Chapter 28: Hold in Hand



Everyone was given a piece of fabric for making clothes, and there was still a lot left.
Zhulan looked at the light-colored fabric best for young girls, and she wanted to make a dress out of it for herself, but unfortunately, she couldn’t.
As a grandmother, she cannot wear it outside.
It would be seen as inappropriate and would bring criticism upon the entire female population of the Zhou family.



Zhulan looked at the dark fabric in her hands, her heart ached, and she felt that her breathing was painful.



Zhao shi was overjoyed, her mother-in-law also gave her fabrics, and she also had new clothes to wear.
Mother was looking after her, “Mother.”



As soon as Zhulan heard the cry, she was really afraid of Zhao shi’s tears, and quickly took a piece of muslin cloth, “This piece is to be cut into five pieces.”



Zhao’s tears were held back, Zhulan exhaled, and the cut was done.




Zhulan really admires Zhao.
The average five parts are not measured with a ruler.
This feeling was really not something ordinary people can have.




Zhulan took out a piece, “Use these pieces to make undergarments for Yushuang and the unborn child.
All right, you can take the clothes to your room and do your needlework!”





She really didn’t want to stay with the Zhao shi, for fear of affecting her own mind.




Zhao shi held the cloth and stopped talking.
Zhulan ignored her with an indifferent face the whole time.
Zhao shi walked away from Zhulan and she relaxed; at last, she was gone.



Afterward, she sorted out the fabric for the eldest son’s family, feeling a little sad when she looked at the remaining fabric.
The original owner was able to make simple clothes, but now she couldn’t because she only had the memories and not the skills.




Her two young sons, one in junior high and the other in elementary school, would still be considered children in modern times, but in ancient times, it could be inappropriate if they are looked after by adults.
At this age, their clothes cannot be made by their sister-in-law due to societal norms that discourage such interactions.
In ancient times, these types of actions were avoided to prevent any misunderstandings or issues with family traditions.
Only she (the mother) could make the clothes.




It’s not enough just to have a memory to cut, let alone make clothes.




When Zhulan thought about her and Zhou Shuren’s clothes, her whole body felt bad!



“Mother, mother.”



Zhulan’s eyes suddenly lit up, oh hey, she has a daughter, “Why is Xuehan looking for her mother?”



Xuehan ran in and said, “Second brother came back with the third and fourth brothers.
Father said that mother should bring a bowl of noodles to make noodle soup for third and fourth brothers.”



After finishing her words, she smiled sweetly and remembered the delicious lunch of gnocchi soup.



Only then did Zhulan remember that there were only three meals at home, and the two sons who were studying were hungry at noon.
The two boys didn’t feel anything, they were used to being hungry anyway.




In the end, Zhulan was distressed as a mother.
She had three meals at home and thought about getting the sons a small stove.
Unfortunately, her husband disagreed.
According to him, it was better for the boys to be hungry so as to pay more attention to studying.




So the family had three meals, and the two sons who were studying went hungry every day!




Zhulan, “…”



Xuehan saw that her mother was distracted, “Mother.”




Zhulan smiled, “Mother is going to get the noodles, will Xuehan help her to tidy up the fabric?”




Xuehan’s eyes were sparkling, and she said happily, “Okay mother.”




Zhulan took the eldest family’s fabric and handed it to Li shi in the kitchen, “This is your family’s.
Go back and make new clothes for your family.”




Li shi kept looking at Zhao shi.
Zhao shi took the fabric.
She felt like a cat scratched her heart.
She looked and saw that she had more fabric than Zhao shi, and smiled sweetly, “Thank you, mother.”




“Well, I’m going to get the noodles.
You’re making a pot of soup for the third and fourth.
If there is no bone broth, make an egg.”




Li shi took the benefit, so she responded quickly, and she didn’t feel sour anymore.




Zhulan was really trying to level a bowl of water.
As for the separation of the family, she had never thought about it.
Zhou Shuren was going to take the imperial examination.
Family harmony was very important.
If the family was not divided, they can be held in one hand and there will not be too much chaos.
But if the family was divided and no one was in charge, she didn’t know what kind of mischief they will get up to!




Zhulan really didn’t have much confidence in her two daughters-in-law!


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