately, she had ten taels of silver that she hadn’t touched.
She turned around with a scornful laugh, thinking to herself, “Dream on if you think I’ll come up with ideas to help you!”


Zhulan didn’t know about the drama going on in Fourth Wang’s family, but she was thinking about him after dinner.
In the novel, Fourth Wang loved his daughter and his wife.
Well, Wang Ru did business in secret, and when it came out that his wife had miscarried their son, Fourth Wang’s desire for his capable daughter to marry into a well-off family seemed like a typical behavior of a good father.


Now it has completely changed.
The miscarriage did not happen, what was in Sun shi’s stomach was more precious.
Wang Ru was not given a chance to develop and grow, and there were more conflicts in Fourth Wang’s family.
She really hoped that Fourth Wang’s family will have internal friction so that Wang Ru doesn’t have time to calculate her family.


It was getting dark in the afternoon, Zhou Shuren and the boss just came back, and Zhulan smelled alcohol from a long distance away, “Have you been drinking?”


Zhou Shuren grinned.
Originally, he had a good capacity for alcohol.
He didn’t develop it before, but now he knows it.
He was very satisfied, “I drank some, didn’t you eat dinner?”


Zhulan looked carefully into Zhou Shuren’s eyes, it’s good that he wasn’t drunk, she hated people who became crazy after drinking, “No, the porridge is not yet ready!” she replied.


Zhou Shuren raised what he was carrying in his hand, seeking praise with an eager expression.
“The famous roasted chicken and pig’s head meat at Wang’s Restaurant are incredibly delicious.
I specifically brought them back for you.”


Zhu Lan’s eyes instantly lit up.
All the food in ancient times was naturally safe and trustworthy, without any additives.
Homemade food was already excellent, but she had always wanted to try dishes from a restaurant, although she hesitated due to the expense.
Now she felt that her partner was thoughtful.
“That’s very considerate of you.”


The eldest grandson Mingyun smelled the smell of roast chicken, and the little guy was hungry, “Grandpa bought it for us?”


Zhou Shuren replied straightforwardly, “It’s for your naǐ nai (3).”


So don’t worry about it, this is what he brought back to gain favor.


Ming Yun’s eyes widened.
Aren’t they all your sons and grandsons? He felt cheated!


Boss Zhou was cured in an instant, silly son, your yé ye (4) only has your naǐ nai in his eyes, and his children and grandchildren can be thrown away!


This is the name of Zhao shi.
Qiu and Niang generally mean mother. It means that they were afraid they could receive less or nothing at all when their family separated. Paternal grandmother Paternal grandfather

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