Chapter 30: Keep on fooling



The torrential rain lasted for more than half an hour before it ended.
It was an autumn rain and a cool one.
The temperature dropped significantly just after the rainstorm stopped.

Zhulan felt cold even lying on the bed, but luckily there was a special firewood thatched cottage at home, so even if it leaked, it wouldn’t get wet.
However, Zhulan couldn’t take it anymore and sat up, “I’ll raise the kang fire, and by the way, The soup is fried.”

Zhou Shuren wanted to help, but he had to maintain his character, “It’s hard work.”

Zhulan smiled, “Actually, it’s quite interesting.
When I first came here, I couldn’t make a fire.
Now I remember it quite well.”

The more Zhou Shuren get to know her, the more he found out that Zhulan’s character was really good, not everyone can go with the flow.
Watching Zhulan go out in a hurry, he felt that his life was more flamboyant than his own life in modern world and he didn’t feel bad.

Zhulan didn’t feel comfortable until the kang was warmed up for a while.
When she opened the door, there was water in the yard, but it wasn’t much.
The Zhou family home was located on a higher ground and so the water flowed down to the lower places.

That’s why the Wang family was unlucky.
The front street was a low area, and the roof of the Wang family had not been repaired for a long time.
In the original text, she clearly remember that the Wang family’s house was leaking, and it cost a lot of money to repair the house!

Zhulan was deeply impressed.
In order to keep some private money for herself, Wang Zhang shi exorted money from each room in order to repair the roofs.
Wang Ru’s parents did not have any private money and their room was most dilapidated and needed urgent repair.
Hence Wang Ru thought of making money.

Zhulan touched her stomach, um, delicious food was about to come.

The eldest and second of the Zhou family consciously came out to clean up the stagnant water in the yard, and Li shi also came out to make dinner.

Dinner was ready.
It was a cloudy day.
When the meal was set, the family extravagantly lit two oil lamps.

Four dishes and one soup, plus Li’s pickled vegetables, made six dishes.
Four of the six dishes were meat dishes, and they all stared at the dishes when they came to the table.

While waiting for dinner, several children went crazy with joy.

Five-year-old grandson Zhou Mingyun swallowed the chicken in his mouth and in a sweet voice asked, “Grandma, can you eat meat every day in the future?”

The little guy was not stupid.
In two days, he found out that my grandmother’s words counted, if my grandmother said she would kill chickens, she killed chickens.
He asked her this to confirm it.

Zhulan was happy, the eldest grandson was quite intelligent and was not afraid of anyone, “Mingyun wants to eat meat every day?”

The little guy nodded, “I want to.”

Zhulan said with some embarrassment: “But Grandma is not capable.”

The little guy’s eyes dimmed, and Zhulan continued: “However, grandma believes that Mingyun has the ability.
Grandma is waiting for Mingyun to be able to honor grandma to eat meat every day.”

Xuehan, “…”

Why does she think these words were familiar?

The little guy was praised, very confident, and patted his little chest, “Grandma, Mingyun must have the ability.”

Zhulan smiled, “Okay.”

The little guy rolled his eyes, “But Grandma, Ming Yun is young and so he needs to eat more meat in order to grow up.
Only when he grows up can he be capable.
Can he eat a few more pieces?”

Zhulan, “…”

Well, this little guy was quite clever.
In ancient times, a child of five years old was not considered as young as their actual age!”

“Xuehan giggled, and Li felt that her son followed suit and laughed along with her.”

Zhulan picked a few pieces of chicken from the chicken soup and distributed them to the children one by one.

After two days of delicious meals, Zhulan was immediately surrounded by the little ones after dinner.
They bombarded her with all kinds of questions, even her granddaughter Yushuang came over to join in.

In fact, children were most sensitive when it comes to knowing who treats them well.

Early the next morning, Yang Wuchun left without breakfast.
If it wasn’t for the heavy rain that washed away the bridge, he would have gone back when the rain stopped yesterday.
Today, the water level dropped, and he was in a hurry to go back and have a look.

Because of the rainstorm, the eldest and the second don’t go to the field, and the third and fourth didn’t have to go to the school.
It was a rare day that the whole Zhou family was together.

Zhulan also took time to watch Zhao shi making clothes.
She didn’t want to learn, but she had to make the inner clothes herself.
She had the memory of her original body, and she had some confidence.
She slowly learned and believed that she could learn it well.

“Xuehan, Xuehan, are you at home?”


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