Chapter 35: There Is A Deep Meaning





Zhou Shuren had experience, “Take advantage of the good weather to dry the leftovers and save them for winter and let the boss and the second fish more small river prawns and dry them to make soup in winter.
It’s also good.”



Zhulan naturally agreed.
Unlike modern times, there was a shortage of green vegetables in winter.
Most of the ancient winters were spent eating pickles, which were very difficult.



Zhou Shuren was very motivated.
In modern times, he forced himself to study to live a good life.
He never had a moment of leisure.
In ancient times, he finally relaxed, and he had memories of hoarding food as a child, and he had a special enthusiasm for fishing.



In the evening, small fish fried in lard, tofu fish soup, braised crucian carp, staple food millet porridge, and corn pancake.



Zhulan listened to Zhou Shuren and said: “The fish from the morning, I didn’t make it at noon, as I wanted to wait for the whole family to have a good meal.
Okay, I won’t say anything more, look, my grandson is greedy.”



The eldest grandson, Mingyun, did not expect to be called by name, blushed, and was a little shy.
He didn’t dare to act like a baby with his grandfather, so he could only call “Grandma.” Zhou Shuren said cheerfully, “Okay, let’s eat.”



Regarding Changlian and Changzhi, the joy on the faces of these two people cannot be hidden.
Zhou Shuren’s routine was much deeper than hers, and there was no need to name them.
The two sons felt that they are taken seriously.



After the meal, Zhou Shuren said, “I don’t have to go to the field for a few days and I just have time, so I rebuilt the kang and firewall at home.”



The boss Zhou Changli frowned, “Father, the three of us can’t finish it in a few days.”



Seeing the autumn harvest, yes, the family has a lot of lands, and currently, the main labour force was him and the second child.
In previous years, their mother also worked.
This year, their mother was not in good health.
The two of them really don’t have so much time to work on the kang.



Zhou Shuren said, “The people in the village are not busy these days, you can find some people to help, five cents a day without food, two days’ work is enough.”



Then he said to the third and fourth: ” Go back and tidy up your books and clothes in your rooms.
Don’t touch them tomorrow.”



Books were too precious.



The third and fourth sons said, “Got it, Dad.”



The second child, Zhou Changyi, asked the main point, “How many people does dad want?”



Zhou Shuren had no experience in this field, so he asked, “What do you think?”



The second child had more ideas than the eldest.



Zhou Changyi was a little excited.
His opinion was never asked him before, and hurriedly expressed himself, “If it takes two days, three people are enough, but if you want to complete it in one day, five people are needed.”



Zhou Shuren sighed in his heart, and he still didn’t think comprehensively, “If all the kangs are done in one day, how are we going to sleep at night?”



Especially the last kang, will it be dry enough to sleep?



Zhou Changyi pursed his lips and thought for a moment before his eyes lit up.
“We can start with Dad and Mom’s kangs, then eldest brother’s and then mine.
By evening, they should be almost dry.
The third’s will be half-dried, and the two younger brothers can manage for a night.
Finally, it’s my sister’s, and if it’s not dry, she can stay in the same room with Mom and Dad for one night,” he proposed.



Zhou Shuren smiled, impressed by Zhou Changyi’s quick thinking.
“Good idea, but this time we’re not going to use mud bricks for the firewall.
We’ll use green bricks instead.
It’ll be too much trouble to transport them back and forth in one day, so let’s split it into two days,” he said.


Zhou Changli said, “Father, the green bricks cost a lot of money!”



Zhou Shuren didn’t think the boss was arrogant, it’s normal for the eldest son to think about it, “It’s not so easy to save money.
The green bricks heat up quickly, and adults and children can suffer less in winter.”



The eldest son and the second child glanced at each other silently.



Zhulan waited for Zhou Shuren to come back and had already dug out the jar containing the copper coins, “I’ll go and hide all the silver in the evening.
The place that I had just figured out a few days ago is absolutely safe.”



The next day, the weather was beautiful and particularly good.
After breakfast, Zhou Shuren and the eldest went to buy the green bricks, while the second child went around to ask for help.



Zhulan didn’t expect that Fourth Wang, the father of Wang Ru, would come, because the Zhou family and the Wang family had never been in touch.



Li shi exclaimed, “Fourth Wang is so brave, isn’t he afraid that Wang Zhang shi will tear him up?”



Zhao shi said in a low voice, “For my son.”



Zhulan cast a sideways glance at Zhao shi, she deeply felt that the original body had always underestimated Zhao shi.
Even though she was timid, weak-tempered, and loved to cry, she was transparent in her heart and said everything to the point.

Fourth Wang felt very uncomfortable being watched and was afraid that he would not be allowed to work, so he was in a hurry, ” shěn,shěnzi.” (1)



The second child, Zhou Changyi, was afraid that his mother would not use him, so he quickly winked at her, “Mother.”



Zhulan was not the original body; the mirror was very clear in her heart, and she understood the underlying meaning behind the second son’s use of Fourth Wang.



Paternal aunt that is wife of father’s younger brother.
In this context, any married women whose husband is younger than your father.
In most Asian countries, it is common to call even unrelated married women of parent’s generation Aunt or auntie.



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