Chapter 59: I am Used To You



Third Zhou paused because he also has a younger brother, “Father, the fourth son is good at writing, why don’t you ask him to write an article on the topic of family every day so that he can know the family affairs in detail when he comes back.”


Zhou Shuren squinted his eyes, and he thought that his sons had considerable potential that had been excavated.
He said, “Very good.”


Zhou Changzhi, “…”


Pick on the youngest one, huh? Wah wah, he really doesn’t have any younger brothers!


Zhulan almost laughed out loud a few times but could only purse the corners of her mouth and laugh in her heart.
She was looking at the women’s table, and Li shi didn’t care about men’s affairs at all and only cared about getting more meat for her son and daughter.


Zhao shi took a glance at her own portion and saw that she hadn’t been shortchanged.
She ate the meat as if she was stealing it, sneaking a glance at Zhulan every time she took a piece.
Zhulan pretended not to notice, while Zhao Shi looked very satisfied, enjoying herself thoroughly!


Zhulan, “…”


She needs to take a closer look at her grandchildren and wash her eyes!


Don’t care if it’s the depressed fourth son or third son who was grinding his teeth for dinner, anyway, there was no delay in eating, the chicken was delicious!


After the meal, Zhulan first fetched hot water to see Rong Chuan.
The child was sweating, so she twisted the handkerchief to wipe off the sweat and put on the quilt before returning to the main room.


Zhou Shuren was chatting with the eldest and second son about Rong Chuan, Zhulan was the only one in the room, she dug out the fabric and cut it herself, planning to make clothes for Rong Chuan.


Zhulan was very confident.
She was really talented in needlework, plus with the original’s memory, she can make clothes without any problem.
Zhulan had discovered a hidden skill, but she didn’t plan to study it in depth.
It was enough to know how to make clothes.
Embroidery was too much for the eyes.
She has to take good care of her own eyes.
In ancient times, there were no reading glasses, and eyes were also very important.


When Zhou Shuren came back late, Zhulan had already made the pants and was about to make the upper garments, “Why are you coming back so late?”


Zhou Shuren said while slipping on his slippers, “I saw the third and fourth are reading, and then I went to see Rong Chuan, Is this made for Rong Chuan?”


Zhulan nodded, “This kid’s clothes are like rags, let alone keep warm, he won’t be able to cover his body, and he won’t have any clothes to wear when he wakes up tomorrow, so this has to be made tonight.”


Zhou Shuren was not very happy.
It was the first time that Zhulan made coats in ancient times, and it was not for him.
Well, underwear was not made for him either.


Zhulan bit off the thread and said, “I already know without you telling me.
Only by dressing well can we deceive people, or rather, gain their respect.”


Zhou Shuren laughed and said, “That’s right.
We’ll buy ready-made clothes for the outside and rely on you for the undergarments.”

Zhulan, “…Okay.”


Undergarments, huh? It’s hard to describe the original undergarments.
Zhulan made two sets of undergarments and pajamas for herself after learning how to sew, but she felt a little guilty and didn’t make any for Zhou Shuren.
It would be awkward to make them for her teammate who was so carefree.
Now all she could think of was underwear and such!


“But these things do need to be made by a wife!”


Zhou Shuren read it right, Zhulan blushed, and he instantly felt better!
In the morning of the next day, Rong Chuan’s fever subsided, but the thin base would definitely repeat itself.
Zhulan gave Rong Chuan the clothes and trousers she had made.
He would wear them in the room as they were not thick, and she planned to buy cotton to make thick clothes.


Today, Zhulan and Zhou Shuren were going to the county to buy Zhou Shuren’s clothes and some household items.

One morning was enough for a round trip and the second child was going to be at home.

When they were ready to go out, they were stopped by Fourth Wang.
He took Wang Ru with him, and there were two big jars behind him.
Fourth Wang was a little anxious, “Uncle is going out?”


Zhou Shuren nodded, “Yes.”

Fourth Wang smiled naively “I wanted to borrow an ox cart; can you take us to the county with you?”


Zhulan was not happy, the last time Fourth Wang said he was going to apologize later, he never came.
It’s one thing if she didn’t allow it, but it’s another thing if he said he would do it but didn’t follow through.
It showed that Fourth Wang was not a person who kept his promises.
Today, he had no money to rent a bullock cart, so he came to take advantage of her family.


Zhulan laughed angrily, and said, “Fourth Wang, my aunt thought you were here to make an apology, but I didn’t expect it to be so!”


Why should he have the nerve to borrow a cow cart without any burden? It was becoming a bad habit of his!


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