Chapter 31: IOU



Zhulan heard it first, and after looking at the girl who was so focused, she realized that the little girl has a real talent for needlework.
Yesterday, Zhao shi gave instructions for one afternoon.
Today, she has started to do it by herself, and her work looks the same as Zhao shi’s.


The noise outside the house grew louder, and Xuehan almost stabbed her hand when she heard it.


Zhulan took the needle and thread, “Mother will do the rest, I guess someone’s little girl is looking for you to play with, go!”


Xuehan was surprised.
Did her mother not recognize Sanya’s voice? Then she realized that Sanya had never dared to come to their house or approach them in the past, so it was normal for her mother not to be familiar with her voice.
However, Sanya had changed.
She used to have a weak mosquito-like voice, but now it was clear and confident.


Zhulan did not notice her daughter’s expression and started to sew the clothes.
After sitting for a while and relying on the original’s memories, Zhulan discovered that she also had some talent for sewing.
She quickly tried a few stitches and found her rhythm.
Zhulan’s eyes were filled with joy as she realized that her talent was better than she had imagined.
She suddenly found needlework to be quite interesting.


Zhao shi finally winked, and patted her flattery, “Mother’s sewing is really good.”


Zhulan raised her eyebrows, oh, the second daughter-in-law rarely spoke.


When Zhao shi saw that xiǎomèi (1) was back, she said, ” Xiǎomèi.”
Zhulan raised her head, “Why didn’t you go out to play?”


Xuehan pursed her lips and sat on the edge of the kang without speaking.
When Zhulan saw that something was wrong, the little girl was rarely emotional, “Have you been bullied?”


“Mother, it was Sanya just now.
She asked me to lend her some money.
When I said I wanted to write a receipt, she was not happy and ran away.”


Zhulan smiled with relief.
Her little daughter had learned a lesson the hard way, and this time she had also come to understand that this Sanya was very different than before and the changes were not normal.


Xuehan didn’t wait for her mother’s comfort, so she said it herself, “For Sanya, it was only 100 yuan, but that is all the money I saved from New Year’s money! It is all I have! It’s normal to borrow money and write an IOU, why should she be angry? 100 yuan is not a small amount.”


Zhao shi interjected, ” Some people won’t remember kindness no matter how well you treat them, but they’ll hold a grudge for a lifetime if things don’t go their way even once.”


Zhulan and Xuehan were stunned, unable to believe that Zhao shi said these words.


Zhao’s face was burning with panic.
She had also seen this while fleeing the famine.
She always remembered what her mother told her at that time, and she cried because she was anxious, “Mother, am I wrong?”


Zhulan’s scalp was numb, she thought that Zhao shi had changed, but she was still a crying bag.
It was said that Sister Lin (2) could cry, but Zhulan felt that she was weaker than Zhao, Zhao could cry when she was happy, sad or depressed.
She was really afraid of this crying Zhao shi, “Yes, yes, ok mother has to go back for something.”



Saying that Zhulan slipped away, her steps very vigorous.
Xuehan burst out laughing, she found out her mother’s secret.
Mother disliked sǎozi (3) because she was afraid of her crying nature!


Zhulan came out to see Zhou Shuren sitting in the main room weaving willow branches, she was a little silly, “You know how to weave this?”


Zhou Shuren didn’t lift his head back, “When I was young, the city was developing, and the orphanage was not demolished.
There was a small river nearby.
To have a good meal, I followed the older children to weave a basket for catching fish.
I haven’t made it for many years, but I have still retained the craftsmanship.”


Zhulan sat by the side, his craftsmanship was far from good, but the weaving was neat like he had done in modern times.
Zhulan really liked the woven artwork, “Are you making it to catch fish?”


Zhou Shuren nodded, “Well, fish soup nourishes the body.”


Zhulan stared at Zhou Shuren intently.
Was he catching fish for her because he had heard her talking about how she needed to improve her health? Did she really have that much influence over him? Zhulan couldn’t help but wonder if she was being too self-absorbed.


Zhou Shuren was silent for a long time, and asked, “The one who came just now was the Sanya you talked about?”


“Well, did you hear that?”


“I heard; you don’t remember the plot of borrowing money?”


Zhulan leaned on the chair lazily, “Wuchun is fine, we didn’t go to Yang’s house, it makes sense for Sanya to borrow money from our daughter.”


So she wasn’t surprised at all, but she just became more and more disdainful of Wang Ru.
When she used Xuehan, she was really unambiguous and felt at ease.


Zhou Shuren carried the prepared fishing basket, “Let’s go out for a walk?”


Zhulan’s eyes lit up, “Okay!”



Little sister. 2.
The famous heroine from the book Dream of the red chamber, Lin Daiyu.
You can read about her here. 3.
Wife of elder brother.


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