Chapter 65: Black History



Boss Zhou came back a bit late, Zhulan had some experience in estimating the time, the eldest son came back around 7:00 pm and he had gone for an hour.


There was a knock on the door, and Boss Zhou stood at the door, “Father, I have something to say.”


Zhou Shuren put on his shoes and went out of the room.
The father and son talked outside the door for a while, and Boss Zhou went back to rest.


Zhulan asked, “What did the Li family say?”


She knew that Zhou Shuren had given an idea, and the boss came back and knocked on the door, probably because he had something to discuss.


Zhou Shuren was a little dissatisfied with his eldest son’s inability to keep calm, so he made a note in his heart that when he comes back from the south, he would train his Eldest son well, “Old lady Li knows that I am going to the south, and she wants Li’s father to go with me.”


Zhulan stood up.
She really admired Old Lady Li.
She was a capable woman who kept the family afloat despite the lack of intelligence in her husband and children.
Whenever Li shi nagged about her, Old Lady Li would become depressed for a long time and then go to the tomb to scold her deceased husband.
It was amusing to think that the intelligence of the women in the Li family was really strong.
The men and the children may not be that smart but the daughters-in-law of the Li family were all quite smart.


Zhou Shuren heard the laughter, “What are you laughing at?”


Zhulan explained instead, “Old lady Li is really smart, from your idea of ​​selling kimchi to the escort company, the old lady thought of selling the recipe to the south for maximum benefit!”


Zhou Shuren had a good impression of the old lady of the Li family, ” It’s not easy for an old lady in her sixties.
She also fears that she doesn’t know how long she can live and wants to take this opportunity to gain some experience with her in-laws.”


Zhu Lan stopped laughing, feeling deeply saddened.
Grandma Li really cared and worried too much.
To put it plainly, she was afraid to die.
‘After all, we’re family, so please take care of them more!


Zhou Shuren smiled, “I know it well.”


Zhulan had developed the habit of going to bed early in ancient times, and she felt a little sleepy as it was quite late, “It’s getting late, hurry up and go to bed!


Zhou Shuren responded and blew off the oil lamp.


After dinner the next day, Zhou Shuren took Boss Zhou to Zhulan’s natal family.
The Li family sold kimchi to the escort company and asked the Yang family for help.


Zhulan didn’t intend to tell Li shi at all.
Li shi could never be able to keep her mouth shut.
Not only did she not tell her, but she also stopped Li shi from going back to her natal family.
She didn’t want her to know that Wang Ru was trying to take revenge on her for stealing her recipe.
Anyway, Li shi was from the Zhou family, and Zhulan protected her weaknesses.
What she was most waiting for was the wonderful expression on Wang Ru’s face when she sees her calculations amounted to nothing.


At lunchtime, Li shi, who had watched enough excitement and came back satisfied, “Mother, the Wang family has separated.”


Zhulan was also quite curious, as the situation was different, “How did Wang Zhang shi separate the family?”


She felt that she could not offend her mother-in-law and said with some sympathy: “The fourth Wang left the house without being allowed to take anything.
The things they bought yesterday were also detained by Wang Zhang shi.”


She patted her chest, she would be unlucky in eight lifetimes with such a mother-in-law, and once her mind was filled with her own mother-in-law, she must have been a lucky person in her previous life.
Good people don’t dare to think that the fifth life can come.


Zhulan hissed, this was much more ruthless than what was written in the novel.
Ignoring Li shi’s inexplicable self-righteousness, she hurriedly asked, “The Fourth Wang’s family has been driven away, where do they live now?”


Li Shi knew,” They rented the mud house behind our house.”


Zhulan was disappointed.
She really hoped that Wang Ru would have the ambition to take Fourth Wang’s family to live in the county town, and in the future, they would be far away from their family.
However, her wish didn’t come true and instead they would be closer instead.
Waving her hand she said, “Go and cook!”


Li shi shared some gossip and was in a good mood.
She replied, “Okay, mother.”


Lunchtime came, and since Zhou Shuren and his eldest son were not at home, so there was no need to set the table for everyone.
Just as they were about to start eating, Sun shi and Fourth Wang arrived, looking for Second Zhou.


Zhulan glared at the second son, knowing it was his fault that Fourth Wang got the wrong idea and now he’s come to their doorstep.


“Didn’t Old Wang move out after the separation? Why is he here now?” Zhou Lao Er regretted it greatly.
He had never failed to deceive people before, but he had ended up deceiving himself in front of Fourth Wang.
It was a black history for him.


Fourth Wang had been suppressed for many years, and now he was very sensitive after being enlightened.
He knew that he had offended the Zhou family several times, and even the honest Second Zhou had opinions about him.
There was no sense of existence in the family, and he don’t care about it, “We are friends.
I didn’t see you when we were separated, so I came here to talk to you.”


Second Zhou, “…”


Who is your friend, don’t scare him!


Zhu Lan, “…”


She really read it right; Fourth Wang had a problem with her? Even if it was hidden, the dissatisfaction in his eyes was aimed at her!


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