Chapter 45: Adorable Li shi



Zhulan was stunned by Li shi.
Li shi’s talent was better than she thought.
She had only studied the recipe for one day.
She had read the original text.
Wang Ru’s recipe for kimchi not only added sugar and chili powder but other items as well that she didn’t remember it.
So she couldn’t help Li shi and everything she did, she did it after tasting the recipe one time.
With such talent, someone should train her to become a great chef for future generations!


“Look how happy you are; didn’t even remember to clean up!”


Li shi was delighted that her mother-in-law patronized her, her clothes were covered in chili peppers, and she smirked, “I’ll clean up in a while, haha, mother, I really did it.”


Zhulan was happy for Li shi, looking at Li shi’s silly appearance.
It was also very cute.
Her voice softened a lot, “Got it, got it.”


Wang Ru’s heart skipped a beat.
She was very confident in the kimchi she made.
She believed that no one else could make the same taste.
That’s why she was confident that she could sell it for a good price.


Zhulan looked at Wang Ru meaningfully, “Li shi, ask Sanya to see if you are doing the right thing.”


Li shi looked at Sanya with bright eyes, her face full of pride, “Sanya, you put in Shan Li Ren spice leaf the spicy cabbage you made, right?” (1)


Sanya’s face froze, she did use this aromatic herb.


Li continued: “Sanya is very clever.
Not only she added this leaf but also radish water in the seasoning.
You covered up the taste of radish with the smell of garlic and ginger.”


Zhulan saw Sanya’s face pale, and she looked at Li shi’s very powerful appearance, oh, why did she think Li shi was cute?


Li shi finally said: “Neither of these two is the key, the key is that you put small river shrimp in the seasoning, right? You took to the small river shrimp shell and crushed the meat just because you didn’t want people to know, I didn’t expect it, I tried the first.
I tasted the shrimp in one bite, but I didn’t taste the radish water.”


Wang Ru wanted to vomit blood.
She felt that the Zhou family was her nemesis.
She was afraid that someone would taste the ingredients so she purposely added radish water but Li shi was actually able to taste it.
So she gritted her teeth and said, “Auntie did not taste it right.”


Li shi was stunned, and said eagerly, “Impossible, I’ve prepared it and it’s definitely what I tasted, Mother.”


Zhulan was stunned by Li shi’s eagerly affirmative expression, “Mother believes in you, Sanya’s denial is also to keep the formula secret.
You’ll know if it’s true when you make it.”


Li shi didn’t even hint at the recipe and was completely unaware that she had cut off Wang Ru’s source of income.
She didn’t feel any resentment and was instead very proud.
“Once I make it myself, let’s see what you have to say.”


Zhulan, “…”


This hatred was drawn, and she will protect her more in the future, but Sanya was slapped in the face as soon as she planned to calculate the Zhou family.
Oh, the high air in autumn makes people feel good!


Wang Ru tasted the bitterness and sweetness in her mouth, gritted her teeth, and said, “Even if my aunt has researched it, the Zhou family can’t do business, right?”


Zhulan made a sound of realization.
“So San Ya knew.
Allowing us to manage the business earlier was just a deceitful move.”


Wang Ru’s reaction was quick, and she looked ignorant, “I only heard about it from Grandma Zhou, am I right?”


Zhulan sneered in her heart, watching Wang Ru’s performance, “Sanya, remember this time, don’t make a mistake in the future.”


Wang Ru didn’t dare to underestimate any of the Zhou family.
Zhou Xuehan, who she thought was easiest to deceive, stopped looking for her.
She fought against Zhou Yang shi twice, and Zhou Yang shi was even more shrewd.
There was not a single honest person in the Zhou family, and she felt very frustrated.
She lowered her head and said, “I won’t say anything in the future.”


Li Shi responded disdainfully, “I thought San Ya had become smarter and wouldn’t act foolishly anymore, but it turns out she’s still foolish.
If our family doesn’t do business, my mother’s family can do it.
Anyway, my mother’s family isn’t made up of smart people and we don’t have much land.
It’s better to have someone in the family doing business.
When my xiǎoshūzi (2) becomes an official, my mother’s family will have even more support.
Even if our status is low, no one will dare to provoke us.”


Zhulan, “…”


To call Li Shi dumb would be inaccurate, but to call her smart would also be biased.
She’s not particularly clever, but when it comes to matters concerning herself, she’s very shrewd and calculating.



I really had to search the net to find this.
It is a kind of herb that looks like a bay leaf. Husband’s younger brother.



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