Chapter 48: Subsidizing The Daughter



Zhulan’s eldest sǎozi (1) was a girl from Zhoujia Village.
Zhulan’s marriage to Zhou Shuren was her sǎozi’s connection.
With a family relative in the village, Zhou shi and Zhulan were very close.


Zhulan had done her homework before she came, and she spoke very casually, “Mother, look at my sǎozi, she’s is now a grandmother and still teasing me.”


Sun shi patted the eldest daughter-in-law’s hand, “Don’t bully Zhulan, I’m watching!”


Zhou shi held her heart and said, “People in ten miles and eight villages envy me for having a mother-in-law who treats her daughter-in-law as a daughter.
As soon as this little gūzi (2) comes, the daughter-in-law will fall behind.”


Sun shi glared at her eldest daughter-in-law, “She is already a grandmother, yet she acts so silly.”


Although the words were harsh, the attitude was very close.
Zhulan squinted her eyes slightly, genuinely envious of the fact that the original owner had a good family background.
Although they had a straightforward martial mindset, they knew what was good and what was bad.
When they liked you, they would wholeheartedly show it, without any pretense.


Sun shi not only cared about her daughter’s body but also worried about her daughter, “Your second daughter-in-law is about to give birth, so don’t give gossiping women a chance to spread rumors about you.
If you can’t handle it, just avoid it.


Speaking of which, her daughter’s luck of daughter-in-law was bad.
The two daughters-in-law were not very good.
One was stupid and the other was cowardly.


Zhulan knew that Mother Yuan didn’t want to see the two daughters-in-law who slandered Yuan shi, “Mother, I have a plan, don’t worry about it.”


Sun shi looked at her daughter in surprise.
This time her daughter came here was different from before.
She seemed to be enlightened.
Sun shi was happy and didn’t think too much about it.
She just thought that after experiencing a life-and-death situation, her daughter had a better understanding of life.
So she said: “Okay, okay, I won’t worry about it if you know what to do.”


The natal family of Zhulan was not prosperous and only had three children.
Thankfully, there were more grandchildren in the next generation, four in each of the sons’ houses, three boys and a girl.
The next generation of boys was named “Wu” and the eldest son, Yang Zhumu three boys were Chun, Qiu, and Dong.
The girl, who was the second child, also was named the “Wu” generation and was called Xia.


Yang’s second child, Yang Zhulin, was named after the mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas, and his third child was a girl, Yang Hu.


The eldest and the second of the Yang family are older than Zhulan.
Except for the youngest son, both the sons of the Eldest brother’s family were married.


After a while, Second Yang’s family also came, and the two rooms were crowded with people.


Zhulan’s head buzzed, there were many people in her own family, and there were more in Yang’s family.
In modern times, distant relatives were not as close as neighbors, and even family ties were gradually becoming more distant.
Only some large families had a big gathering during the New Year.
Zhulan thought that she was used to a group of people living in the Zhou family.
But even after getting used to it, this group of people was too much for her and soon she wanted some peace and quiet.


Sun shi has been keeping an eye on her daughter, and when she saw her face was not good, her heart skipped a beat, “What’s wrong?”


Zhulan couldn’t say that she felt unwell because there were many people.
That’s because she didn’t know whether it was good or bad because relatives came to see you only if you were very popular.
So she lied: “My body is a little tired and my waist is paining a bit after riding on the Ox cart.
It’s okay, Mother.”


Sun shi felt distressed.
Her daughter’s confinement was not done well.
She had always been sick and so she started to drive people away.
“Eldest daughter-in-law, you take Qi shi to lunch.
The rest go to other rooms to chat, and let your Gugu lie down for a while.”


Zhulan was embarrassed, “Mother, I’m fine.”


Sun shi thought that the girl was trying to be brave and so didn’t pay attention to Zhulan’s words.
The Yang family also knew that Zhulan was in poor health and scattered.


Sun shi’s words can be heard clearly in the outhouse.
When she saw Zhou Shuren looking eagerly inside, she smiled, “Your sǎozi is right, nǚxù (3) really loves you.”


Zhulan didn’t take it seriously, she and Zhou Shuren were teammates, but she had to pretend to be shy, “Mother, I’m so old, you make fun of me too.”


Sun shi was proud to find a good marriage for her daughter, and her daughter and her husband had a good relationship, so she was happy, “Okay, a good mother doesn’t boast.
I won’t say anything.”


Saying that Sun shi closed the door, and only the mother and daughter were left in the house.
Sun shi’s climbed on the kang with her slippers, and it looked like she had something good to share.


Zhulan, “…”


She really didn’t expect that she would encounter a plot where the mother subsidizes the daughter in a novel and she was oddly very excited.



Wife of elder brother 2.
Younger sister of husband 3.


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