Second Zhou regretted it, especially regretting talking to Fourth Wang.
It was best to avoid people like him.
So his tone became more and more indifferent, “Is there anything else?”


Fourth Wang frowned, a little confused, why didn’t Second Zhao envy him? After all, they both had the same kind of existence in their family! So he emphasized it again, “I have separated, I can live freely, my daughter is not wronged, and I have money in my hand.”


So, you should envy, and then actively want to separate from your home, right?


Second Zhou, “…”


Fourth Wang scared him to death.
Was he here to sow discord? Turns out Fourth Want was this kind of person.
Wasn’t this just framing him?


Zhulan, “…”


She sneered, Fourth Wang had not changed, his nature was like this.
His tone was so pretentious that it was difficult for people to ignore him.
And she understood why he was dissatisfied with her; in his eyes, she and Wang Zhang shi were the same people.
She felt insulted, how were they the same? She was obviously a good mother-in-law!


Zhulan’s face turned cold.
Someone came to the door to provoke her to die, “Fourth brother, if you have the time to provoke Changyi to envy the separation, why don’t you go back and live your own life? Don’t forget your surname just because you have two dollars.
And yes, don’t be self-righteous and think that you are Changyi’s friend, he just pities you, but unexpectedly, he will repay his kindness with revenge.
If he really wants to have a friend like you, it will be a disaster for eight lifetimes.”


Fourth Wang turned pale and angry.
Yes, he was the head of the family, and when he came to the door, he was slapped in the face.
He erupted with anger, “The second child is like me, his father doesn’t love, and his mother doesn’t care.
I know you are angry and afraid that the free labor will be taken away, so you are framing me.
My brother and I understand each other.”


Second Zhuo wanted to curse at him.
How dare he insult his mother! He got angry, “Who the hell are you to compare yourself to me? My parents love and value me, and they treat my daughter and son the same way.
I have my own savings.
What do you understand about my life? I shouldn’t have sympathized with you in the first place.
It only brought me trouble.
You look innocent and honest on the outside, but your heart is black.”


Just as Zhulan wanted to speak out, the sound of copper coins attracted her attention.
Zhao’s purse was thrown on the table, and she tore it open, and all the money fell out.
Zhulan’s eyes were fixed on the silver coins, she estimated that there were more than three liang, plus a bunch of copper coins.
Good guy, no wonder Zhao’s purse was always bulging.
She always thought that she hid some food as she was pregnant and felt angry, but it turned out she was hiding money!


Zhao shi became angry.
Fourth Wang came to trouble her and her husband.
She stared at Sun shi, “We have money.
Not only does my mother-in-law allow us to save our own money, but she also gives me five wen a month as an allowance.
Which daughter-in-law gets an allowance!”


Zhao shi didn’t think that was exciting enough.
She quickly untied her daughter’s purse and shook out some malt sugar and a few copper coins.
“My daughter is different from yours.
She dresses well and eats well.
She has egg custard every morning.
My daughter is precious.
No, all the daughters in our Zhou family are precious.”


She remembered what Mother said, and she wanted to cry again, Mother is so kind!


Zhulan was stunned, she was shocked by Zhao Shi’s operation, and her tone was particularly dazzling.
This time Zhao Shi cried, Zhulan didn’t feel numb, but instead patted Zhao Shi, “Don’t get angry, Mother doesn’t believe this villain’s instigation.
You two are good, Mother knows it in her heart.”


Zhao shi was a little silly, Mother patted her head, “The head of the house, Mother patted my head.”




Second Zhou wanted to cover his face, silly daughter-in-law, you have completely exposed the privacy of the family, “Yes.”


Fourth Wang’s face turned red, but this time it was from embarrassment.
He realized that he was different from the Second son Zhou.
Upon closer inspection, he noticed that Second Zhou’s clothes had no patches and that his complexion was healthy and not at all troubled.
Second Zhou’s daughter’s clothes were also in perfect condition, and the young girl looked like a little angel.
Pointing at Second Zhou, Fourth Wang said, “You tricked me.
I misjudged you.”


He finished his words and pulled Sun shi to rush out.


Zhulan’s face turned dark.
She hated people who always shifted blame and never admitted their own mistakes.
“The Zhou family doesn’t welcome you and your spouse,” she said sternly.
Li shi saw Fourth Wang running away and turned her gaze towards Zhao shi and Second Zhou.
“Mother, something’s not right about the Second son’s private savings,” she said, hinting at a possible misdeed.


Zhulan said, “…”


She had already found out, but she just didn’t want to ask.


Zhao shi was in a hurry.
She just wanted to prove her point, and she was exposed.
So she hurriedly asked the head of the family for help!

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