Chapter 53: Sending You To The List



With Li’s volume and the sound of the hen’s last struggle, Zheng couldn’t hear anything clearly when she climbed the wall, but only saw Li’s red eyes and aggrieved look, “Li, what’s wrong with you?” The most gossipy woman in the village was full of energy!


Li shi wiped her tears, “Auntie I am fine, I just hope my mother-in-law will live a long life, I will be filial in the morning and evening.
I even brought a hen from my mother’s house to make up for my mother-in-law’s body!”


Zhulan’s heart ached, and she only hoped that Li shi would not speak again.
She didn’t want to be criticized anymore, especially about the formalities of daily life.
Can she stop disparaging her?”


Zheng’s eyes widened like eight hundred light bulbs.
‘Sister-in-law, I’m not trying to criticize you, but daughters-in-law who go to their mother’s house to snatch a chicken and offer it to their mother-in-law as filial piety are rare these days.
You should be content with what you have.
Don’t spend every day torturing people.
We are a small family and don’t need to follow all these formalities.
People need to learn to be content.’”


Zhulan maintained a smile and glared fiercely at Li, who wanted to explain.
Please don’t explain anymore.
If you don’t have any education, don’t come and talk in circles.
The more you explain, the worse it gets.
After taking a deep breath, she decided to build a two-meter-high wall in a few days.


Li shi shivered, she was not smart but her intuition was accurate.
She knew that her mother-in-law was angry, and she was also confused, why did the words that were meant to please her change their taste?




Zhulan couldn’t be bothered with Li anymore and didn’t want to save her image as a wicked mother-in-law.
People only want to hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see.
They have their own filters and brain supplements.
Zhulan was too tired to explain.
She forced a smile and said, ‘Dìmèi, (1) I can’t compare with you.
You are the best in the village.
You don’t let your daughter-in-law cook or do laundry.
You not only allow each family to have their own private money but also give your daughter-in-law pocket money every few days.
Each person gets ten wens per month!


Zheng shi was stunned, with a face full of What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand?


Zhulan’s voice was not suppressed, and the neighbors were not far away, and someone had already come out to block the door.
The stage was set, and you couldn’t get away with it.
If you did, my surname was not Yang.



Zhulan asked humbly, “‘Dìmèi, we can’t reach your level, but don’t worry, I will help you promote it.
I know you are embarrassed; I know we are neighbors, don’t worry, I will make sure your in-laws know how good you are and let them all thank you.”


Zheng shi finally came to her senses, with an expression of disbelief, this was Yang shi?


Zhulan sneered that Zheng shi really thought she was a vegetarian.
For a long time, she had wanted to clean up Zheng shi, and today was the day, “Look at your surprise, I know, your biggest wish is to hope that the mothers-in-law in the village will learn from you, don’t worry, we will learn from you.”



As she spoke, Zhulan took out ten wens from her purse, and counted five to Li shi, “Aunt Zheng is the number one good mother-in-law, and I can’t go over her.
From this month, I will give five wens each to you and Zhao shi.
But my health is not good, and neither is my cooking.
So, let’s not poison the stomach of the family.
The food at home will still be handed over to you.
You are now the head cook of our family.”



Li shi’s mind was muddled, why couldn’t she understand what her mother-in-law was saying? However, she was not confused enough to deny the money.
She took it happily and said, “Mother, you are so kind.”



Zhulan smiled, “En, give these five wens to your dìmèi!”



Li shi left happily, and Zhulan was happy that her pig teammates (2) had left!



Zheng shi’s hands were trembling, and she pointed at Zhulan tremblingly, “You, you.”



Zhulan felt comfortable, and the hole was dug.
From now on, she was no longer the number one woman on the village’s hate list; Zheng shi will firmly occupy the first place, and the mother-in-law in the village will hate Mrs.
Zheng to death.
Happily, she said, “My dìmèi is so happy, go down carefully and don’t fall down.”


Oops, Zheng shi fell off the wall.


Zhulan, “…”


After the onlookers had dispersed, Zhulan realized that Zhou Lao Er and his companions had come in with a cow.
They couldn’t get in earlier because the entrance was blocked.


Zhulan rejoiced, “The second child is back, and Daqian is awake and waiting for the doctor!”



Zhou Er looked at his mother with a heated gaze.
He had been thinking that he wouldn’t suffer losses if he followed anyone except his father, but now he realized that he was just as unfortunate following his mother.
He finally found the source of his misfortune and suddenly felt a special closeness to his mother.
‘Okay, Mom.
Don’t tire yourself out too much,’ he said.


Zhulan was a bit confused.
Why was Zhou Er suddenly showing his emotions? Wasn’t he supposed to be reserved? She couldn’t make sense of it.



Wife of younger brother of husband. It means a unreliable teammate.

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