Chapter 63: A Sweet Burden



Zhulan’s complexion was not very good, why did this couple have the same problem of overthinking?


Boss Zhou became more and more disturbed when he saw Mother’s ugly face, “Mother, it’s all because your son is unfilial.
When you were sick, I didn’t take good care of you.
I’m such an unfilial son.”


Zhulan waved her hand, feeling tired, “It has nothing to do with you, just drive the cart.”


After saying that, Zhulan looked at Zhou Shuren quietly, “Private money?”


Zhou Shuren froze, he did have private money, but he kept forgetting to say, mainly because he didn’t have much money, he didn’t take it seriously, and now he thinks it’s a big deal “Listen to me.”


Boss Zhou shrank into a quail, “…”


Now he felt sorry for his father, he was not filial!


Zhulan didn’t want to talk outside, she leaned on the tub and glanced around.
She wanted to go home and talk.


Zhou Shuren glared at Boss Zhou who was peeking, the eldest couple were total pig teammates! (1)


After hauling a cart full of things back, they came back even slower.
They arrived home at noon, and there were more people than usual at the village entrance, with men, women, young, and old gathered there.


Zhulan pressed her forehead.
A whole cart of things, and she didn’t know how to pass them on.
Now it was too late to change the route.


Especially when she saw Zheng shi, Zhulan knew that she hated her.
Because of her, Zheng shi became the public enemy of the mothers-in-law in the village.
Although she was loved by the daughters-in-law, Mrs.
Zheng would not be happy.
The easier the daughter-in-law’s life, the harder it is for the Zheng family.
Zhulan was the number one enemy of the Zheng family.


Sure enough, Mrs.
Zheng yelled from a long distance away, “Sǎozi, (2) did you go to the county to prepare the dowry? Or am I mistaken? With the Tong husband becoming a nǚxù, (3) the daughter’s dowry is saved.”


Unfortunately, Zhulan wasn’t angry at all.
She didn’t get mad and continued to smile.
“I bought everything for home use.
Why does my dìmèi (4) have such a look on her face? Are your eyes not working properly? Oh, could it be that you make shoes for a living! (5) My dìmèi Zheng shì is a really good mother-in-law.
Now you won’t even let your daughter-in-law make shoes.
As a sǎozi, I feel ashamed compared to you.
I won’t delay your love for your daughter-in-law.
I’ll go back and have lunch with my daughters-in-law.”


Zheng shi watched the ox cart go away.
This was not what she expected.
The little daughter of the Zhou family was raised like a lady from the landlord’s family.
Judging others by oneself, she always thought that Yang Shi was trying to climb the social ladder through her daughter’s marriage.
Zhu Shi from the Zhang Tie family had said that the husband was a child-raising husband, but no one believed her.
The Zhou family’s four sons couldn’t possibly take on a burden.


Zheng shi just wanted to disgust Yang shi, and then, taking advantage of Yang shi’s straight temper, she wanted to make sure that the rumour that they were having a foster husband for their daughter was a reality.
But Yang shi didn’t get mad, and Zheng shi ended up being embarrassed.
Her vision blackened, and she hurried home in desperation!


Zhulan really didn’t take it to heart, even if it came true, she and Zhou Shuren were willing, especially after observing the two of them, they both took the joke seriously and agreed that the childhood sweetheart was much more reliable than the hero!


Okay, both of them have a cleanliness obsession, especially after learning that Wang Ru had managed to make a comeback with the original male lead as her husband, the male lead was excluded as a candidate for their son-in-law!

Both of them knew it in their hearts, there was no need to worry about their status, they planned not to spoil their daughter’s reputation.


When they reached home, they had lunch and divided the things in the car.
Fortunately, most of them were for family use.
The two daughters-in-law weren’t anxious but were very happy with the cotton and coarse cloth distributed to each family.


Boss Zhou raised his head and looked at the sky, feeling the weight of his responsibilities.
At the same time, he felt a secret joy that only he knew about his family.
He couldn’t help but feel melancholic and said, ‘A sweet burden!”


Zhulan sprayed water from her mouth and choked.
Looking at the eldest son like a ghost, “Mother didn’t hear what you just said!”


Boss Zhou blushed, and stammered, “Sweet as a honey burden.”


Why was Mother beside him?


Zhulan covered her mouth to keep herself from laughing out loud, the boss is a talent, and she laughed to death.


Boss Zhou saw the smile in his mother’s eyes that was about to overflow, and felt like he was on fire.
This time he was ashamed, “Mother, I’m going to chop firewood!”


Zhulan couldn’t help laughing, and Zhou Shuren even drew it out.
“What are you two so happy about?”


Zhulan stopped laughing after a long time but didn’t share it.
She felt that she should save some face for the cheap eldest son.
The eldest son, face is also very important.
“…Go into the room and talk.”


Sorry with travel to my Hometown and guests at home, I have been neglecting my translations.
Including tomorrow, 11 posts are due, and I hope to do so!!


It means unreliable teammates who unknowingly sabotage the team. Wife of husband’s elder brother’s wife Son-in-law Wife of husband’s younger brother’s wife What Zhulan is trying to say is that Zheng shi’s eyes got bad because she was making shoes all the time (which generally one’s daughter-in-law made for them)


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