Chapter 62: Private House




After buying the ready-made clothes, Zhulan looked for other things for other members of the house.
The Zhou family had no shortage of winter clothes, but Zhulan wanted to make a thick quilt for herself and Zhou Shuren.
Then she thought why treat one more favorably than another, plus there was Rong Chuan, come on, let’s make for all of them!


For two people who were used to warm winters in modern times, the ancient winters in the memory of the original body were horrible, especially in the north where heavy snow and road closures were common.
In ancient winters, no one except the privileged class enjoyed the snow scene.


In modern times, Zhulan found long johns bothersome, but in ancient times, Zhulan wanted full cotton-padded clothes, cotton trousers, and big quilts!


In ancient times, the level of agriculture was low, the output was not high, and the price of cotton was not cheap.
It cost eight wen a catty which was much pricier than a catty of pork.
Zhulan bought 20 catties in one go and bought some coarse cotton cloth.
Zhulan was not someone who treated herself badly.
and she had confidence in Zhou Shuren.
These days, she was panicking about calculating money every day.
Now she had confidence in her heart and can’t stop shopping.


Boss Zhou’s face was pale with heartache, and his fingers were trembling, “Father, is Mother having a hard time?”


He really didn’t expect that the old lady who had spent half her life living frugally would start to spend money as soon as her health recovered.


Zhou Shuren felt that he had to explain to the boss, otherwise, the boss would end up saying something wrong, “Boss, you calculated that we bought the cattle with ten taels, and we spent a lot of money on medical treatment and medicine.
Adding in today’s expenses, how much did we spend in total?”


Boss Zhou’s pupils shrank, and he noticed the important point.
It was a little above thirty-two, and he realized, “Father, our family is so rich?”


Zhou Shuren replied, “We’re not that wealthy, but we do have some real assets.
Laoda, as the eldest son, Dad only told you.
Don’t tell your mother, either.”


Boss Zhou stopped feeling uneasy, but looked forward to it, and promised, “Father, I know.”


Zhou Shuren said, “Then don’t worry, listen carefully.
Our family has more than 80 taels of silver, but your father has no ability, most of it is your mother’s dowry and your grandmother’s subsidy, so you can know it yourself.”


Boss Zhou, “…”


Yes, his calculation was correct.
He calculated how much money Dad earned, and the rest was Mom’s savings.
So, is Dad currently spending Mom’s money?


So you are such a father!


Zhou Shuren’s hands were itchy, and Zhulan said that Li shi had a problem with a wild imagination, and he thought it was the boss who infected Li shi!


Zhulan didn’t care about what the father and son talked about; she went shopping according to her calculations.
She bought two clay pots, three large jars, five clay pots for holding vegetables, three washbasins, and a big bathtub.
Zhulan has been thinking about it for a long time, she was fed up with wiping.


Fortunately, the mother-in-law was attentive to such matters and kept the face and foot basins separate.
Otherwise, Zhulan would have found it unbearable.


The bullock cart was almost full, and anyone who saw could think they were buying a dowry!


Zhulan went to buy all kinds of seasonings, especially a lot of salt, the salt at home was used by Li shi to make pickles.


In the end, she went to buy paper for her two sons who were studying.
She couldn’t afford good ones, so she had to buy common ones.
Put on two new pens, and the two hundred and twenty wens were gone.


For a cartful of things, only 30 wens were left from the money Zhulan brought.
She stopped at a meat stall and bought pork belly and big bones, spending all her remaining money.


Even though he knew about his father’s financial situation, Zhou Laoda still felt uneasy.
He thought that since his mother’s health had improved, she was more willing to spend money on herself.
This made him feel a little uncomfortable, as he remembered that his mother used to save money for her children.
He wondered if his mother was disappointed in them for not being filial when she was sick, and that was why she was spending money more freely now.


Boss Zhou started to reflect on himself over the past year, and his complexion became worse.
People are most afraid of preconceived ideas.
Boss Zhou thought that he had not done well, and when he recalled everything, he felt guilty, “Mother, my son is not filial.
My son is the eldest son, mother, what else do you want to buy? My son has a private saving of 30 Wen with him!”


Zhulan, “…”


Oh, it turns out Boss Zhou had a secret stash of money too.
He was quite impressive to be able to save up thirty wens from under Li shi’s nose.
Looks can be deceiving.
But what was going on in Boss Zhou’s mind that he suddenly said this?


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