Chapter 41: God’s Turn



After Zhulan figured it out, she thought about it, and smiled, “I’m fine.”


At noon, the Zhou family made stewed tofu with cabbage and stewed potatoes with pork.
They kept some of the food at home and sent the rest to the fields for the workers to eat.


The four workers that Second Zhou hired were honest and straightforward people.
They worked tirelessly for a day, and they pulled back more than half of the dried rice neatly and piled it up.
They will wait until all the rice was harvested before removing the shells together.


In the evening, around dinner time, the Wang family was in trouble.
The wailing and cries could be heard throughout half the village.
Zhulan couldn’t eat anymore, and sighed in her heart, this child was destined to never be born.


Zhou Shuren’s eyes were fixed on Zhulan, not because he was heartless, but because no one was willing to help.
This is a problem rooted in their family upbringing.


The dinner hastily ended, the cries of the Wang family were gone, and Zhulan slept very unsteadily at night, Zhou Shuren kept paying attention, and finally pulled the person into a tight embrace and patted her.
Only then did Zhulan become stable, Zhou Shuren also gently closed his eyes with a smile.


The next morning, Zhulan woke up and didn’t see Zhou Shuren.
She was stunned for a moment before she remembered that they were supposed to check the traps.
After washing up, Zhou Shuren came back with his four sons, all smiling happily.


The fourth son Zhou Changzhi shouted, “Mother, father has caught pheasants.
There are five pheasants and a rabbit.”


It was rare for Zhulan to see Changzhi, who was like a little adult, so lively.
At the same time, she also saw pheasants, two males, three females, and a fat gray rabbit.
“The pheasants are so easy to catch? There are five in one night?”


Zhou Shuren explained, “The pheasants are easily caught in the paddy fields these days because so far no one tried to capture them, so they roamed around without noticing the danger.
But they will be hard to catch after tonight.”


Boss Zhou was very sorry, “A few traps were taken away, otherwise there would be more.”


The third son, Zhou Changlian, was at the age of growing up, so he was thinking about what to eat, “Mother, is it enough to stew two pheasants tonight?”


Zhulan was very happy.
The pheasants didn’t cost any money, so she responded with a smile, “The pheasants are all killed, the rabbit is to be raised first.
It will be given to your grandfather’s house when we go there in a few days.” After all, wild rabbits could be raised for a long time, but wild pheasants didn’t survive long in captivity.


Boss Zhou was trembling in his heart, feeling distressed, “Mother, five are too many.”


Zhulan stretched out her hand to weigh the pheasant and then touched the pheasant.
It was fat but not as big as the chicken, so she said, “There isn’t that much meat in them, so let’s just eat enough for today Changlian said.
We will try to find the fattened ones in the Autumn.”


Zhou Changlian straightened his waist, and he was able to give his opinions.
He felt that he was valued, “Thank you, mother.”


Zhulan laughed seeing how this child wanted to be valued.


After breakfast, the three hired people arrived.
The food in Zhulan’s family was good.
They went into the yard and called Zhulan auntie enthusiastically.
This was to thank Zhulan for adding meat to their dishes.
Zhulan listened to the Second child talking about the lunch yesterday.
Most only ate half and took the rest home.
They were all poor.


Fourth Wang was missing from the group of hired workers.
The drama of Wang’s home had spread throughout the village.
The other three were thinking about whether they should introduce their own family member in his place when Fourth Wang arrived.


Zhulan was surprised, but asked politely, “Is your wife okay?”


Fourth Wang didn’t sleep well at night, and he was still very worried, “I want to thank my uncle and aunt.
The child is saved.”


Zhulan wondered, “Why to thank us, we didn’t help much.”


Fourth Wang said gratefully, “I worked at my aunt’s house these few days and saved ten wens with which I could buy medicine to prevent miscarriage.
That is how the child was saved.”


Fourth Wang felt bitter in his heart.
Yesterday, his mother refused to take out the money and thought that she had already miscarried the child.
Fortunately, he was not willing to give up and had some money on hand, otherwise, the child would have been lost for real.


Zhulan was a little dazed, but there was such a turning point, “It’s a good thing that the child was saved, the two of you should be more careful.”


After a pause, she followed her heart and said, “You have a lot of lands, and your daughters are all young and weak.
After all, they are also your children, so you should also feel for them.”


In particular, the eldest daughter does the most work, and the teenage child seemed to be less than ten years old.


Fourth Wang had hatred in his heart, hated his mother, hated the brothers who talked sarcastically, “the girls are not working today, the brothers are working in the field today.”


Zhulan and Zhou Shuren looked at each other, Fourth Wang had changed, and they didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.


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