Chapter 43: Unfathomable




The eldest and the second sons of the Zhou family came back quickly, and the eldest Zhou didn’t even bother to wipe, “Mother, what happened at home?”



Zhulan was embarrassed, the Wang family didn’t reveal it, and she couldn’t talk about buying cabbage.
It was really hard to explain for a while.



Zhou Shuren’s smile grew even stronger.
He had never made a mistake since he was in ancient times with Zhulan.
It was the first time he saw an embarrassed look on her.
He coughed, “Your mother is thinking about buying a cow, so she was in a hurry to find you and discuss it with you.”



Second Zhao raised his head and quickly glanced at his father, almost rolling his eyes.
It was also father’s suggestion to buy cattle, and father was helping mother out of the siege!



Boss Zhou, who is not smart, had a sullen face.
Dad, can you find a more convincing reason? It was better to say that mother missed them!



Zhulan blushed slightly, and without looking into the deep eyes of her two sons, she said to Li shi, “Go and find out what things Sanya used to make money.”



Li shi loved doing this job, and she didn’t feel that she was being sneaky.
So she ran away because she was afraid that the show would be over.
She was gone in a blink of an eye.



Boss Zhou was dry, “…Mother will let Li shi run errands and run fast when you have something to do in the future.”



Zhulan, “…En.”



Zhou Shuren took his two sons back to the house.
Not only did he help resolve the situation in Zhulan, but he had also been considering buying a cow for a long time.
They usually borrow a cow for farm work, but burrowing was not a long-term solution.
Based on their family’s frequency of using cows, it was more appropriate to buy one.
He decided to buy a mother cow with a calf, and if he took good care of it, he could break even in the second year.



Zhulan didn’t follow to wait for Li shi, she came back quickly, and she ran back and forth several times without breathing, “Mother, spicy cabbage, the spicy cabbage made by Sanya is a pickle made with cabbage.
I tasted it.
It is a spicy appetizer and delicious.”



Zhulan, “…Did everyone taste it, or did you taste it yourself?”



Don’t pull hatred alone!



Li shi recalled the taste, “Everyone tasted it.
In fact, I was too late to go.
If I tasted a little bit more I’ll know what’s in it.
Unfortunately, Wang Zhang shi took it away.”



Zhu Lan believed that Li would be able to figure it out.
Kimchi (1) doesn’t have much technical content.
It won’t take long for a good cook to make it and soon, it will become very popular.
She turned around and entered the house, “Sanya has developed spicy cabbage, and Li shi said it was very delicious, and Sanya sold it for a lot of money.
It can be seen that spicy cabbage is going to be very popular.
Our family should take advantage of the fact that everyone has not woken up to this so far.
In less than a day, the price of cabbage should increase.
Before that, the eldest and the second should go out and collect cabbage as much as possible”



Second Zhou’s mind was fast, “Mother, my big brother, and I will go right now.”



Zhou Shuren said: “This is also quick money in a hurry.
You remember that once a pound of cabbage exceeds a wen, you don’t want it.
This time, half of the money you earn will be given to the public, and you can keep the remaining half for yourself!”



Boss Zhou didn’t argue on this point.
Everyone hopes that they have private money in their hands, and it would be stupid to say no to such a legitimate way of earning some private money.



Zhulan looked at Li shi who kept leaning towards her, “Speak straight if you have something to say.”



Li shi smiled ingratiatingly, “Mother, can I include my natal family in this?”



Zhulan’s family can’t buy from all the people from the nearby villages.
So she said, “Let’s go inside and talk.”



Li shi’s eyes were red.
Although Mother always scolded her, she was very kind to her, and she never scolded her for eating other people’s food.
(2) “Mother, you are so kind.”



Zhulan got goosebumps, “Don’t follow Zhao’s style, you are giving me goosebumps.”



Do you still think she hasn’t suffered enough from the slander? She looks very scared!



Zhou Shuren called to stop the two brothers who were leaving with the money, “You can stop by and tell your jiùjiu’s (3) house that even if you can’t make a lot of money, it will be enough to better the food at the table.”



Boss Zhou, “I know Dad.”



When Li shi came back, she brought back bad news, “Mother, I saw several houses in the village going to collect cabbage.”



Zhulan secretly said, don’t underestimate the ancients, there were quite a few smart people.



The village was not good at keeping secrets, and soon everyone went to collect cabbages.
In just one day, the price of cabbage soared to four times the usual rate, at one penny per pound.



With Zhou Shuren’s instructions and the fact that Zhulan’s family started collecting the earliest, their cost was the lowest at two or three silver.
After deducting the damaged leaves, they sold their cabbages for ten taels of silver and earned seven taels of silver in one day and night.



Kimchi didn’t have much technical content, so the price couldn’t be high.
The merchants sold them for 1.2 wens for a catty, but once the price exceeded one wen per catty for the cabbage, they ended up losing money after calculating the damages.



Zhou Shuren’s divine calculation opened the eyes of the two sons, and they felt more and more that their father was unfathomable, and they dared not have the slightest thought in their hearts.



Zhulan distributed the money to her two sons and because she was happy, she also gave ten cents to each of the third son, the fourth son, and the little girl.



When Li shi got the money, she didn’t care about cabbage anymore.
So she started experimenting with seasonings by herself, and she spent the whole day trying different blends of chili powder.



As dinner time approached, Zhulan took the grains and asked Li shi to cook.
However, Wang Ru showed up, with straws on her body as if she had sneaked out.



Xuehan had a deep grudge against Wang Ru, and her face was light, “Mother, Sanya is looking for you.”



Zhulan was suspicious and thought that there might be some trouble with Wang Ru coming with straw, thinking that she might hold a grudge against the Zhou family for selling their cabbage first.



Kimchi is a term that the modern people who migrated know like Zhulan, Zhou Shuren and Wang Ru.
So I am keeping the term kimchi when they think about it but spicy cabbage when other characters are talking about it or they are talking to others. It means she was allowed to gain from people outside the family. Maternal uncle i.e.
Mother’s brothers.



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