Chapter 49: Jotting Down In A Notebook




Zhulan watched her mother’s movements eagerly, and at first glance, it was something at the bottom of the press box.
When the red cloth was taken out, Zhulan didn’t see what it was, “Mother, what did you take out?”



Sun shi carefully opened the red cloth, “This is the wild ginseng that your father found when he went up the mountain to set the pheasant, one big and one small.
The big one was sold and the money was shared between your eldest brother and the second brother.
So your father and I discussed that the small one is for you.
Don’t be discouraged seeing that it is thick and small; twenty years ago, our area did not have that thick forest so it was hard to find wild ginseng.
You take it back to make up for your body.”



Zhulan’s eyes were sore, the tonic she was prescribed contained ginseng whiskers.
Even ginseng with such small roots, whose years were not known was also costly.
This one was at least twenty taels.



Ginseng was also cultivated in ancient times, and there were records in the Jin Dynasty.
However, ginseng was not easy to grow, so ginseng was still a scarce product and wild ginseng were more expensive.



Zhulan knew all these because she was taught by her grandfather.
(1) Ginseng was also used in medicinal diets which is how she knew more about it.



Zhulan pushed the red cloth back, “Mother, take the ginseng back, I have no shortage of ginseng to replenish her body, and the tonic I’m taking now has ginseng.”



She was talking about the supplements.



Sun shi didn’t take back the ginseng.
“Take the ginseng back and let the doctor use it in the prescription.
You will then need to pay less money.
Your family spends a lot of money on studying.
Listen to your mother.”



Zhulan moved her lips.
It was her mother’s good intentions, but she felt ashamed and panicked.
She was not the original body.
The only thing she could do was to live a good life for the original body and change the Zhou family’s filial piety toward her parents, “Thank you, Mother.”



Sun shi breathed a sigh of relief.
She couldn’t tell why her daughter seemed distant from her, but it only made her feel more heartbroken.
She thought her daughter was intentionally keeping her distance because she was afraid that something bad might happen to her, and this made her feel even more sorry for her daughter.



The lunch at the Yang’s was very rich.
The Yang family was well-off and had no shortage of meat in their meals.
The table was filled with meat dishes, and Zhulan ate so much that her stomach was bulging.
She tried to control herself and not eat too much, but she couldn’t resist her mother’s belief that she hadn’t eaten enough, which led to overeating.



Going back, the ox cart was loaded with a lot of things, Zhulan blushed, and said to Zhou Shuren, who was sober next to her, “Why do I think I’m here to fight the autumn wind?” (2)



Zhou Shuren didn’t blush when he drank, but his eyes seemed to be able to talk, with a smile in his eyes, “The Yue (3) family has also sent many things to our house in the past.”



Zhulan, “…”



This was a fact.
The original family was the weakest, and the weak children are always favored.
Even if they live well, the impression of the old man will not change much, and the original body has always been supported.



Zhulan felt that need to redeem herself and said, “You have to earn more money as the head of the household.
I am counting on you.”



Zhou Shuren nodded, “When I come back, I will make my father-in-law and mother-in-law believe that we are rich.”



Zhulan believed in Zhou Shuren, her eyes were shining, “Yes.”



Xuehan saw that her father and mother were blushing at each other, so she covered her eldest nephew’s eyes, “See no evil, close your eyes.”



Zhou Mingyun was dumbfounded, “Xiǎogū, (4) why did you close my eyes?”



Hearing them shout at the top of their lungs, Boss Zhou’s shoulders trembled.
He had just been scolded by his parents and felt sour, but now he wanted to laugh.



Zhou Shuren cast a sideways glance at his daughter and closed his eyes feeling weary.
In his modern loneliness, he knew what his heart longed for.
He truly enjoyed the feeling of living life with fireworks, and it was rare to encounter someone as compatible as Zhulan.
Just as he had finally guided the atmosphere with a shout, it was ruined by these annoying distractions.
Hmm, the little girl should also learn arithmetic, and his eldest grandson should start copying the Three Character Classic.
And as for the Eldest, he couldn’t just sit around doing nothing, he must find something for him to do!



Except for Zhulan on the ox cart, the other three inexplicably felt that the autumn wind was cold again.



Zhulan really felt nothing, because she and Zhou Shuren were tied to each other, and they were the people who trusted each other the most.
Looking at the girl who winked, Zhulan felt like I was awake alone, and kept a smile on her face.



The ox cart traveled for an hour before arriving at Zhoujia Village.
Zhulan was about to fall asleep with her daughter and grandson in her arms when suddenly the ox cart stopped.



Zhou Shuren opened his eyes first, and when Zhulan saw that they didn’t arrive home, she asked, “What’s wrong with the boss?”



Boss Zhou jumped out of the bullock cart, “Mother, this is the eldest son of Zhou Datie’s family.
This child burns too badly.”



Boss Zhou was startled when he touched him, the child was hot and burning all over.



Zhulan thought about it carefully before she remembered who it was.
Before Zhulan could speak, Xuehan couldn’t bear it anymore, “Mother, save him.”



Grandfather of Zhulan in modern times. It means she was mooching off her parents.
This was generally told about married daughters who took many things away from their natal home when returning after a visit.
Interestingly, in my own culture, there is a similar saying! Roughly translated, it means there goes a Bengali girl.
She ate, she took and she even asked for things! In-law family Younger sister of father or paternal aunt.


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