Chapter 61: Wrong Attention




Because of the geographical location, there were many merchants going from south to north in the county.
Wang Ru rescued a Shu son (1) who was almost killed by the Di wife (2).
This concubine-born son was a fierce person who not only killed his own father and older brother but also got involved in a struggle for the throne and eventually died in defeat.
He was one of the antagonistic characters.


Only then did Wang Ru know that she had time-travelled in the book and that Xuehan was the heroine, and she started targeting Xuehan and the Zhou family after the year.


Zhu Lan had a toothache, and she regrated it so much that she felt like she can’t breathe properly.
She was angry at the novel for not clearly stating who became the emperor in the beginning, and she was also angry at herself for not persisting in reading it until the end.
Even if there was a plot hole, she could still analyze the subsequent plot to figure out who became the emperor!


Zhulan clutched her heart, it was too late to regret.


Zhou Shuren was very worried about Zhulan’s changes, “Where is it uncomfortable?”


Zhulan was afraid that Wang Ru would see something, “I feel a little nauseous.
If I have eaten too much breakfast, I shouldn’t have drunk that extra bowl of egg cake.”


That’s right, it’s so extravagant.
In the morning, they cracked six eggs and steamed four large bowls of eggy cake.
They put two large bowls on the table, and each person could only have a small bowl.


All these thanks to Zhulan’s family.
They were very thoughtful and thorough in preparing for her visit.
They gave her fifty eggs, two catties of jujubes, ten catties of millet, two catties of pastry, half a catty of honey, and ten catties of pine nuts, all of which were meant to nourish her body.
Zhu Lan felt a gust of autumn wind blowing over her, and she was deeply moved by their kindness.


Originally, the eggs at home were not sold out, so they had quite a many in one day, and another 50 came, which benefited the whole family.


Zhulan didn’t realize that she had created a wave of hatred.
On the bullock cart, Wang’s father and daughter were hungry, and the family had run out of food since last night.


Zhou Shuren glared at Boss Zhou, “You didn’t see your mother suffering, drive the cart properly.”


Boss Zhou, “…”


He was wronged, the cow was exhausted yesterday, and he dare not drive the ox cart today.
The speed is very slow!


Zhulan felt a little guilty seeing the Boss being blamed like this, but she became righteous again.
The son should be responsible for his mother, but she has a conscience, “Don’t blame the boss, I feel better and want to eat everything.”


Zhou Shuren pursed his lips, “If you eat too much cornmeal, you won’t be able to support people.
Save more fine grains this year, and don’t eat coarse grains in the future.”


Wang Ru pinched her palms jealously.
She didn’t even get to eat the last wild vegetable pancakes.
Looking at her and saying that she will only eat refined grains in the future, her chest was burning and she was angry.


Very good, the couple perfectly pulled out enough hatred, and then, the two who started the conversation talked all the way to the county town about food.


When they arrived at the county seat, Fourth Wang couldn’t take it anymore, thanked him and took Wang Ru away quickly.


Boss Zhou was not happy, “Give them a ride with good intentions, why are you so shameless?”


Zhulan and Zhou Shuren looked up at the sky, the weather was really good today!


At first, Zhu Lan didn’t pay attention to the resentment she drew towards herself, but later she realized it and did it on purpose.
They all decided while returning to the village, they won’t be giving Fourth Wang and his daughter a free ride.


Zhou Shuren patted Boss Zhou on the head, “Stop whining, go to the clothing store.”


Boss Zhou said, “…En.”


Why did he feel that the way his parents looked at him seemed to be looking at a silly son? It must be his illusion!


Although the county was not big, it was an important transportation hub.
It was very prosperous, and the clothing stores were very high-end.
You can also find popular styles from the south, but the prices were not pleasant.


When Zhu Lan left home, she took twenty-two taels of silver.
After all, Zhou Shuren was going to appraise antiques, so appearance was important.
He needed to look like he came from a wealthy and prestigious family, but not too extravagant that it would make people suspicious.
This would make him more convincing to those shrewd and astute merchants he hoped to impress with his knowledge of antiques.


Clothes were easy to buy, there were three outfits in total, two outfits to go out and impress people, and one outfit to dress publicly as a scholar.
In all, it cost them eighteen taels!


Boss Zhou squatted directly at the door of the store with heartache.
He couldn’t take it anymore.
He didn’t notice that the family had just spent 12 taels to buy a cow, and his parents suddenly spent 18 taels, which exceeded his calculated family savings!


Zhu Lan remained expressionless, thinking to herself that her eldest son’s attention was misplaced.
She had brought him along this time precisely to reveal some of their family’s wealth and status, and not hide anything from him.


Zhou Shuren’s mouth twitched, he thought he will definitely bring his grandson with him in the future!




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Son born to concubines and not the main wife of the family. The main wife.
Concubine-born children had to call the main wife “mother” and their birth mothers “aunt” or “elder sister”.


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