Chapter 34: Resentment



The next morning, the breakfast was steamed buns with two kinds of fillings, boiled cornmeal porridge, a large pot of egg soup, and green cucumber pickles.
Even in modern times, this was a very good breakfast.


After a few days, the whole family got used to it.
This time, no one was wondering, and they all ate with their heads down when it was served.


After the meal, Zhulan gave the prepared buns to the third and fourth sons who were going to school, “Two for each person, to fill your stomachs at noon.”


The third son Zhou Changlian didn’t pick it up, but whispered: “Mother, dad will get angry this time, don’t let him see otherwise he will scold you, just put it back quickly.”


Zhulan’s smile deepened, this kid was indeed selfish, but he has a good heart, and also some conscience.


The fourth son, Zhou Changzhi, helped out, “Mom, take it back quickly, we are not hungry.”


Zhulan stuffed the two buns directly into the arms of the sons, “Your father gave this to you, and I will give it to you every day in the future.
Take it, hurry up and don’t be late.”


The fourth son kept a note in his heart this time.
No one was foolish enough to want to go hungry.
There was a warm feeling in his heart.
It was impossible not to feel resentful during this period of time.
At home, they had three meals, but he and the fourth remained hungry with just two meals.
As for the high cost of education, their two older brothers had also spent money on it.
He was not a special case.


Zhulan looked at the third child.
After all, this child was young, and he can’t control his expression well.
This child had resentment in his heart, and at the age of rebellion, it was no wonder that he only thought about himself.


After seeing off the two sons, Zhulan asked the eldest to borrow an ox cart, then turned around and told the story of the third.


Zhou Shuren put down the book in his hand, “I saw it when I met the day before yesterday.
Raising children is also an art.
In the future, try to level your bowl of water!”


Zhulan thought to herself, fortunately, she is a teammate, Zhou Shuren was much more astute than her.
Fortunately, they were honest from the beginning, and they had trust in each other, otherwise, they would not be able to live in the future.


With the preparation this time, the road was not so bumpy, and it was much more comfortable, at least not nauseating.


It was still the same clinic as last time, and the doctor was very impressed with Zhulan’s family, mainly because of Zhulan.
It was rare that she was willing to spend money to take care of her body despite not being well-off.


The doctor checked Zhou Shuren first, “I’m recovering well, after prescribing three doses of medicine to consolidate, the rest will be fine.”


Zhou Shuren felt that his body was quite weak, “Doctor, please prescribe some tonic soup medicine for me!”


The doctor’s hand that wrote the prescription paused, and the old couple felt sorry for their lives, “Okay.”


Then came Zhulan, and the doctor stroked his beard, “The effect is good.”


Zhulan was also prescribed seven medicines, plus Zhou Shuren’s medicine, this time she was bleeding profusely and had to spend a total of three taels of silver.
Fortunately, the two sons were sent out, otherwise, the two sons don’t know what they would think.


How much money does this family have, the boss and the second child know it well, they all think it is more than a dozen taels, and they spend more than three taels at once.
This was just the beginning, and they will spend more in the future.
Zhou Shuren would rather keep it a secret than gamble.


After coming out of the medical centre, they went directly to the grain store.
Zhulan mainly bought millet.
Millet-made porridge was nourishing, but it was not cheap.
The output of millet was too low, and it costs eight cents per catty, which was about to catch up with the price of pork.


She bought a lot of salt and soy sauce, planned to go back to pickle pickles, and finally thought of the children at home, bought some sugar cubes and went back.


She didn’t buy anything else, and there was no shortage at home.


Back home, Zhou Shuren took the boss to pick up the fish basket and came back with a full pot.


Zhulan looked happy, “This is too much.”


Zhou Shuren said, “Indeed, there are a lot.
Just fry some small fish in the evening and buy a piece of tofu to cook fish soup.”


Zhulan understood that this was for the two sons who were studying, but there was also a bit of strategy involved in making them realize they were being valued and cared for.
“Okay, then what about the rest of them?” she asked.


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